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  • Have you any recommendations for a good marathon training plan Shades?(or anyone else) but not one that has me running 70miles in the first week! I'd have to stop working to fit that many miles in - umm now thats an idea - I wish!
    I am probably going to follow hal higdons novice and intermediate I, mostly sticking to the intermedaiate I but if tired following the novice programme for a week - would that be okay to do do you think?

  • Tiny toeas, if its your first marathon, then shouldnt you be startin g with the novice prog and adding in extra bits if you feel good?

    Just a thought

    thanks for your comments the other day BTW
  • thanks hippo

    I'm worried about doing too little I think, I will have a look at the schedules again

    gotta go
    bye, tinytoes
  • I know you have gone

    But better to do less and get to the start line uninjured
  • Shades good luck with getting the directory finished this weekend. Do you normally take a bit of a rest from running sometime during the year? Personally I think its a good idea stops you getting too stale and gives your body a chance to clear up any niggles it has.

    tiny toes why not follow the plan for beginners and do the long runs each week from the intermediate plan, that way you can combine the two and not overdo it and get enough training in.

  • Rest day for me as Mr J has to work. Not a bad thing tho as I have loads of things to sort out.

    I have bought an artificial Christmas tree to day for the children. they can load it with as much sparkly stuff as they like as it will be in their room. I will get a real tree next week and decorate it MY way :-)
  • A cold but sunny day here today, good day for a run and managed 12 miles at a steady pace.

  • Nice one Jane :-)

    No running at all this weekend BUT I have :-

    - been to Jumpet Snrs Theatre school show
    - bought and assembled my first ever artifical christmas tree
    - dug the xmas decs out of the loft
    - throughly cleaned the hall, childrens room and conservatory
    - put up the xmas decs in childrens room
    - been to church parade
    - been to friends son's birthday party
    - Bought new rugs for childrens room and Hall

    Got the rest of the house to do next weekend. Am I excused :-)
  • Thats what I call X training Josie!!

    Been and watched the Grim guys do thier bit .... very wet!!

    after my too much, too soon week ... I did 2 miles yesterday and another 2 tomorrow, I think alternate days are better at the moment although that does not fit in with my shifts I will have to see how it goes for now!

    Not had time to read back properly but last time I looked everyone was doing fantastically !!
  • Josie don't know how you do it.

    A 5.5 miler this morning which took me just over the hour. Fairly strong wind on the return part of the run, hence the just over the hour timings.
  • Still really go for a training run :-)

    No racing this weekend so it was down to the track for some speed work.

    1M 65% WHR
    1M strides (do they get any easier !!! maxed out at 6:30 min miles I want to get sub 5mm one day just to see how it feels for Paula :-) )
    4 x 200m with 200m recoveries
    1st 55 sec 6:44 mmm ave HR 164
    2nd 56 sec 6:49 mm ave hr 170
    3rd 57 sec 7:21 mm Ave HR 166
    4th 59 sec 7:36 mm ave HR 164

    1M @ 65% WHR

    I'm pooped and I have the childrens carol concert this evening :-)

    BTW thats the Jumpets and their Christmas tree in my piccie.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    JJ - I'm impressed! I've just done 2.5 miles with a very high HR - probably because I worked all week, did 2 night shifts saturday and sunday, didn't have anything to drink after 3 a.m. and then got up today and went for a run at 1.30!!

    I'm off to see the Beautiful South tonight - hope I stay awake!
  • lovely piccie JJ.

    The 1m of strides you do, how many strides do you fit in and how long do you do them for? thought I might do a couple of speed sessions just to help me with my speed for my next 3k race, also have a 2 miler on 2nd January which I would like to well in, although it sounds an awful race on account of it basically consists of running up and down a hill a mile long! not sure which way round it happens.
    Jane - I used to take it easy after my last marathon of the year then start training in Jan. But, I usually caught a cold/throat virus early in the New Year and training was never completed in time for my first marathon of the year.

