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  • 156!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • EP I am still waiting to hear if I got into London. I will do Lochaber if I don't, so that will be 163 days to then.

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Pix, sorry, but I agree with Shades on this one too. It is a hard decision to make though isn't it, because doing the speed stuff makes you feel like you are really working and means you can do a bit better in the shorter races. It is so important though to be able to do the endurance. I could comfortably run 20 miles tomorrow at 11.30-12 minute mile pace, but I can't get my 10k time back down to where it used to be. I have sacrificed the speed for the endurance and I'm sure it's worth it in the long run.

    Jane - I'm sure you could run 20 miles tomorrow too (apart from being tired from Sunday!).
  • 4 miles this afternoon and the comeback trail!!
    If I dont get into London .. my marathon of choice is going to be Halstead, in fact I may enter today in celebration of the fact that the Dr said my leg does not have to be amputated from the neck down :-)
    Good news Imelda, celebrate with a marathon entry!

    I remember seeing on one of the Mike Gratton training threads - MG said you have to become a slow runner before you will ever become a fast runner. What he meant was that you build a base of long slow miles then you work on the speed.
    I'm sure I saw somebody quote Lydiard (I think) that all his 1500/3000m runners would be expected to be able to run a marathon off their normal training.

    I coach all my girls at a slow aerobic pace with occasional hill reps/fartlek/tempo intervals (but never more than 10 minutes of any session is speedwork)and never so hard that they feel tired the next day. They are all doing great PB's, just had one knock 8 mins off her half marathon time.
  • Marathon entered ..

    I'll be b*ggered if I get accepted for London as well :-)
  • Do both Imelda :))

  • <<snigger>>

  • How many weeks are they apart?

  • why no indeed

    wheres halstead
  • 4 weeks I think

    Halstead in Essex .... looks really nice, small and friendly !
  • mmmmmmmmm
  • Before or after London?, you could use one of them as a training run for the other.
  • ha ha ha Jane

    you are starting to sound like an ultra runner
    its a matter oftime--------

    off out now
  • Sorry Halstead is after London

    Go on Hipps - read the website it sounds really nice, last one home in 7 hours last year so I wont be alone :-)
  • Listen to me .. like I will ever get into London!!
  • Have a nice evening Hippo.

    I am beginning to think I will never get into London either, just two more years and I will have my 5 rejections in a row, my geography is not so good, where is Halstead?
  • Sorry you already said its in Essex, too far for me.
  • Where are you Jane??

    in the world that is!
  • I live near Aberdeen in Scotland.
  • oh ok ... bit far too travel then :-)
    I haven't yet done Halstead, it's on my 'to do' list, have heard really good reports about it.
  • Hi. Can I join in?

    Don't suppose I will get into London and Halstead might be a good idea.

    Do you have to enter now or is it ok to leave it nearer the time - like when I get the FLM rejection in the post?
  • Hi Larraine

    The more the merrier :-)

    I'd leave it til you get your rejection letter.
  • Hi Larraine, will this be your first marathon? I am not entering Lochaber until I get my letter from London.

    Well winter arrived today with sleet and some hail and alot of rain. It is pretty awful out there just now, wimped out and had an easy session at the gym. Hope the wind dies down a bit for x-county tomorrow, I guess its going to be a bit wet and muddy after today anyway.
  • No not my first. I did FLM 2002. Then I ran my first race in over 2 years last weekend - a 10k which i really enjoyed. Getting the bug again now.
  • I shall have an easy session in front of the rugby match tomorrow I think!!
  • Oh!! Those legs.
  • Hi Shades, yes lazing around.

    Ran yesterday have a bit of arthritis as I have been eating loads of choclate, drinking wine and coffee so will start training properly on Monday.

    Ran a comfortable 3 miles (now I am quite proud of saying that as it wouldn't have been possible last year!) with a 12.33. Had been running 11-ish miles during the training for Dubs before I hurt my leg so I think that I will try EP's training schedule for a week or so and see if it is possible if not I shall go back to the Get you round and try to up the mileage.

    We shall see if I am being realistic or not in a week or two!!
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