Sub 5 hours



  • eek!!
  • till Xmas?
  • Morning Hipps

    Even less til xmas!!
  • dont sya that

    Ive done NOWT
  • Morning all,

    Am going to quietly join this group on a Saturday morning. Having done one marathon at 5:36 my aim is to run London in sub-5.

    Started training last week with three not-to-painful runs of 2, 4, 3 miles as a gentle warm up. Don't care about pace at the moment as it will take me a month to really get into the running groove again, but this morning I'm setting myself the task of developing a running schedule as well as trying to sell a story to the Monday papers!
  • oh... and btw the story i have been working on is that the brits are obsessed about many things...
  • welcome 3TL

    oooh errr missus sounds interesting!

    Hipss - I havnt done anything either :-)
  • hi 3tl
  • Hi imelda, hi hippo.

    I've had a break since coming down with a massive virus a month before Paris marathon this year. It's been really difficult to run since then as I've both got married and launched a new company!

    as to obsessions... the company i started gets masses of questions on ticklish celebrities, how to chat up women in the office, and jeff brazier (?) for some strange reason. Have a look here if you're interested!
  • awwwwwww
    was gona ask if youd had the weddin
  • oooooooh
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Phew, making presents - I'm impressed. I didn't ever get into that with my 2 - must be a bad mother!

    I have done some christmas shopping though and even done some cards (only because my parents were here from canada for a visit and it saved me the overseas postage)

    Hippo - good luck for Stevenage!
    Imelda & Pix - No, they are the wrong training paces for you.
    If you use McMillan's calulator your must put in your best recent race result and from that use the training paces given. When/if you then do a faster race time put that in and use the new training paces.

    If you use paces that are aimed at a faster runner you will be doing your key sessions (ie long runs) at too fast a pace. This will not build your base aerobic pace but it will make you very tired and possibly injured.

    Start with the correct training paces, do a few key races during training, maybe a 10 miler, a half marathon and a 20 miler, then you can guage your progress and amend training paces accordingly.

    I used the paces on McMillan faithfully for a period in 2003, after a month I ran my 3rd fastest marathon ever (out of 100)and I actually took it easy on the way round, it felt so comfortable.
  • ok, will look for myself now
  • poo
    someone post a link

    its irrelevant for me really, (base thingie)
  • Thanks Shades was just looking backwards from a preferred finish time to see if it would work? Have looked at Macmillan before and will use it when I am back up to fitness again!
  • goodness
    thats between 10.5 at worst, and 14 min miles

    I cant atually run 14mm, im walking then
    steady run is 11.5

    thats about right for me
    Hippo - I'm going to use a combination of BT and McMillan's paces for my winter training.

    I'm going to do a Hadd test and then set those HR's to the various paces on McMillan. won't be doing any fast sessions for a while though, but it will give me some variety and measure of progress whilst building up the miles(hopefully).
  • I just put in my time from the 3k race I did into the RW Calculator and it says:

    easy run:11.43 (okay but would prefer 12.00)
    tempo run: 9.49 (I think too fast)

    VO2 Max: 8.53 ( yes I can't go very far at this pace)

    Speed Form: 8.14 (eekk)

    Long Run: 11.43 to 13.09 (the right pace for me)

    Yasso's: 4.33 (does this mean I can do a 4.33 marathon, I think not!!).

    Wonder where RW got their calculations from?

  • Ill be doing one work sesssin , maybe two a week, and the rest easy base runs

    and i do have to do my long runs, but pantie syas not to do over 2.5 hours
    I suppose with my race prog Ill be doing over distance runs, ha ha
    RW Calculator is way out for me. I don't use it.
  • 3TL welcome: don't the Brits obsess about the weather :)))
  • oh
    just off to input my half mara time
  • Hi
    How do you work out your pace when you are actually running?
    I haven't done much running this week, mostly due to husband's shifts. His shifts are better this week though so I should be able to get out most days - won't be doing much distance though, probably just 30 - 60 mins.

    Looking forward to Paula's marathon tomorrow.

    see ya, tiny
  • tiny toes, basically you just have to go by feel and effort. I have a Garmin 201 which takes the guesswork out of what pace to run. I guess you could measure a route of about 4 miles and aim to finish it in the suggested pace and see how it "feels" and take it from there. Speedwork could be done on a track or treadmill.
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