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  • Tracey - that is so annoying. I haven't got my Sussex Beacon number yet either so they are probably still on the way.

    I did get my number for my 10k this saturday though. Feck knows how I'll get on. I haven't run since last Saturday due to the snow and my cold and now I can't run today because of this bloody stomach thing image

  • Tracey - that is terrible.  How do you get away with sh*e service like that?
  • i havne't gotten my sussex beacon pack yet either so i wouldn't worry about that anyway... i still ahven't got my welcoem back from the moonwalk! dying to see that cause there is supposed to be a training plan in it
  • Glad that the hen and party week-ends went so well. Oh vanity, vanity, Bootsie - strappy sandals in the snow!!!

    Well done on your comeback race, Delia - pretty impressive for a new mum.

    Hope Lyndy doesn't get too cold - weather is miserable here, and I'm not looking forward to running this evening - maybe it will ease off by then??

    Get well soon , Roobs. The rest may have done you good, and you'll fly around!

  • It's the first time I've ever DNF'd.  I have never set out to do a run before and not finished it, but it was so cold and wet out there on the way back that I ended up flagging down a taxi.  I did do 7 miles though, but had intended to do 10.  I suppose I was being a bit ambtious as I had only had one short run last week and nothing the week before, but really did want to get to 10 miles as a psychological boost for Brighton in a couple of weeks (haven't got my number either folks).

    I ran out towards Hove Lagoon, which is the turnaround point in the Brighton half and 5 miles for me today, and was okay up to that point as the wind was behind me.  When I turned round to come back I realised just how cold it was and the rain had turned to hail at times.  I struggled on to 7 miles and then thought this is bliddy ridiculous.  There was no one else out running, which says something, as there are always loads of people out on Brighton and Hove seafront.

    Luckily I had £10 in my pocket as I was going to pay the newspaper bill on the way back.  It went on the taxi fare instead.  I've never been so pleased to see a cab in my life.  Luckily it was a London type cab and I could sit on the floor.  Don't think the driver would have appreciated me soaking his seats.

    Anyway, 7 miles done at 12:22 min/mil so was a bit faster than my previous LSRs and as I haven't done an LSR for 3 weeks I suppose it wasn't bad going.

    Off for a soak in the bath now with a mug of hot chocolate.

    Hmph - not happy with a DNF, but it was just soooooo cold and the rain felt like needles in my faceimage

  • Get well soon, Roobs. Sorry to hear about your poorly tummy.

    Hope Lyndy hasn't been blown into the sea - it's blowing a hoolie here!

    Is the Sussex Beacon on the 22nd?

  • hiya lyndy! at least you got out there and did it.. that shoes determination! hope you feel ok after it.. well done

    Right i just had the most awful conversation with my sister.. it left me physically shaking and sobbing my heart out. Not sure if anyone else has been in the situation where someone has pushed them so far that they actually just snapped but it happened to me and it felt wierd.  I am so angry and hurt its unreal.. I think its time for me to distance myself massive from her.  Unfortunately i have just got my acceptance to the Ballycotton 10 so will be going home at the start of march but i have decided that i am also going to use that weekend to move my horse away from home to a different yard so my sister no longer cares for her.  The pressure and guilt she puts me under is just far too much.  Sorry for the rant.  I am just stunned at how horrible one person can be to another.  

  • ((bootsie)) - family, who'd have them, eh? I'm an only child, and often wished I had siblings, but there can be down sides too. I wonder if there is something else underlying your sister's behaviour? Hopefully if you give it some time, you'll be able to reconcile in future, but sounds as though it's best to keep some distance at the moment.

    Lyndy - that sound s horrible! I'm now looking forward to this evening's run even less!

  • So busy telling you all about my ordeal I forgot to send ((((((((()))))))))) to Roobs.  Hope you soon feel okay.  Must have been something you ate.

