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  • hugs to Mr JJ, miniJJ and to you JJ.

    Managed 4 miles this morning dispite the strong winds.

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    JJ - I haven't even had the hectic move yet. The potential buyer seems to have disappeared so we are staying put until we have a buyer. I think it is easier to sell a flat that isn't empty.

    Jane - yes, plenty of chocolates and wine, although I am planning a 3 mile race on Boxing day, so maybe I should be the christmas day driver :(
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    JJ - hope your family recover soon!
  • I've got a defered place from last year. I'm number 18557.
  • Debbo - hope your Xmas day goes ok for you. My dad died nearly four years ago from renal cancer with lung and brain mets. Will be thinking of you.

    This is why I am running the marathon in aid of the hospice that looked after him. Such a brilliant place.
  • Two days after my work's Christmas party and I can just about sit up. Not one drop of alcohol has passed my lips for over 5 months and I think my liver's gone into shock. Everything aches and I wish I'd remembered my reasons for giving up booze and rich foods on Wednesday afternoon when I'd just finished my second bottle of champagne and was scoffing down vast amounts of curry and naan. I am trying to avoid looking at my training plan but I know that I have already missed 2 runs.
    I know...I know... no one to blame but myself.
    Winge over!

  • Laura

    count them as rest days :-)

    If I worried about every run I miss at this time of year I'd be very grey by now :-)
    Laura - hope you enjoyed your Xmas party - or what you can remember of it!
    I'm trying to think of a good excuse not to go to mine. I hate works' parties.
  • I seem to have really perked up this afternoon and think I might even make it to the gym tonight even if it does end up being a gentle workout and a sauna.
    Have realised that I simply haven't drunk enough water to make up for the excesses of the last few days so have been chucking it down my throat this morning. Much happier and slightly more coherant ;-)
    Welcome back to the land of the living Laura!
  • Glad to hear you are feeling better Laura.

    been snowing here today, very cold.

    x-training and some light weights this afternoon at the gym for me.
    Jane - I don't know how you cope with the cold/ice/snow for your running.

    Windy here today, but probably about 8 degrees.
  • Its pretty wet and windy here too (South Wales). Anybody going to Trailplus training weekend? Decided I seriously need the advice and signed up for the first weekend.
  • Shades cold is okay and the snow isn't lying as of yet. Icy I don't cope well with running as I am wary of falling, if its really bad I run on the dreaded treadmill if I am missing too much of my training, sometimes I can't get to the gym if the roads are bad so have to rest.

    Its not been above 2 degress here today.
    TT - No, I've heard they're good, not my cup of tea tho'.

    Jane - the only weather I will never run in is when the road surfaces are icy. Too dangerous.
    Put your thermal vest on!!
  • 8 degrees Shades, almost tropical then. It's absolutely freezin up here, not just thermal vest conditions.. thermal drawers aswell :o).
  • Laura

    what is Xmas for, if not to feel er , a little full and hic!

    where in Swales again are you?
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Laura - glad you're recovering at last. I hate works parties, but luckily ours was fairly civilised and there are only 8 of us, so it is not too stressful.

    Debbs - thanks for the thought.

    It is cold here, but I don't tend to notice if I go out for a run in the early morning because I'm usually half asleep anyway. I do notice when I go back out later to go to work! No snow for us yet Jane, but I'm sure it isn't far away!
  • Laura - I very rarely drink and as a result it goes straight to my head when I do and I suffer for a good 2 or 3 days afterwards. I know just how you feel - commiserations!

    p.s. Not done it myself for about a month or so now when I pulled what seemed like all the muscles in my lower back jumping out of my bed to run and throw up! Was laid up for days and cost me yet more money at the osteopath!
  • What's the secret of going for early morning runs? I can't eat anything for at least two hours before I run and if I go out early, I feel quite rough when I get back (lack of fuel!!). What's the best thing to do?
    Debbs - I have 500ml of water, glass of orange juice and a cup of tea. However since I've upped my mileage (have been running up to 10 miles in the morning) a couple of mornings I've woken up hungry so have either had a banana or a small pot of rice pudding (don't read this Hippo) as I felt I needed something before I went out.

    Always ravenous when I get back so big breakfast, porridge/muesli with fruit and sometimes toast too.
  • Couldn't go out without my cuppa anyway!! Will try the oj and banana and see what happens.

    Cheers Shades!
  • I eat toast and peanut butter washed down with black coffee before running, can go out after about an hour.

    Planned rest day today, and just as well as its icy out there this morning. Had thought of running a 10 mile race tomorrow, just as a training run, but as the road to the race can get bad if snowing won't do it now.

    Over the festive period there are a choice of races to do if the weather is okay. 5k or 10k on Boxing day, 5k handicap on 27th, and a 2 mile hangover race on 2nd January. May do 10k as a training run and race the 5k as I have never done a handicap race before. Entry is a £2 gift, any suggestions on what to buy.

    Off to buy the tree this afternoon, picked a good day for it.

    Have a good day everyone.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I'm off to do 3 miles in a few minutes.

    I normally eat nothing before an early morning run if it is short, or sometimes a small glass of oj. If I was doing a longer run early I would eat a banana too.

    Jane - £2 gift - chocolate or a small running related thing?
  • Gels :-)

    Of to the shops then baking then a 10 miler (I hope)
  • I can't have anything before I go out in the mornings, but I only do about 3 to 5 miles, so that might change later I guess! Mind you, I don't have time to run and eat in the mornings and I refuse to get up at half past five!!
  • Lo Chris
    i dont eat either
    for the longer ones you could try sipping luco sport from about 30 minutes onwards
  • Thanks Hippo, I might try that later.

    Can I ask you guys for some advice? I have just picked up a cold and as it's gone to my chest I haven't run for a couple of days but I wasn't sure if this was right or not, should I be trying to run anyway or wait until it eases off a bit?
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Chris - the rule seems to be - above the neck ok to run, below the neck rest until you're better.

  • A check up from the neck up :-)

    3.45 miles this afternoon and not a murmur from the dodgy calf which I am really pleased about ... now I need to keep the mileage ticking over and not get carried away !!
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