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  • take a look on the last but one page of the Spud ultra thread on here
    Ed has posted a link
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Looks good! No wonder you can only run 18 miles without stopping - all those legs must get tired.....
  • wish i COULD run that fast

    Have had word form Luton am offered free entry to next year
    Ho Hum
  • just found this thread your times sound like mine not heard fron london yet but got a golden bond place with hospice so we be doing london anyway. Hope to increase training now did robinhood marathon last year 6hours 5mins half there this year 2.30 but the full is bad and lonely after mile 12 so am looking forward to being with the crowds all the way round in april
  • you will love it Sue
  • My race was really good fun (having my first ever number was v exciting!) - because i didn't know the course i was always holding back in case there was a hill and then i didn't see the 9km marker and so didn't get a chance to speed up at the end....did it in 1.06 which is bit rubbish but i don't ache at all today and so I am just treating like a training run I might not even take today off as i had planned as i'm really buzzing after not coming last!

  • I think some punctuation would have helped...
  • Well done Clare and 1.06 is not rubbish but a good time.
  • 1:06 is just over 10 min miling and so is very respectable, especially as you didn't know the course.

    Welcome Sue :-)

    Well not sure what running I'm going to get to do this week as children are sniffly and very grumpy. I feel bad sending them to school when they are poorly just so I can get a run in .
    Hi Debbs - I remeber you too from previous threads, good to hear you're injury free.
    Hippo - HA,HA, HA, HA, free entry to L**** next year, that's so funny....ROFL

    Of course as a matter of principle you must accept their kind offer.
  • I'm full of doubt this morning. Have been running for 10 months and I told my family that I'd got a gold bond place for the FLM.
    Most of them were supportive but one aunt who is a runner was quite negative and said that it would be too much. Now I am doubting myself.
    I'm 2 stone overweight and run about 20 miles a week which includes a 6 mile and several 3 or 4 mile runs. I'm pretty slow but feel I have a fairly comfortable base to work from. I'm not a particularly experienced runner and am now wondering whether this is beyond my reach. Any thoughts / advice?

  • Do it - some people have been a bit sniffy with me as well - i am fairly new to running and am, lets say, curvy!

    I'm on a gap year between uni and law school and want to look back and know i did something worthwhile - getting fit and raising shedloads of money for charity is to most people a pretty good way to spend a few months.

    I really enjoy running - i don't do it because i feel i should (aerobics classes would be much easier!) - it would be a shame if the pressure and paid of the FLM training killed the enjoyment of running for us so i think it is important not to let that happen - maybe that is what your aunt was worried about.

    I have days of doubt too though and i could be completely wrong (and the furthest i've ever run is 11 miles!)....
  • Laura

    You have a good base mileage ( same as mine actually :-) ). You have also plenty of time to increase your mileage safely. There is no reason why FLM is out of your reach.
    The only thing I would say is that if you haven't done any runs over 6 miles before is maybe think of following the run/walk schedule. I did it last year and found it very do able. The Penguins book,'marathoning for Mortals' is a good read for first time marathon trainee's

    Good luck and keep posting :-)
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Hi all. I am doing flm with a mate - sue - she is 50 next year, has done flm before and took about 5.45. I have done under 5 myself but my aim is to get sue round in as close to this time as I can - she thinks my aim is just to get her round but she already knows she can!
    We ran for an hour sunday morning (run walk =20r/2w/20r/2w/10r/1w/5r)
    She did call me some names but I took her on a nice run and she was pleased at the finish!
    We probably did about 5 miles,and will do 35 mins tues and 30 thursday, my question is whether or not she is doing enough?
    btw we are doing 20/2 run walk as sue finds it really messes her up when we stop after 10 mins.
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    clareh 1.06 is not rubbish!!!
    well done.
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Did she find the pace OK Wabo?
    Thats 12 min miles and If she finds that tough now it's going to be a push to get her under 5 hrs.
    Have you thought about reducing the walking to 1 min? I did run/walk last year and found 1 min enough to have a rest.
  • As for it being enough, she'll probably have to increase the time of the shorter runs but I believe Shades is coaching some girls to sub 5 on 3 runs a week.
  • TenTon go for it, start increasing the 6 mile run by 1 mile per week and as JJ suggests think about doing run/walk for this, it is time on your feet that counts. Also think about adding a mile or two to your midweek runs, so they are 5/6 miles done at a steady pace. If you are feeling its too much just take an easier week and have an extra rest day.

