Sub 5 hours



  • ahem
    er yes
    But that 18 took 3.36
    Or possibly 3.34, watch stopped

    next stop 20 with no walking
  • "next stop 20 with no walking" sounds like a strategy to me,

    as London gets nearer I guess folks will have more of an idea of their fitness and till then just have to keep running the best we can.

    Shades how is the training going for the 24 hour race?
  • thats at my next event---a 30 miler in january
  • Well if you make the 20 miles in january then you could think about 21 miles for the next ultra and so on.

    My next strategy is to run all the way in my half marathon on Sunday after my not so good 10 miler a couple of weeks ago where I ended up walking up the hills a bit too much:((
  • 22 in the feb ultra

    NOT good ultra tactics
    but hey!
  • Morning all

    A very reluctant 3m this morning
    147 bpm for the whole lot.

    not too bad for the day after a hard.

    Some horrible little sh£t has graffitti'd all over the beautiful trees on my next to school route. It really upset me this morning as I usually find the run through the woods very theraputic. It's all ruined now :-(
  • rjhrjh ✭✭✭
    hey to rw and have been running on and off for 2 years, have 6mnth old baby and now manage two 40 min sessions each week. do you think its feasible to train now for flm and go for a golden bond place? feel like a challenge but is this a bit pie in the sky?
    Jane - haven'r really started in earnest yet, have a marathon on Sunday. Have drawn up a training plan to the end of Jan, so starting next Monday weekly mileage will be as follows:-
    50 (incl race)
    i don't normally taper but at this high mileage I think I need to.
    Plans for Xmas are run, eat, sleep, run eat, sleep etc
  • RJH

    Hi there :-)

    I don't think it's impossible but you probably wouldn't enjoy it as 6 month old babies are the equivelent of marathon training in them selves :-)

    Personally I'd pick a nice half marathon in your area in the spring, train for and run that, then decide if you want to move up to the full marathon in 2006.

    Please feel free to post on here even if you decide to leave the marathon till 2006. You will still be marathon training but starting sensibly early :-)

    Mum of 2 (6 and 3) :-)

    P.s. I started back running when my youngest was 6 mths.
  • Shades

    Just out of interest, how do you do 100 miles a week at 11 min mile pace? thats a lot of hours.
    JJ - I think I'll be training at slower than 11 min miles, going to train at 65-70% MHR. Really hard to even write that programme, just not enough days in the week. For the 100 mile week I'm only working 2 days (Xmas week), doing a long run of 30 miles, one of 15 and one of 20, can't remember the rest (it's at home). For the other weeks I have one rest day, 2 doubles, (3 for 90mpw) will run up to 10 miles before work in the morning.

    run, eat, sleep - got to find time for work and RW forum too.
  • rjhrjh ✭✭✭
    josie jump, thanks for thatx will have a re-think
  • RJH

    Enjoy your running what ever you decide to do. You can run a marathon any time in your life but your baby will be small for such a very short time.


    Respect :-)
  • Shades best of luck with the program, I tend to do all my long runs at a much slower pace than 11 min miling so I know what you mean about getting enough time to do 20+ mile runs is not easy. I found that when I do a 20 mile run I am out of the house for nearly 5 hours, I drive to an off-road route and spend 4 hours running and then drive home. By the time you have showered and changed, eaten a meal the day is just about over.

    rjh, its a long time since my kids were tiny but I do remember not getting alot of sleep at times and that is fairly tiring in itself, but I always tried to find time for doing something for myself and I think that makes you a more contented mum, so best of luck and training for a half first sounds like a good plan. Do you have family and friends that can babysit an hour or so so you can get out running?
    It will be interesting to see if I can do that sort of mileage. I expect my long runs will be 12 to 12.5 min miles, but I start all my runs from home and do road for the longer stuff. Some Sundays I will have to take my marathon group out so that may mean running 10 miles early in the morning, then home for breakfast and meet the girls at 9.30 to run another 10-15 with them.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I am impressed Shades. I have done 0 miles this week so far, and only 8 last week, so my plan of getting up over 40 by christmas seems unlikely. :(( Mind you, maybe this rest will do me good....
  • debbo sorry to hear you haven't been able to do any running this week.

    Shades this running and then having breakfast and then going out again could be seen as good prep for you 24 hours :))

    I did my usual 9k with a few others tonight and I think I managed to do it quicker than ever before in 54.38 and it didn't feel too fast or tiring.

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - well done - I am impressed by your miles at the moment. I am hoping that a week of rest will sort me out. I keep meaning to get up early and go to the gym/pool at work, but haven't managed it yet.

    Very stressful time this week trying to sort a bridging loan for a new house that we are meant to be getting the keys for tomorrow, with an unsold flat AND no sign of the bridging loan yet.... :(((
    Jane - all I have to master is eating lunch then carry on running, eat dinner then carry on running......

    debbo - hope you get your house OK, no wonder you haven't been able to run this week, lots to do.
  • Apperantly, moving house is 3rd in the stress league after divorce and breavment so hang on in there Debbo.

    I've been training my self to run after eating. Eating breakfast makes long runs more manageable.

    Early rest day for me as I am feeling tired and I don't think the cold is totally gone. I'll do 4 miles Thurs Friday, rest Saturday and then big 10k race on Sunday. I'm racing against Mr J for the first time :-)
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I think you're right JJ about the stress!! Hopefully it will be sorted today so we can either relax, or panic totally!!

    Good luck for your race.
  • debbo hope everything goes okay today and I hope the banks don't charge you the earth for that loan.

    JJ good luck with the 10k on sunday, which one is it?

    Shades I am not too bad about eating and then running as long as its fairly light and in the mornings, couldn't eat an evening meal and then run.
  • It's the Brighton 10K. I got my 55 min pb there in 2002 and ran just under an hour there last year after very little training. I am really going to go for it this year. Might not beat my pb as I am half a stone heavier but I want to be at least 58 mins.
  • JJ. wow 55 min for a 10k is a time I would like to get some time soon.

    another 5 miles this morning, off-road so a good bit slower than last night. nice day but a bit breezy at times.
  • I'd quite like to do it again my self :-)

    I'm resetting my pb's next year as I will be a V40.
  • JJ just a young thing then, I am a decade ahead of you :(
  • Bad News ! I developed A.F. And have had to stop running. Have now had Cardioversion performed,so I should be at it again soon.
    Yes I feel young enough at 78,and hope to get in the F.L.M How about you? JJ?
  • Afternoon girlies and William!

    managed 5 miles today in around 53 mins so going according to the cunning plan - will have to see how the leg is in the morning as this when I tend to 'know' that there is still a lot of repair work to do ...

    Glad to see so many impressive miles :-))
  • William welcome, glad to hear you will be back running soon.

    Imelda impressive run.

    folks were talking about getting snow tonight, so heres hoping they are wrong, raining hard at the moment.

  • They say it will snow in London by the weekend??

    Its quite dry and mild here at the moment so I dont know :-))
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