Sub 5 hours



  • 4 hours of baking put pay to the 10 miler.

    I'll have another go tomorrow.
  • Blimey Josie thats what I call cross training!!
  • What's baking?
  • i am cooking butter beans in a tomato and garlic sauce
    am vewry proud, cos soaked beans form scratch

    Tis a first
    potato salad made, wil have to do rest of buffet tomorrow

    Smokesd salmon bake ,roast duck fronts(hee hee), orange , watercress and feta salad, some sort of green salad, tomato salad, ccsour cream and cucumber thing

    poo, wrong thread!
  • Sounds good even if you are on the wrong thread! Are you cooking for an army?
  • <<drool>>
  • er no
    me , mr hipps, sis, sis's hubby, mum and dad

    i always cook too much
  • Have fun!

    Did the trip today to see all my great nephews and nieces - makes me sound ancient - before Xmas. Was really good fun rolling around on the floor building things with bricks and things.

    Now I think I may go to bed - knackered!
  • Most constructive!
    sleep well
    and train well tomorra
  • Am going to try a morning run after fuelling up with toast and peanut butter, orange juice, a banana and a bottle of lucozade sport!!!!

    Going to be a very slow 4 miler by the sound of it........
  • Debs try some porridge as an alternative ... one of those microwave jobbies are just enough for a short plod I find
  • I find that sits heavy on my stomach for hours! As its only(?) 4 miles, I'll probably be ok on a banana and oj and just take luco with me.

    Thanks for all the advice! Usually run in the evenings but I may try mornings for a while if I can drag myself out of bed. I work late 4 nights a week so it may be a bit much. Saying that though, my son has just started working for me so I may have more time and energy!

    Anyway, am going to toddle off to my pit now. If I can't get up tomorrow morning then I am a sad and sorry state!

    Goodnight all! And 'good run' to all those that are going tomorrow.
  • Night Debs
  • Hippo, have a good day with the relatives :)) and the food does sound lovely.

    Slept in and my road is very icy this morning, so am thinking of another rest day, very cold weather has a tendency to make me a bit lazier, the sun is shining so may go out this afternoon if road is clear.

    Debbs, have a good run.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - hope you get out for your run (if you want to of course!!)

    I'm off out soon for a 10 miler, then some present wrapping, then to some friends for tea.

  • Well it is confirmed - I am a sad and sorry state! I just rolled over and went back to sleep after I turned the alarm off. Such a shame too as it is a beautiful morning here - the sun is shining in a lovely blue sky! Will have to try to get out later although Sunday is the day I work all day and there are two footie matches on this afternoon. If the pub is quiet this evening (although in a way I hope its not - need the dosh!) I'll go out then.

    Jane/Debbo - hope you have a good run. Doesn't matter if the weather is cold or warm with me - I think I am a naturally lazy person!!

    See ya!
  • ahem
    i didnt get out early either

    so, will have to run after rellis have left

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I've done my 10 miles so feeling very virtuous now. My 10 mile route seems to be only 9.75 miles though, so even slower than I thought. :(( 12 minute miles exactly today.
  • Hi all

    Well what a day!!!

    All the baking yesterday was for my 'at home' today. So I had to clean the house finish off the baking and then be hostess to about 20 adults and children, oh, and I ran 10 miles in 109 mins :-)

    I'm a bit tired and have to drive 360 miles tomorrow oooppps :-)
  • Seems like I won't get out tonight either as we have yet another footie match on. I have an early beer delivery tomorrow so I am aiming to get out after that. Best laid plans of mice and men....

    Well done debbo! And JJ, you are making me feel really lazy! Well done though!
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Well done JJ. You put me to shame. All I did today was run, a bit of tidying and then go out for tea...
  • debbs
    we might liketo cultivatre yer aquaintance like

    some of us like a bevvy
    where is your hostelry
    (7.5 tready)
  • Back to the land of my fathers, mothers, aunties, uncles and grannys today so no running for me.

    Have fun running all.

    If you are on the M1 give me a wave :-)
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Hippo - 7.5 miles on the tready doesn't sound like no motivation to me! I would die of heat if I had to do that.
  • well done to all those who ran yesterday.

    enjoy your visits JJ.

    Still icy on our road, going to try to run round some playing fields today and maybe visit the gym as well to make up for missing out both Saturday and Sunday.

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - hope you manage to get a run! It must be really bad up there - it was icy on the cycle paths here at the weekend, but not enough to be slippy.
  • Wow - I'm so impressed with you guys! I'm hoping to get up to ten miles by the end of the month, but everytime I seem to get going something else goes wrong - never mind I shall do it! Very icy here this morning, so I shall try later, but it will only be a quick one as I haven't been out for four days and I've still got a cold. No gym near here though, so it's outside or nothing. Hope your runs all go well today.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I'm not running today - rest day!

    Hope you manage to get out for a quick run Chris. Take it easy if you have a cold though.
  • 10 miles yesterday (treadmill as I opened front door and saw snowy bits everywhere!)... legs feel tired today, good news is I'm on the "light" training week so only 3 sessions to do... am following the magazine Ideal World programme...
  • Hi managed to get out and run round the playing fields, according to my Garmin 12.25 miles done but slow due to the grass not being that short in places.

    Pavements outside my house finally been gritted and temp. is above 0c at last.

    Chris take it easy if you have a cold, plenty of time to get some serious training in. RL well done on the 10 miles on the tready, personally would rather run around playing fields.

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