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  • heee hee
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I would like to run on christmas day but might not have time. Mind you I could be up and out and back before the teens are out of bed...
  • Hi Speedy G. See you at Lochaber as it looks like I will one of the last to received my jacket from FLM.

    debbo teens still like their pressies so they maybe up earlier than normal.

    hippo, organise plenty of gin for boxing day:))

  • already done Jane
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - mine are very lazy!!

    I am doing a 2.5 mile race on Boxing day and will deserve a drink after that.
  • debbo good luck with the 2.5 mile race.

    I have a 6 mile race I could do on Sunday, not worried about time but will do it because it is local, so its easy running tomorrow and Saturday.

    4 miles done this morning, with one mile at 10 min miling to prepare for Saturday, a bit windy so did the fast mile with the wind at the back of me which made it easier.

    Is that a new photo Hippo, where do you get them all from?
    Doing my WRN newsletter last night and have drafted the marathon training programme for my girls, if anyone is interested.

    these are the key training session/races

    9th Jan - 12m long run
    16th Jan - 15m long run
    6th Feb - Half marathon race
    13th Feb - 18m long run
    6th Mar - 20 mile race
    13th Mar - 20 mile race
    (only one 20 mile race to be completed)
    27th March - 10 mile race
    3rd April Half marathon race - to be run at marathon pace (not raced).

    Comments welcome
  • Like the training sessions / races Shades, am giving thought to which races to do... 20 milers seem a bit thin on the ground out West... am thinking about going to Rhayader, but it's a long way to drive home from afterwards? (not sure I can trick my sister into being driver, as I'm guessing it lacks nearby retail opportunities.)

    Where are all the West Country runners to? I might come & cheer you Bath Half people on- have you got hotels sorted?

    Anyone staying at the London West Novotel the night before?
    Are you in the West Country too?
  • Shades I like the way you have the key sessions fairly well spaced out and so they are not run too close together.
  • 9th Jan - 12m long run
    16th Jan - 15m long run
    6th Feb - Half marathon race
    13th Feb - 18m long run
    6th Mar - 20 mile race
    13th Mar - 20 mile race
    (only one 20 mile race to be completed)
    27th March - 10 mile race
    3rd April Half marathon race - to be run at marathon pace (not raced).

    Shades I'm not a regular on this thread but would like to ask you a couple of questions re above if I may.

    After the 20 mile race isn't a drop to 10 miles too much. The schedules I've seen suggest a drop to about 14 miles? Also why drop to 10 miles and then increase to 13.1miles??
    Stylish - I have listed only the key training sessions (which I will take them out for) and the races I would like them to do. A 10 mile race is equivalent to a 13 mile easy training run. They will be running in between the 20 mile race and the 10 mile race too. No key session s as I'm away racing myself.

    The last half marathon is to be used as a pacing exercise for the marathon. They should run it at their intended MP and finish feeling like they could do it all again!! It builds confidence.

    Last year I prepared a proper training schedule and gave it to my FLM trainees and it just scared them. Now I just give them the targets and we fit in what we can around those.
  • I am in the West Country... near Bath.

    Am doing the Gloucester 10m on Jan 6th, and Reading Half March 6th. Am still looking for a 20 miler... they're all a bit of a trek away, aren't they?
    There's Gloucester 20 on 6th March at Frampton on Severn. Lovely race I've done it twice and plan to be there in 2005.

    Clashes with your half, there are a lot of 20 milers but most of them are on 6th March!
  • Hi all! Am training for London and hope to do this one after pulling out this year and Loch Ness in October. I am injury free (at the moment) and taking things very easy indeed. Did a three miler tonight without too much trouble - just very slow but will work on a bit of speed later.

    Seen some names on here from Loch Ness - hi Shades/Jane M!!!!!
  • Oops - not sure if I remember Shades from Loch ness or other postings!!
  • Hi Debbs, glad to hear you are back running, good luck with the training and keep posting.

    A session at the gym for me this afternoon, planning a 2 hour run tomorrow morning and then a 6 mile race on Sunday.
  • Evenin' all ... sorry I have nglected this thread for a while!!

    Did 3 miles today and feels ok at the moment, I think I shall keep to the low mileage still and probably every other day so my muscles get chance to regroup rather than the every day that I am used to??
    If I keep to low mileage throughout December have I left myself enough time to train for what I now think will be a May marathon??
  • 2 hour run done this morning, sub zero temperature when I set off.

    Got my rejection letter this morning with the jacket which is way too big for me unless I grow two dress sizes and its sized medium and I am not skinny by any means.

    Lochaber here I come.

    Imelda so you are thinking of a May marathon, got one in mind?
  • hello

    My medium Jacket is way too big for me as well - someone has put theirs on ebay - it's up to £18.00!

    I think this is my thread to follow for the FLM - I'd love to be under five but as it is my first time and i haven't been running that long and i am no beanpole it is very hard to tell how much i will improve with 4 months training.

    It is my first ever race tomorrow - 10k - i'd love it to be 1 oh something as that sounds much shorter than 70 minutes somehow.
  • Good luck Clare with your race tomorrow, remember not to set off too fast and try to pace yourself and most important of all, enjoy yourself.
  • hello clare

    I did 10 miles this morning
    it felt really hard

    races planned so far

    20/02-35 miler
    06/03-half mara
    13/03-20 miler(if not on call)
    20/03-half mara(if not on call

    that looks all wrong
  • Jane I am down for Halstead Marathon in May ... all paid for and no escaping!!

    Seems a million miles away but in terms of weeks it is scarily close!
  • hippo, a 30 miler and a 35 miler looks fairly hard and only a month apart, I have every confidence in you to make it in style if not at least finish :)))

    Imelda, all we can do is take it one week at a time and do the best we can.
  • oh, hippos run very stylishly Jane;)

    plan to do 20 miles without stopping follwed by 22 in the next race

    so best cahnce of sub 5 at FLM
  • I do believe that Hippos DO have the very best in running style :)))

    Good luck with the plan.

    xmas is getting in the way of running at the moment but can't be too obsessive, so will enjoy xmas and running.
  • you should see the running hippo pic on the ultra thread!
  • I'm with you there Jane!!!

    Managed to run twice this week but this was my worst week socialising wise.

    Welcome ClareH, please do post your training, it's nice to feel someone else is out there slogging away :-)
  • Hi, my 6 mile race turned out to be a 6.2 and I finished in 65 mins which is a bit slower than hoped for but it was very hilly and hard going and I sort of lost my pace or gave up a bit in the last mile (mostly climbing). Still a good route if I want to do some challenging hills for next years Loch Ness Marathon.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - sounds like you had a tough race this morning! Well done though.

    ClareH - how did your race go?

    I've done 10 miles today at a snail's pace - I should start a new sub-5.15 thread at this rate!

    Hippo - what is a hippo running style?!
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