    Sounds awful Bootsie.  I know only too well what it's like to have acrimony in the family.  Hope you get to resolve your differences soon.  As Diana says is there some underlying grievance she has, jealousy????? Maybe your mum can intervene.

    Yes Delia, Sussex Beacon is on 22nd.  Wish it was a week later.  It wasn't until I actually put it in writing on here that I realised it had been 3 weeks since my last LSR and my other runs had been few and far between.  Really must make sure I get all my runs in from now.  The difficult day this week will be Friday as I have a dentist's appointment first thing, then, weather permitting, it's off to mum's for the visit that was postponed last weekend.  I will try and get out on Saturday afternoon for a mini-plod if I can.

    Picked up my running gear off the bedroom floor when I got out of the bath and I can actually wring the water out of it.  Didn't realise I was so soggy while I was running.  Fell much better now, although a bit disappointed not to have completed the 10 miles.  That last 2 miles was more like running the whole 10 on their own though.  The last time I've felt so cold and wet was the first time I did Hastings half when I did it at the last minute as Iain's guide had to drop out due to work committments so I said I would give it a go.  I also said I'd never do Hastings again, but did do it one more time just to see if it was any better in good weather.  It's not!!!!!

  • to be honest i think w're done now.. this has been years coming and today she massively over stepped the mark.  she has never been of any support to me at all and i have bent over backwards for her.  SHe hasn't ever realy been a sister to me so i think its time for me to just go my seperate ways.  She has used the fact that she looks after my horse as a weapon for 2 years and i can't deal with it any more.  She really is genuinely horrible.  I know she is unhappy in her personal life and assumes i have it easy but she doesn't care enough to find out differently if you know what i mean.  I mean i dont honestly know the last time she asked me anything about how i am.. she didn't even know where i worked or lived until last month.. insane!

    sorry i really am angry now! luckily i made a few phone calls and i think there is somewhere i can move my horse too fingers crossed.. i mean she is like a child to me and i desperately want her to be safe and happy where she is so have worked hard all afternoon.. dont want to think about the phone bill to all the mobiles in ireland but i think i have a few options fingers crossed! god of all days i need a run today and my stupid numb feet wont let me!

  • Lindy - don't feel bad - you did brilliantly to do 7 miles - blimey Brighton is aflood today, absolutely tipping it down all day here, so goodness knows what it was like along the sea front.


    Good race Delia image

  • this day just gets better.. sent an email to the wrong person and now that person is pretty annoyed at me! going to get roasted at work tomorrow now
  • ((( Bootsie )))  Sorry to hear about the sister situation and work too.

    Lyndy, you did the right thing, its horrible out there right now and forecast is for it to get worse! 

    Get well soon Roobs

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    Oh dear Bootsie, what a day!! I remember you saying a while ago your sister was being difficult with your horse. Things will sort themselves out, don't worry image Oh and I'm with Diana; strappy sandals, snow, bare tootsies?????? image The youth of today ....

    Lyndy, I thought about you earlier, it was peeing down here and horrid outside and I thought "Lyndy is out running in that"?? Goodness knows when I am going to get my LSR in, need one in this next few days or else I run the risk of getting too far behind to be able to do Sussex justice (assuming I'm about and can get a number!)

  • i know TopSec.. stupid or what.. just got an email from my boss telling me that it was incredibly unprofessional.. very dissappointed in myself for loosing concetration for the second to send it to the wrong person.  Was stupid.  THis has been a horrible day.. going to have a glass of wine.. and go to bed and wake up tomorrow hoping its going to be better.. what a way to round off one of the loveliesst weekends
  • (( Bootsie )) What an awful day after your fun weekend
  • You're doing the right thing Bootsie.  Glass of wine, early bed and start again tomorrow.  A bunch of tulips or some home made brownies always work as an apology if you feel you need to make one to the person you've annoyed.
  • Oh bootsie.  that sounds horrid on all counts.  (( ))  tomorrow can only be better?  

