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  • JJ a sprint finish, wow.

    sadly I psychologically start slowing down as soon as I see the finish line, and don't push myself as hard as I could, the only thing that may spur me on is if another running tries to overtake me at the last minute.
    Home now having just completed my last marathon of the year, sad cos it's the last one in 2004 but happy cos I'm a bit weary.
    Fabulous race (Cornish) very hard hills, did 5.07 bit disappointed but Ok as I've had a raised RHR for 3 days and thought i was coming down with the lurgy. I'm OK though and promptly scoffed 2 'proper Cornish pasties' at the finish. Weather was lovely, especially for Bodmin Moor.

    Tomorrow I start my training plan, 50mpw for the first week.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Well done JJ and Shades. Fantastic time JJ, especially into a wind! Shades - 5.07 is not bad for a possible lurgy and big hills!!
  • Well done Shades, 5.07 not a bad time considering.
  • Well done Shades

    The Cornish Marathon is said to be pretty tough.

    I hope the Lurgy doesn't develop.
  • If you want a laugh

    Scary pictures

    Click on Brighton 10K

    In the 50 to 55 folder, page 6 3rd row picture 2 is Mr J

    In the 55 to 60 folder, page 4 3rd row 2 in is me :-)
    The Cornish is tough, the hardest road marathon I've ever done, I believe Langdale is harder but haven't done that one (yet).
    Amazingly I met 3 ladies yesterday doing their first marathon, respect for doing the Cornish as their first.
  • Hi, snow, ice and cold weather gone overnight. Decided to do a half marathon on my own to make up for yesterday. Kept up a good pace but wasn't flat out or feeling too tired at any point and finished in 2.18.32 so not bad.

    JJ I will have another go at finding your pics but my popup stopper keeps blocking out the photos!!! wish I knew why computers do this sort of thing.

    Shades, so Cornish was tougher than Loch Ness.
    Well done Jane on your half marathon.

    Loch Ness is pancake flat compared to the Cornish. No comparison at all.
  • Well done Jane

    Not running today as I am shattered and I have a small but painful blister from yesterday. Back on it tomorrow :-)

    I am going to do my first run over 6 miles on Thursday. Marathon mileage starts here.
  • 3 miles done this morning


    It hurt :-)

    I must have given my all on Sunday.

  • JJ look after that blister, and take it easy if you are still feeling sore from Sunday.

    I had an easy session at the gym this morning after feeling fairly tired yesterday afternoon and evening. Legs feel okay this morning so planning my usual run with a few others this evening, but will try to keep the pace down a bit.

    I have entered no more races but am thinking of doing a 10 miler in December but will just enter on the day.
    Jane - you certainly get some training in, most impressive.
  • Shades most of my training is done at a very easy pace or sometimes a steady pace, nothing too fast or hard, if I am feeling tired I would have a rest day. Anyway Shades you do far more training sessions and training miles than me :))) My longest run since running the Loch Ness marathon has been 13.1 miles, thinking of going for 14 miles this weekend and building up to 18 miles before Xmas, what do you think, too much too soon? Would like to have a go at my half marathon PB in early February and then do a couple of 20 milers before London or Lochaber.
  • I am shattered!!!
    Rest day for me tomorrow. I must be getting old :-)
  • JJ get an early night if you can and take it easy tomorrow.

    Just input my recent half marathon time into the RW and Mcmillan calculators and they give times of 4.48.49 and 4.52.10 with the McMillan one being the slower. Just have to get those long runs done now:))
    Jane - no, I don't think it's too early to start doing the long runs. Do them really slowly just building on your endurance. The good thing about starting them early is that if you should have the misfortune to pick up a cold in the winter, you'll still be on schedule for a spring marathon.

    I love those calculators, they are so motivating.
  • Thanks Shades, I will start lengthening my long run every week, with the ocasional cut back week for any races I may do.

    I also have the weather to think about for my long runs as I tend to do them off-road, not too good at running on snow and ice and I have to get to the start on some fairly minor country roads which don't get gritted or cleared in bad weather.
  • 8 very easy miles this morning, fairly damp and cool but no wind or heavy rain. Rest day tomorrow I think as I was feeling tired the last mile of my run.

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I can report no miles this week so far.
    :(( Still feeling not right, but not ill enough to go to bed. I hope I feel ok by the weekend, as that will be nearly 2 weeks of training lost...
  • Debbo

    There is allsorts going round at the minute. Both my kids are off today with sore throats. The stress of the move will have lowered your resistance.

    Don't worry about training, just think of it as a good rest before you get started.

    Big Hugs !!!!!
  • When I got married I organised the whole wedding my self ( Mr J was in the Royal Navy at the time and was away alot)
    Come the big day I was absolutely fine till I got in to the car to go off to our honeymoon hotel. I sneezed and didn't stop sneezing for the whole first week :-)
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - I haven't even moved yet!! At least the bridging loan is sorted - I just have to give the lawyer far too much money for all the fees and stamp duty. I think the move will be nothing compared to the stress of an unsold flat and a newly bought house.

    I will try and think of it as a good rest though!

    JJ - that's what happens - you can be fine until you are able to relax, and then it hits you!
  • debbo, moving is very stressful and I am thinking of moving house myself, basically leaving behind the village life for the dizzy heights of Aberdeen City, but basically will have to deal with builders, plumbers etc., before we can move into proposed house once we decide the cost of doing the house up isn't too expensive!!!, love the area and do like the house once you see past the decoration and mess. And hubby is away such alot at the moment.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - have you bought this house, or are you just thinking about it?? Have you thought about potential running routes if you move - very important you know!!
  • debbo just thinking about it at the moment but looks like it may happen.

  • 7 miles D&D :-)
    Richmond Park so not easy. Under 12 min miles over all and spot on on the average HR.
    I am still tired from Sunday so will be taking another rest day tomorrow, then a very easy 4 mile on Saturday and the Nike 10K on Sunday. probably around a 22 mile week.
  • JJ good luck with the Nike 10k on Sunday. I am having a rest day today as I felt I needed it. Gym session tomorrow and hopefully 14 miles on Saturday.

  • Hi everyone

    You're all putting me to shame with all your miles! So far this week I have done a 5 mile run on Monday and a hilly 6 miles last night. I won't be going out tonight but plan on doing about 4/6 miles on Friday evening, 3 easy miles on Sat and 9 miles on Sunday. I have also decided that a new coat is in order for me - so saturday afternoon will be spent shopping
    - I don't like shopping for clothes for me :(

    see ya later
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Tiny toes - I've done no miles this week!!
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