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  • Didn't think I would enjoy running on the track but it was okay once I got going, there was only one other chap running so I didn't feel like anyone was watching me. I now definately know that I have only one pace of running, I can go a little slower but not faster. I did a couple of 800m, but stayed in the 4th lane, and my times were about 5mins and two 4 laps again in the 4th lane,times were 11.20 and 10.50. I think I am going to struggle with sub 5 hours for the marathon. To be honest I didn't really know how to run faster, I can sprint but that only lasts for a few seconds - how do you run faster for longer?
    Anyway tired now, think I am going to have an early night. Hopefully doing a hilly 6 miles tomorrow night.

    night, tiny
  • tiny toes, well done on your session on the track. Over 3 miles is alot of effort for speedwork, so its not surprising you are tired. how much recovery did you do between the efforts?

    remember in the fourth lane you will have run further than you think.

    and you have plenty of time to start feeling a bit more confident about running faster, why not try a shorter distance of say 400 meters with a walking recovery before going again.
    Well done tiny toes.

    to run faster for longer, you first need to run slow for longer so the distance is dealt with - so to speak. Then you introduce little bits of speedwork, like hill reps, intervals up to a mile long. Some races from 10k up to 20 miles. what's your marathon PB now?
  • Tiny toes

    I think speed work comes with practice. When you do it again just push a little harder. Might not be able to keep it up the whole interval but it will get easier. May be try 100m with 100m recoveries. Also try walking the first part of your recoveries then build up again.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Tiny toes - I am sure you will be able to run faster, but like Shades says, you have to run slower for longer first and then you can start on the speed work. It's a slow process though. I'm still at the running slower for longer stage, but am going to start some 'speed' stuff next week.
  • morning all

    I got my acceptance on Monday so over the moon, did FLM last year and it was great.

    Tonight is my first speed session at the track (yuk) 8x 400m with jog recovery and 800m m before and after as warm ups and down.

    Last time i did speed work was on a tarck in the algarve 70 degrees and vest and shorts.

    Oh the joy of winter training.

    24 more days to Santa.

    woof woof
  • Hiya Bentley

    Another graduate from last years run/walk thread :-)

    Rest day for me, if you can call it that!!!
    I have a rubbish tip for a house, 2 costumes to make for the weekend and I have to work this morning!!!

    We opened our choccie advent calenders this morning tho :-)
  • Hi Bentley, well done on getting into FLM I am still waiting to hear :((

    Only did 3.5 miles this morning and it was rather slow, very, very cold and I find when running on frozen grass I slow down even more!!

  • What do you think of my new piccie ? :-)
  • v seasonal
    ho ho ho
  • It's me :-)
  • great new piccie JJ.

  • Hi, off to the gym this afternoon for some x-training and weights.

    As its first Friday of the month I am racing a 3k tomorrow lunchtime. Hoping for a slightly better time than Novembers 3k which was a couple of seconds over 17 mins.
    3k eeek... stop scaring me Jane.
  • Shades I just treat it as a speedwork session for the week, but I have met few runners who say they actually enjoy every minute of running a 3k, I think I would rather do a half marathon myself.
  • Well, I WAS supposed to do 8 miles today but I'm not going to. My knees and ankles are still sore and I have a thousand and one things to do. I might just take this week off and let my aches and pains settle (probably won't tho :-) )

    Good luck on the 3k Jane. I'd like to try one just to see how long I could keep a really fast pace up.
  • Hiya, just popping on whilst boss has nipped out. Missed my 6miles last night, I was busy all day and too hungry by 5pm to go out and run so had tea with family instead - my legs were abit achy as well. Will do the 6miles tonight (hopefully).

    Shades - I haven't run a marathon yet, the most I have done is halfs and they are normally around the 2.30 mark and my fastest was at blackpool this year 2.26. Hopefully by following a proper schedule though I will improve on that time. I'm doing helsby 1/2 in Jan, blackpool 1/2 in Feb and probably liverpool 1/2 in March in prep for London. I also need to lose at least 1 stone.(she says eating a biscuit - oops!)

    Good luck with that 3K tomorrow Jane, don't fancy that distance at all!:)

    Love the pic JJ - are you doing a santa run?

    see ya,tiny
    tiny toes - your marathon plan sounds good and I'm sure you'll get a half marathon PB along the way as your endurance improves with marathon training.

    If possible I would recomend also doing a 20 mile race roughly 4-6 weeks before your marathon. A race of this distance helps you to determine the marathon pace you should be doing on race day.

    I too, need to lose a stone. Have finally started my winter training today and am trying to eat healthily and hope the mileage will take care of the rest!
  • TT

    No :-) it is the Santa suit I bought from my local fancy dress shop. I bought it for Jumper Jnrs Birthday party.
  • Hi everyone! I haven't been around for a few weeks. I got my acceptance on Sunday after a very boozy Saturday night (it was a wedding - so well deserved!). Can't wait to get out and about but my feet still hurt from dancing! Is everyone excited about starting a proper training regime? I like having something to aim for!
  • shades - I am not sure there are any 20mile races near me, i will check, but was thinking of doing a timed 20mile run - probably on canal paths - will check milage first on bike.

    jj - yeah I think i read that, forgot, sorry :)

    I am typing this with my little finger as I have spliced my thumb on a tin of corned beef and am trying to hold a tissue on it. Making corned beef hash for kids tea.

    tiny toes - what part of the country are you in?
  • Josie - nice piccie ... although on first viewing it looked liked the underside of a shark!! dont ask !

    Day one (again) hopefully on Saturday

    Still nuffin in the post!!
  • Afternoon all

    You know yesterday I said I was going to give running a rest this week.


    Felt very fat so went out and did my 8 miler this afternoon. It turned out to be closer to 9 with the warm up cool down and a bit of a miscalculation in regards to the route. Unfortunately I missed breakfast so had to run it on 3 hastily eaten weetbix. Must have been burning fat as I didn't run out of energy. Just wolfed down scrambled eggs and wholemeal toast so I don't crash later.

    Have fun all


  • Oh I killed a 1009 calories, brill :-)
  • Hi Shades - I'm sort of in the middle of Manchester and Liverpool.

    well done on that 9miler JJ - eating is great after a good run isn't it. I did a hilly 6 miles last night in the fog - it was freezing!

    by the way I am not making corned beef hash again, they can have it made with quorn then we can all eat it, and it comes in nice bags that don't cut fingers and thumbs! :))

    see ya, tiny
  • Well done on the 9 miler JJ.

    tiny toes hope your finger is better soon.

    Well I managed my 3k race and only 1sec faster than last time. My first mile was done at a better pace that last one but I faded badly at the end. Getting the pacing right is soo soo hard for these shorter races.

    minniemoo hows the training going this week?

    Shades have you started your huge mileage weeks yet?

    Imelda I too have had nothing in the post.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Well done on the run JJ. I see what Meldy means about your picture too!

    I didn't run today - FAR too hungover from my work christmas meal last night!
    Jane - I've only just started training yesterday, have done 3 runs so far but all low mileage. Still have a bit of work to do on the directory this weekend so will probably not be able to run at all tomorrow. Am taking my girls out for a 6 miler on Sunday, but will run 10m before I meet them.

    Then NEXT WEEK I will whack up the mileage to 70, which will be a bit of jump from 8m last week!
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