Sub 5 hours



    total mileage this week = 8
  • Tiny toes

    Laura ashley have nice coats-and a bit of a sale
    i only wear fleeces tho
  • Helloo Hipps ... you have been missed :-)

    I can do shopping !!!

    but I havnt done any miles on account of overdoing it last week :-(
  • nooooooooo
    its not hurting again is it?
  • It is - The trouble is I think I had no after care advise and hat I thought was low mileage was probably far more than I should have been doing ... I think I am just tearing it each time I go out ....
  • oh noooooo
    whats the plan now
  • I have no idea ....

    PM has emailed me a plan from something he read ... will have a look at that and play it by ear I think
  • good luck
  • Good luck Imelda, hope your aches and pains go quickly.

  • I have just done my first 6x400metres and it nearly killed me. The times were ok
    1.26 (downhill!)
    2.4 (uphill)

    The jog recovery was a walk or more accurately a stagger while all I wanted to do was collapse in a heap on the grass.

    One day I hope to look back on this and laugh!!
  • Do Do not wonder you were tired with doing the first 400 so fast!

    According to my McMillan calculator thingy, 400 speed workouts are best done at 2.14 to 2.22, so I think 2.30 is very good for you first speed workout.

    The only type of speedwork I do is a bit of fartleking and races!!

  • Hi there, another damp and cool day here in Aberdeen. Managed 6 miles this morning and am going to get up earlier tomorrow and do my planned 14 miler, was out too late and drank too much wine to run too far this morning.

    Still not heard from FLM.
  • Another rest day for me. My knees hurt and I have the Nike 10K tomorrow.

    Nice speed sessh Do DO :-)
  • JJ hope you have a very good race today.

    14 miles in 2.45.23 avg min miling of 11.48. Some miles were a bit faster and some slower due to the strong winds at times. A cold day, thank goodness I had my gillet on, I needed it. Had a brief spell of feeling sick at 13.5 miles, probably because my stomach was very empty of food at this point, who knows? hope its doesn't become a habit.

    Have a good day everyone.
  • Well my pre race warm up has been 3 hrs of standing and bending asking little boys and girls their name and what they want Santa to bring them for Christmas. My pre race hydration and nutrition consists of 2 glasses of mulled wine and a mince pie.
    Do you think this will have an effect on my race time ? :-)
  • You'll whizz round!!! ;0)
  • I'm going to run in my Mother Santa hat :-)
  • mince pies and mulled wine now that my idea of pre race fare. I love xmas food like xmas pudding, xmas pies and yule log.

    My daughter cried when she saw santa and cried even louder when she had to sit on some strange mans knee for a photo.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I hate christmas food! except yule logs and brandy butter!!

    Jane - good run today -well done.

    I did 3 miles yesterday and 5 miles today at 12 minute mile pace. :(( I think I still have a lingering bug though as my RHR is 10 beats up.

    JJ - hope your race went well!
  • brandy butter on crackers yum, yum.

    debbo well done on the running this weekend, hope everything is a bit less stressful for you.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Thanks Jane - at least our bridging loan is sorted out. All we need to do now is sell the flat! Amazingly after weeks of hardly any viewers we had 4 today. One couple are really interested, but of course have to sell their own place first, and it is not a good time for selling. Fingers crossed!

    At least I can run again, so will feel better.
  • Thanks Debbo but my wave starts at 8:30 PM so not even set off yet :-)

    Well done at getting through the door tho :-)
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    That's awfully late JJ - what race is it?? I'm not on the ball - sorry!
  • JJ good luck .... its dark out there you know!!

    debbo its the Nike Run London 10k jobbie ... all in the dark :-)
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Sounds fun - but a bit cold - I like to run in shorts. Mind you no-one would see my wobbly thighs in the dark, so probably a good idea!
  • 8.30pm is very late, hope you haven't got far to travel home JJ.

    debbo looks like I will be moving as well once the house has been done up, which may take about 3 months as we have to get planning permission for some of it.
  • Mr J is running too and in the wave before me so I won't be travelling alone.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - that's great - are you buying and/or selling? I hope it isn't too stressful for you - you've got Lochaber to think about remember (or maybe even London!)

    JJ - good luck to you and Mr J too.
  • I have the perfick excuse this week to have another week or rest as I am working away for 4 days .... day one will start again on Saturday I think.
  • debbo buying and selling so our house will go on to the market once the deal to buy the new house is done. I guess I will be cleaning and cleaning the house alot over the next couple of months :((( and dealing with trademen as well.
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