Sub 5 hours



  • asuume you are going to run FLM at your current weight
    and if you do lose it will be a bonus

    lets face it pix in the 2 years ive been on this forum, ive done loads of races, and im ooo, about 5 pounds lighter
  • Im off for a gym plod now

    but dont pin all your hopes on losing weight and suddenly everything being different
    Live in the present
    work with what you have

    here endeth the pachyderm lesson
  • I too think you have to work with what you have and not compare yourself with others. A sub 5 hour marathon is not easy but it is something to work towards and plan for.

    I could starve myself and lose weight but then I wouldn't be able to run efficiently that way, a stable weight is better than yo-yo weight.

    I am planning to do 11 min miles for my next marathon and hope I don't fall apart half way round, wish I was better at pacing myself.

    Off to the gym this afternoon once lunch has been digested. Its still raining here and looks like I will running in the rain tomorrow too.
  • Cheque not cashed yet so unless I get one of the bequeathed places I haven't got in, never mind it will be Lochaber instead.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - me too, my cheque hasn't been cashed either.

    I've done 16 miles this week and hope to do 12 on sunday.

    Hippo - sub-5 IS possible and like Pix says, 11 minute miles is 4.48, so you have room for some walking - I managed it at Loch Ness and I didn't think sub-5 was possible.

    I agree about the body thing - I'm sure I would be faster if I lost a stone, grew my legs and took 15 years off my age, but like Jane I'm not prepared to diet, and you can't do anything about the other things!
  • 37.5 miles for the week, having a rest day tomorrow. cool and misty this morning.

  • I we are looking at 11 m/m - is it best to train above, below, on target or a mixture of all 3 paces??
  • I think I average between 10 and 11 min miles so it will be interesting to see how much of an improvement I get if I add 1.5 min/mile to that, I hasten to add that is not over a very long distance at the moment and when I was up to 13 miles before the summer I think I averaged about 11...
  • Cant do much at all at the moment - waiting to see Dr with my calf :-(
  • yep - will have another look at the schedule when I know I can start doing something with it !!!
  • I know !! fingers crossed !
  • Imelda if you can do between 10 and 11 min miling now you are well on the way to a sub 5 hour marathon. I tend to do my long runs at a fair bit slower than 11 min miling pace as I do them off-road and it can be a bit hilly at times and then there is the changing of step for the muddy bits and puddles etc., but as EP says its time on your feet that counts at this stage rather than what pace you are running.

    Good luck with the knee Imelda.

    have a nice run EP.

    My cheque is still not cashed so it looks like I will be doing Lochaber but I am still going to post my training here and hopefully get loads of advise and tips from other folks doing London.
  • Jane I like to do a lot of off road as well ... normally up the hills or on the tow path which is quite nice
    I have just become the proud mummy of a garmin 201 so I will be able to pace myself a lot better !!
  • Well done EP on your run.

    Imelda I too have a Garmin and find it a useful tool, but I wish it would stop beeping at me and telling me to speed up :)) I have used the virtual training partner if I want to do MP runs of 11 min miling. I am going to practise, practise this pace of runs up to about 8 miles.
  • Jane I may come to you for some garmin advise then if I may at some time !!!
  • Imelda I have only had mine a couple of weeks and have to rely on my son or hubby if I need to change anything on it but it is very easy to use, but it took me ages to work out how to get my mile splits from a previous run, you can program the Garmin to do this automatically. I haven't put any data onto the computer yet so maybe we can learn about this together.
  • Hi all

    I'm back from stormy Cornwall :-)

    I managed to run 3 times but it was very hilly.

    Hope all training is going well!!!
  • Hi
    I've been looking at hal higdon's schedules. I think I am going to follow the novice one - it doesn't seem like enough but the intermediate1 seems like maybe too much so I think I will basically follow the novice one and add extra miles if I feel able. My HM time is around 2hrs 30 so under 5hrs for the marathon might be pushing it but it is what I am aiming for. I think I might be in FLM as my cheque was cashed but I did bequeath this time (3rd time trying) so probably won't know for sure until Dec, but I will definately do a marathon next year - might even do 2!
    see ya
  • TT, good luck with the training, it is difficult to get a schedule that fits in with where you are and what you want. Lets know how you get on.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    TT - I'm sure you are in for FLM - that's what I would gather from the 'has your cheque been cashed' thread. My cheque hasn't been cashed, but I did bequeath, so I'll wait another week and see if I'm lucky. If not I'm happy to do Lochaber anyway.

    Just back from a 10 mile run - average 11.3 minute miles, but it felt quite hard keeping my HR down today though. I forgot the clocks going back would mean it would be dark earlier. :(
  • 300!!
  • Hi all

    Did 6 miles today and like Debbo had a devil of a time keeping the HR down. I am shattered after this week and all the travelling and there is some very stressful stuff happening in my family so just trying to keep going really.
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