    Lyndy - you did well to do 7M.  I once had to get a cab home as my hamstring was pulled, felt like a right pillock!  thank god I had my bank card that day!!!

    not been sick today image

  • Glass of wine is always a good idea Bootsie.  In fact, a run on a cold horrible day, a bottle of wine shared and a couple of G & Ts has left me feeling lovely and relaxed.  The only problem is my bum is still cold image  Feel lovely and warm everywhere else, but my posterior, from where the bottom of my jacket is, just won't get warmimageimageimage
  • Hot water bottle Lyndy?

    A better day then KP image

    I had up the Abingdon entry page but lost it when screen died, will look again tomorrow image

  • I get that sometimes too, Lyndy. Usually when I've been at the football. I don't always realise how cold I am on my legs and bum 'til I get into bed next to Mr D who yelps in shock if I touch him! Well done indeed on running in this horrid weather!

    (((((Bootsie)))))) what a truly awful day. You're completely right though, tomorrow can get better. Oh, and just for the record (in my very humble opinion) I don't think making a mistake sending an email is unprofessional, it's human error. Here's to tomorrow!

    KP, fabby news that you've not been sick today! Bert is behaving! image

  • thanks everyone.. glass of wine later, and some popcorn and a few jelly beans i feel a little calmer. heading to bed in a min and will make my apologies first thing tomorrow morning in work and put it behind me..  thanks for the advice

    on another note.. feet are starting to get better so should be up and walking tomorrow.. might try going for a jog but think i'm dreaming on that one!! all comes to all a nice long walk tomorrow evening might be on the cards

  • (((((bootsie)))))

    and (((((lyndy and tracey and roobs))))) and anyone else - everyone seems to be in need of hugs at the moment.  lyndy at least you went out - i have a nasty tally of races entered but not turned up to because of illness, so i think you should have a gold star for going out in the awful weather to run at all.

     at last i'm feeling a bit better, no temp for 24h, still coughing but much less. haven't run for 9 days which feels disastrous as far as sussex beacon goes (i haven't got my number either). i just hope i'll be ok to get out and run later in the week, and i guess i should resist temptation to do a very long run this coming w/end - do you think it would be ok to plan a very slow 10 miles? if worst comes to worst can always run-walk i suppose

    delia you did great! oh and i might be very interested in your polo for my youngest if you haven't sold it. do you want to facebook me details? could come and see it and have an excuse to drool over jack (not literally and not until i'm germ free, don't worry!)

  • Morning all.

    bootsie - I was fed up with the Royal Mail yesterday so I ordered myself a new pair of Gore running tights from Wiggle. On the good side they were less than half price image

  • No school buses again today but as school is open I am going to drive her.  The difficulty for the buses is they are based in a village and one got stuck yesterday.
  • Morning,

    ((bootsie)), ((lyndy)), ((Roobs)), ((Tracey)). diana - I hope you've got your meds sorted out now.

    Looong day at w*rk yesterday, followed by a por night' sleep. I might not be at my sparkling best today!

    have a good one.

  • Morning all

    (((bootsie))) - Hope you are feeling brighter tday?

    (((Lyndy))) - well done on making 7 miles in those conditions. I ran on Sunday and was soaked through and freezing after about 6 miles, if I had taken enough money, I would have done the same.

    (((Roobs))) - hope you are feeling better today?

    Diana - pleased to hear you are on hte mend.

    Morning Slugsta.....hope you day improves.

    I seem to have developed a cold and won't run today...hope it will be short lived as I have a HM in a few weeks.

  • morning.. managed to get into work today but putting shoes on was a nightmare.. think i wont be running for another few days yet image

    got my walk the walk pack finally so have a training plan that i'm going to stick to and its a lot better tha the one i was setting myself up for! 

  • Bugger, it's snowing again
  • Morning - post just arrived.  Still no Sussex Beacon number.  Wonder what they're playing at.

    Suffering a bit after yesterday's run, but only because I was too cold to do any stretching when I got back and then just never got around to it.  Must do some today.

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