Sub 5 hours



  • hi debbo
    It just got better

    was a bit worried as I started runnung oddly and getting secondary knee niggles
  • Hi, 5 miles in just under 55 mins, so could say a MP run. Thank god skin is waterproof as everything I was wearing was very, very wet when I had finished, thankfully not too cold and windy.

  • Blooming heck Jane, do you never rest? :-)

    Speed for me to day on Surrey County track in Sutton.

    Had a rest from running yesterday but washed the car and made a start on the new allotment so not exactly lounging on the sofa.
  • JJ my rest day this week will be on Saturday and thats only because I have a half marathon on Sunday. The rest of this week will be very easy or steady sessions of about 4-5 miles and a couple of gym sessions.
  • Thursdays and Sundays for me on this schedule.

    Speed session today was

    1 mile jog 141 bpm
    1 mile strides ( blooming hard!! got up to 6:30 mm )
    4 x 200m with 200m recoveries 161 bpm ( had big problems keeping pace and HR even)
    1 mile jog 141 bpm

    I really didn't want to do the last mile jog but just thought of it as the last mile of a marathon which I will have to run even if I'm shattered. I did it :-)

    Got a bit down hearted on the run as I can't imagine keeping my pace up over 26 miles, but I pulled my self together and told my self I can only do my best and keep up the training.
  • Sounds like a fairly hard session JJ., what pace did you run for the 200m?

    With regard to keeping the pace up over 26 miles I think we all have plenty of time to practise and get that right.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - what half are you doing this weekend?

    Josie - sounds like a good session. Remember you won't have done all those strides and sprints during the marathon!
  • The splits were

    1 7:00 mm
    2 7:19 mm
    3 7:56 mm
    4 8:30 mm

    HR was about 5 bpm above what I wanted for the first 3 tho.

    It was hard but not exhausting. I like running fast :-)
  • hi peeps
    I think pix feels a bit upset about earlier discussions re endurance vs speed
  • She maybe upset Benz but it is no reason to have a go at us on another thread.

    Not used to being called a bully :-(
  • I just didnt read it like that JJ-i mean the discussion on page 230

    t'internets a funny place

  • I should go and run really
  • Have fun and wrap up. It's chilly out there :-)
  • might not go
    distinct lack of mojo

    and i have to cook tea
  • When did you last have a rest day?

    I always find having a day off makes my legs itchy again.
  • friday

    I HAVE to get back on track
  • I am sorry Pix is upset about the discussion re: speed versus endurance. I was only trying to give the best advice I know of and have always thought it was best to build up endurance and then think about speed. But if Pix is happy with her training and how its going so am I.

    hippo did you go out after all? it is okay to take a rest day now and again even if you are base training:))
  • no i havent

    ooooh i feel bad

    from tomorrow
    thats IT
    I have no races so can concentrate on the miles
    this hippo has no discipline
  • Oh goodness knows how many years of med school and a fair few years doing silly hours on ward. Totally undisciplined you are :-)
  • don't worry - i've said from tomorrow that's IT for the last 4 days now. From tomorrow that's REALLY IT
  • hippo, remember all the benefits of those hard training runs arrive when you have a rest day, well I was told that on a coaching workshop by a top class coach and who am I to argue with him!!
  • I am slightly upset with Pix now for what she has said another thread.
  • er
    what hard training runs?

    you dont have any choice at med school-b££r all to do with discipline
    I have created a blog to whinge on
  • I've been saying 'that's it' for various things over the last 20 years or so. Still either doing or not doing them :-)
    Re Pix - that's my fault, for shooting my mouth off as usual. I just thought she really wanted a sub 5 and I didn't want to see her get injured.
  • Its no ones fault

    the internet is a funnoi place

    you cant read facial expressions and all
    You're always so kind Hippo.
  • dont you believe it Shades
    you have mail
  • and i need a strategy for doing this at FLM

    I need 10 mins at mile 18

    dont trust the hippo bod to produce a sub 5 at locjhaber
  • hippo, if you can do 11 min miling you will make it in 4.48 so that means you have 12 mins at mile 18. You have now ran 18 miles without stopping and walking so thats a real big improvement, so just have to keep running for the last 8 miles. If I had a sure fire way of achieving this I would tell you considering I haven't run all the way in a marathon yet either I would like a strategy too.

    Shades everyone gave their best advice.

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