    Wabo, try increasing the mid week runs slowly over the weeks until they are about an hour, and maybe think about adding in some x-training by swimming or cycling on another day. You have plenty of time to build up the long run on Sundays, its okay to have a cut-back week ocasionally, and are you and your friend planning to run any other races? If you look back a couple of pages Shades has suggested a good guideline for where the mileage could be at for the long run every few weeks or so. Very helpful.
    Well I took 6 of my girls out for a run yesterday, 10 miles. For 3 of them that was the first time they run that far. We had a great run and they were really pleased with themselves.

    My marathon group is not as I predicted. Firstly, I was the only one to get in FLM, one has decided to wait for Dublin or FLM next year, 2 others rejected so waiting for club draw before deciding whether to try and get a charity place.
    I have 3 others that are going to do the marathon training with me and then if they feel OK with longer distances will enter a marathon at short notice! Strange, as I think most of us enter a race then work on the training. Another one is going to do the training but will run the 20 mile race as her target then think about doing a marathon in a year of so. I guess what they're doing is taking the pressure off themselves and I think most of them will do Dublin next year.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Busy thread today!

    Tenton - you'll be fine. Do what Jane says and increase by a mile a week - you'll hardly even notice it!
  • This is great to read about runners on my level it as giving me a big boost. I also thought my 1hr 6 for a 10k was bad but as people have said we have done it and no one can take that away. This is realy going to help my training thanks
  • Still plodding although I haven't been for a run this evening as planned. I had a very busy weekend in the pub (football - enough said!!) and feel like I have done a marathon anyway! Will go out tomorrow instead. I have entered a half on 27th February - don't want to do the one at Silverstone as that was where I first got injured last year!!!!! Feel like it would be tempting fate.

    I aim to be increasing by a mile a week on my long Saturday run (which isn't really that long get) and up the weekday runs a bit here and there so that I steadily increase my weekly mileage. I also aim to see my osteopath on a regular basis for a good massage! I am also going to swim when I can and I have a rowing machine to work on stamina too.

    I WILL do this marathon!!!!!!!!!!
  • 1.06 is great, Calre

    Ten Ton, shouldnt you be half ton by now

    youve lost loads of weight havent you
    and of COURSE youmcan do the marathon, you are running regularly, which is more than a loyt of people are at this stage

    get those long runs in

    Shades stop sniggering at the back there
  • Right.
    I've managed to get out for a run as Mr J got home from work at a reasonable time. had to run on pavement as don't do parks at night.

    mile__time__Ave HR
    1_____10:49 143
    2_____10:41 149
    3_____11:08 147
    4_____10:50 153
    5_____11:10 151
    6_____11:05 153

    Just have to keep this up for another 20 miles and I'll have cracked it :-)
  • finally got out there again this week, thank goodness. go for it ten ton
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    JJ - good run! What's your max HR?

    I'm doing my first 'speed' session from Parker's HR book tomorrow!
  • Debbo

    I clocked 201 bpm at Flora lite 2003 but that was Taquila fueled. Did a max hr test when I got Parkers book, that came out at 187. However I maxed out at 192 at Brighton the other week so now take that one.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Surely you should use the 201 if you've got to that once?? I am guessing mine. My max HR test gave me 181 but I got 185 the other day just sprinting up the 200 m slope to my house, so I'm sure it is at least 190.
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