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  • Nothing in the post here either, are the numbers normally so late out?

    Have now entered Abingdon.

  • i think i was worried lat year too so i'm thinking yes
  • Postman been but no number for Sussex Beacon.

  • has anyone called sussex beacon to ask ?
  • Hi   The numebrs were delayed due to the snow, they should be with you this week   Becky
  • Could not find a phone number for them. I did email them at the weekend.
  • This is their reply to my email.

    Dear Traceythe numbers have been delayed due to the bad weather you should get it this weekBecky
  • Six miles completed.  Lovely run along Brighton sea front as the sun was setting but what's with Brighton runners Lindy?  I must have passed  30 runners or more ( well not passed them exactly - they were running in the opposite direction! ) and no one acknowledged me.  They were all on some kind of mission - preparing for Sussex Beacon probably.

    Home now and nooo shoos have arrived.  last week when I was home due to a snow day I ordered them on line.  Like you Tracey, I couldn't ignore a bargain image

  • I know what you mean about the Brighton runners LTSA, I always make a point of smiling (or grimacing if I'm feeling tired) and nearly always am ignored.  When I run along Hove seafront I find people are friendlier that Brighton.  Strange really because I would think that those running in Brighton also run in Hove and vice versa.

    Hoping to do 5 miles tomorrow, if I can get out early enough.  Not sure how it will go though as my legs are quite stiff after yesterday so might have to cut it short.  Got another Chiro appointment tomorrow at 12.30 so need to be home by 11 so I can stretch well before I have a shower.

    Looks like I've got the kids again tomorrow after school as DiL's partner is still not responding to treatment and is still in intensive care.  They still can't get him off the ventilator as everytime they reduce his sedation his sats drop.  The docs are baffled.  Told DiL i'll collect them from school again on Thursday too - glutton for punishment me image  Never mind, Ellie will be here on Thursday anyway and she likes spending time with her cousins.  Being the baby of the family they all spoil her.

  • Did 4.53 miles at the club tonight in 43.44.

    Lyndy - How about a 3 mile recovery run tomorrow.

  • Might make more sense Tracey.  I could then try to fit a five miler in on Friday before I go to mum's then I'll have two days "rest" at mum's and do 10 on Monday.  I really want to try and get a 10 in before Sussex.  Like I said yesterday, it's a psychological thing.  It will be a big jump from 7 to 10, but if the weather is kind I should be okay. And not such a big jump to go from 10 - 13.1 as it would be to go from 8 or 9. Rambling a bit now but, I know what I mean anyway image

    I think after Brighton half I might have a bit of a juggle with my schedules again.  I'm really only managing to do 3 runs a week so if I do my long ones on Fridays instead of Mondays I'll have 2 days to recover rather than one and if I do get chance to slip an extra run in on a weekend I can just to a nice little recovery run - how does that sound to you Tracey?????

  • Lyndy - I like two rest days between a short run and a long run. Tonight was hard work as I did 16 miles on Saturday.
  • Think I'll stick to the 3 miles tomorrow and then do 5 on Friday.  Seems the sensible thing to do.  Off to bed now.

    Night allimage

  • Morning,

    ((Lyndy's DIL and family)), sounds like a very tough time image.


  • Morning.

    Hoping things improve for DIL's family Lyndy.

  • morning all... ((((lyndy)))))

    no running still here.. going to have a chat with the doctor later to see if they can help any but i fear he is going to just say rest.. i guess its better this week than next! 

  • Morning - can't stop, off out for my run and late already image  Just to say my Brighton number has just arrivedimage

    Back soon image

  • Yep, postie just brought my number too.
  • cool.. hopefully mine will be at home tonight!
  • Back from my run.  Did 3.25 miles.  Was a bit slow, but my legs were quite achey and I ran to the newsagents first to pay the paper bill I was supposed to pay on Monday and that was uphill almost right from the start.  Also my Garmin lost the satellites when I was in the shop and was all over the place, not starting again until I'd been running for a while.  It says it took me 13.01 minutes to do the first mile and I know the mile came up later than it should have done.  The rest of the run averaged 11.31 so that was okay especially as I ran up the hill from the bottom to the top seafront roads.  The first time I've actually run all the way up it since I started training for this FLM image

    Must get in the shower now if I'm going to make the Chiro's on time.  They've brought forward my appointment to 12.30 instead of 1.30.  Problem is I'm still sweating buckets and would really like to cool down a bit more first.  Will have to have the shower cold image

  • No post yet image
  • I got my Sussex Beacon race packimage
  • Great news, Tracey!

    Lyndy, hope the situation in ICU improves soon, (((((L)))))

    Diana B, have facebooked you re. the car.

    No running for me since Sunday, but we did walk the 4 mile round trip into town yesterday,

  • That's a good old walk Delia.

    We're just back from a mini swimming lesson.

  • Delia - Walking is good image

    Cinders - swimming lesson for you or Thomas?

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    Hello all,

    Glad that you have got your number Tracey, it obviously wasn't with the post next door then!!

    Still haven't run image Been tied up this last couple of days with study for meteorology exam for tonight, I have two hours of questions on weather, how to forecast it, analyse it etc etc. Feel reasonably confident that it will be OK even though I have missed night school since before Christmas! I actually find it quite interesting?

    Will run tomorrow ... image

  • TS - Good luck tonight image
  • i've not run since saturday... going to the doctors tomorrow morning and will see what he says. just waiting to get the all clear really as have been told it can be a bit dangerous to run with the raynauds being bad
  • Hope all goes ok at the Dr tomorrow bootsie.

    Was a swim lesson of sorts for Thomas, Tracey.  More like getting him confident in water and how to handle him.  

  • Good luck, TS!
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