    I've just had about 2 weeks rest from running, no niggles to clear up, back training in earnest now. Everything is with the printers now.

    tiny toes - the most important aspect of marathon training is the long runs. Remember as your first marathon it will be a PB and I know you want to do well but I recommend that you focus getting to the start line healthy and injury free and on completing it with as little discomfort as possible.
    I'm coaching some of my girls for FLM and the guidelines for training are as follows:-
    End of December - be able to run 10 miles
    End of January - be able to run 15 miles
    February - Half marathon race and by the end of the month be able to run 18/20 miles
    March - 20 mile race to practice marathon pacing.

    A couple of shorter races here and there if they want. None of my girls will be running more than 3 times a week.

    Suggest you take a selection of training programmes and write one to suit you and your lifestyle.
  • Jane

    The strides are done over 100m, start slow and build up to 'controlled' sprinting then ease down to trotting. Turn round and walk/ trot back to start. 8 of those and you have your mile. I try and get a bit faster on each one. They feel quite hard but the intervals feel a lot easier afterwards as your legs are really warm and used to going faster.


    I will use those goals as my yard stick :-)


    I could never do nights, I'm a in bed by 10pm girl :-) Well done for getting out.

    I like the piccie too, but then I'm biased :-)
  • Shades glad to hear your book is off to the printers now.

    Like the outline of your plan for your trainees, wish there was a 20 miler I could do, but haven't heard of any in Scotland at all.
  • Thanks Josie, will give them a go sometime this week but will give the intervals a miss and do a longer easy warm up and cool down.
  • I have decided that I'm going to stick to 4 times a week.
    Monday - 4 or 5 miles speed ( or a tempo run if I've raced or gone really long)
    Tuesday - 3 or 4 mile recovery
    wed - rest
    Thurs - Long run building up to 2 20 milers
    Fri - rest
    Sat - 5 or 6 miles steady
    Sun - rest

    That should get me up to 44 miles for my hardest week
    Jane - that's a shame, not having a 20 miler near you. It's such a good chance to practice pacing in race conditions but without the most tiring bit at the end of a marathon.
    The WRN group in Exeter put on their own 20 mile training run with drink stations and Lucozade Sport and marshalls. Perhaps you and a few other marathon runners could do the same
  • Morning all

    I have good news :-)

    I now have a running pal for my recovery runs!!! One of the mums from school is a lasped runner ( with the attendant weight gain ) and after seeing me turning up at school in my training gear has decided to start again :-)Funniest thing was that she was worried she'd be too slow for me, she was some what relieved when I told her my training pace was around the 11:30 mm pace :-)

    I hope to fit 3 miles in today but I have loads to do first.

    See you all later

  • Anyone looking for a training partner in Bath/Wilts (B-o-A) area?

    Or even north Bristol week nights?
  • Have a good run today JJ.

    No gym this morning as I had to get some xmas shopping done, run this evening of about 1 hour. Nearly dark already :((
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I did 3 miles this morning, and plan to get back into more miles this week.... Christmas things always get in the way though!!
  • Just under 11 min miling tonight, for 5.5 miles, took a while to warm up due to freezing weather, not slippy (thank goodness) but felt a bit tired at the end of run so no sprint finish.

    Regarding christmas, who is planning to run on Christmas Day itself, I am planning a 30-40 min steady run after I have opened my pressies and got xmas lunch on the go, then I can stuff myself with chocs and sweeties without feeling too guilty.
  • Evening all. Mind if I join you. Aiming to do Lochaber in April but will never do a sub 5hrs. Seems ages away but once Christmas and New Year are past I guess April won't be long in coming around.
  • hello running linguist

    er, dont live near you, but we can all do virtual support on here
  • Speedy G

    Hello and welcome :-) keep us updated with your training.

    Running Linguist

    Not in your area I'm afraid :-( I am doing the Bath half however.

    No run for me as I am way behind on my work and Christmas prepartions. various computer glitches don't help. Might have to write off running altogether this week :-(
  • dont worry Josie
    i havent even bought any chrissie cards, and im not decorating the house
    have just been informed i have a houseful on boxing day too
    mr hipps has faith in my organisation, arrrrrgh
  • It's not so bad when there is just the two of you but when you have kids it goes up to a whole new level!!!!

    Ah well, Sainsbury's had an offer on Tanquary Gin so I'm sorted :-)
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