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  • William, hi
    as long ad your cardiologists know you run they an hopefully tailor your AF treatment to take acount of it all
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - thanks - I think it is all sorted, but it will cost the earth :((

    JJ - I'd like to do a 55 minute 10k too - my best is just under 55, but recently I have only managed 60 minutes too. I'm aiming to get back to near 55 minutes in january. That is if I can get back to running - I'm still resting this week.

    Welcome William - have you got an FLM place?

    Imelda - good run!
  • debbo glad to got it sorted even though these things tend to be a bit expensive, hope you sell your old house soon.

    A short run this morning, just as well as its cold out there and ran through a brief snow shower, snow not lying so wasn't slippy, but the flakes were sticking to my clothes briefly. Just hope its a bit warmer for my half marathon on Sunday.
  • Hi all
    Not sure if I'll get out for a run today. Little Jumpet jnr was up half the night being sick and is not much better today.
    Not too unhappy as I'm not feeling brilliant myself.

    I just wish sometimes that I could have a clear week of training with out some form of domestic crises getting in the way.

    Oh well I'll just consider it tapering for the weekends race.

    Wet, cold and miserable here, and the weather's bad too :-)
  • Josie have an easy day yourself and get plenty of rest for the weekend.
  • Hi all

    Feeling much better today :-) I wonder if it was hormonal.

    Can't run in the day today as Jumpet Jnr is still a bit poorly but might get out tonight if Mr J gets back on time.

    Just had to share this with you.

    We went out this morning to pick up some birthday presents for little people. We got a free Bionicle mask in The Lego Shop and Jumpet junior was wearing it round town.
    Me - Come on Toa Nuju ( the bionicles name )
    A pair of solomn brown eyes appear under the mask
    JJnr - I not a Bionicle Mummy, I just your little boy.

    He's going to break my heart one day :-)
  • JJ sounds as though you really enjoy being with your children.

    Session at the gym this afternoon.

    not sure about the half marathon on Sunday now as there has been alot of snow, it has melted and re-frozen so road outside my house is like an ice-rink. Will have to wait and see if its gone by Sunday.

    Have a great weekend everyone.
  • They are very good (most of the time)

    Sounds horrid weather, very cold and bright here.
  • looks like its been snowing on and off all night, unless there is a sudden thaw I doubt I will be running tomorrow.

    My dog loves this weather and runs about the garden barking and trying to catch the falling snow and whines to get out and wants to play snowballs.

    Wish I was a kid again sometimes so I can go snowballing and sledging and not worry about having to drive places and such responsible stuff.
  • We are lucky down here in sussex.No snow
    YET!!All the best for Sunday Jane M
  • hello
    cold but no settled snow here
    popping in to say that ive had a terrible week at work
    but have run every day since Tuesday
    even if its only 2 miles

  • ((((Benz))))

    2nd Anniversery of meeting you this weekend :-)

    4 miles D&D as Barnsley runner puts it. I just wanted to tick over but I kept thinking about the race and my speed crept up and then my HR would beep. After 3 miles I gave in and walked the last mile. still did it in 50 mins tho :-)
  • so it is JJ
    wish i was doing brighton
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    JJ - Good run - it's hard to keep slow sometimes isn't it?

    Hippo - good on you for running even when things are crap. I'm going to try a couple of miles this afternoon - it's cold here, but sunny.

    I am tired - had to drive Bryan the Snail to Newcastle airport last night and got home at 2 this morning! He's gone to Spain, but I've stayed home to deal with house buying/selling and bridging loans. :((
  • ((((benz))))) hope things improve at work from now on, glad to hear you are still finding time to get out and do a couple of miles here and there.

    ((((debbo)))) what can I say, house moving is always tough, maybe doing it myself early next year. Not sure I could cope on my own.

    I have a planned rest day today so don't have to brave the snow and ice, but it does look nice outside now with the sun shining and a nice blue sky.

    JJ best of luck for tomorrow.

    Thanks William.
  • Jane
    Enjoy whilst you can :-)

    Big hugs to Debbo.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Thanks guys! To top it all I feel like I'm getting some lurgy - my head feels funny and my nose is running. I feel jetlagged!!
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - good luck for tomorrow if you manage to get to your race. Edinburgh has stayed sunny but cold, with no sign of snow yet! I still don't feel right, despite superstrength lemsip :(((((
  • thanks debbo, its still a bit icy and the snow is still around so unless there is a big thaw overnight I doubt I will risk running tomorrow, as I find it difficult to even walk on icy pavements never mind run on them. So it will be the gym for me tomorrow and I will make it a two hour session to make up for the half marathon I could have run. It is minus 2 at the moment, just been out for a chinese and a couple of glasses of wine.

    debbo, hope that Lemsip works and you are 100 per cent tomorrow.
  • wimped out of my half marathon as it was still very icy this morning and then it started to rain really heavily so the roads and pavements became very slippy. Gyms can be very boring if you spend too much time in them.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - sorry you missed your half. I take it you have been in the gym all morning instead!? I am still not feeling well, but no worse. Maybe a day off work tomorrow will sort me out. :))
  • hope you did a tready half marathon Jane;))
    get well soon debbo
  • no tready half marathon, but did a few miles on the tready and then 40 mins on the x-trainer and then some weights for my legs. Dripping all over the treadie after 5 mins and the same for the x-trainer and I now have a headache because I didn't drink enough water, never mind will learn for next time.

    Roads will be lethal if it freezes tonight.

    debbo get better soon.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I plan to!! I am usually never ill - at least don't get colds or flu, but this winter have not been well at least twice. Maybe it is running that does it?
  • Hi guys

    Back from not so sunny Brighton :-)

    I took splits at 0.6 of a mile as my polar only does 1 dec place.

    Km Pace Ave HR
    1 8:47 163
    2 9:06 171
    3 9:01 175
    4 9:19 176
    5 9:17 176
    6 9:18 177

    We make a turn here and head in to a brisk head wind.

    7 9:24 178
    8 9:30 180
    9 9:40 181
    10 9:08 181

    Over all 58 mins :-)

    Bung that into McMillans and it throws out 4:32 marathon!!!!!!!

    Mr J did 54:20 a new pb by 11 mins!!!!

    I am very pleased that I maintained a good pace the whole way.

    Could I have run any faster? Well I was having very stern words with my self over the last Km. Poeple must have thought I was mad but it works for me. I still sprint finished but I was pretty close to my limit. I also have a new max HR of 192 bpm.

    We went on to the peir with the kids at the end and had a really nice day :-)

  • well done JJ, fabulous time and you put in a very fast last km.
  • Josie thats brilliant - you must be chuffed with that !!

    Jane - probably a good descision to stick to the gym byt he sounds of it!
  • Imelda
    Chuffed but I know I can do better. I can see that 55 min pb going in the spring. I just need to run over distance.

    I still managed my 7 min miling over the last 400 ms Got up to 6:35 just before the finish :-)
  • I'll be interested to see the finish pictures. I was suffering :-)
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