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  • I've wimped out tonight - will try an easy run in the morning!

    I've got a pedometer, but it's not very accurate - I guess that must be my programing skills! But it would be nice to have one for off road running - are they all the same or are some better than others?
  • Chris - I have a pedometer too but I don't even bother with it. It comes up short - i.e. definite 3 mile runs come up as 2.5 etc. I thought it was me too but a friend has the same one and has the same problem with it. Janes contraption sounds good - what ever it is. Jane - what is it?

    Everyone sounds so advanced at the moment. I am aiming to get to 6 miles by the end of the month although Xmas is a really difficult time of the year for me. Add to that the fact that the footie season is in full swing and you can see my problem. I am on my feet all day though so I at least do get a lot of exercise!!!! And I run up and down the bloody stairs at least 15/20 times a day!! I didn't get out this morning as my beer delivery turned up at 5.30 (much earlier than usual) and then I had to wait around for the lady to empty the fruit machines. Usually they come at the same time - but not today!

    Hippo - the pub is in Stratford in East London so if any of you are in this area let me know and come and look me up sometime.

    I am definitely going out tomorrow afternoon. I have a rostered three hours off so I have no excuses! Will report back!
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Debbs - it must be hard work - especially at this time of year - everyone else is winding down - by going to the pub!!

    I did 3 miles this morning in the frost - a bit slippy but ok. My 'fast' mile was a 10.5 minute mile!
  • Interesting area Debs :-)

    I lived in Leyton for a while. I now live in leafy SW London.

    Dedication in deed getting out at this time of the morning :-)

    I have a very full day today but hope to slot a 6 miler in some time in the afternoon. It is Jumpet Jnr's 4th birthday tomorrow and the hoards are decending :-)
  • but Josie
    you are oopNorth now arent you
  • debbs, I have a Garmin Forerunner 201, its looks like a very large watch which you wear on your wrist, it also has attachments for cycling as well. It measures through the GPS system, its about 95% accurate most of the time, in dense woods or where you can't see the sky the signal becomes weak and assumes you have run in a straight line once the sky is seen clearly again. You can download your runs onto the computer, it gives mile (or what you program it to) splits automatically, has a virtual training partner, you can program interval sessions into it, so if you want to do 200meters then 1 or 2 mins rest for 10 times it beeps and tells you to speed up or slow down depending on the part of session. I love it, best bit of equipment I have bought.

    A bit warmer here this morning but its still dark so planning either a gym session or/and a short run this morning.
  • Jane - that sounds like a really good bit of kit, especially if you can program your interval training into it as well.

    I managed to get out and did a very slow 2 miles, but I think that was just about enough I shall take it easy for another day or two before I get back in my stride.

    Hope all goes well with your runs today. Debs, you must find it really ahrd to do anything this time of year, you must be so busy, so it's really impressive!
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    JJ - I find it much easier to get up and go out before I wake up! Once I've been to work and got back in to a warm house and I know how cold it is outside it is much harder to get out again. I also feel safer on the cycle path early in the morning - no foul teens or dodgy geezers hanging around!!
  • Hi managed the gym this morning and a 5 miler this evening, snow and ice nearly gone, raining now.

    debbo no teens or geezers hanging around tonight for me, too cold for them I think.
  • I got out today and did a 3-miler. Took about 30 mins and it was freezing! I soon warmed up though.

    Jane - that sounds like a really good piece of equipment. I think I may have to treat myself to one as it could be quite useful for me. I do most of my running alone. Gonna look into it right after I finish this!

    I think I am lucky living where I do as we don't seem to suffer too much from frost and any snow we get clears up quite quickly.

    On Thursday morning, I have a couple of hours to spare so I may go down to our local track and do a bit of speed work. Then my next run with be on Sunday afternoon (to run off the massive dinner I plan to eat on Saturday!) when I get some time off so hopefully I will do 4 miles. Looks like I will fall a bit short of the 6 miles I wanted to do by the end of the month but I should manage 5. Then its all systems go as I have a half on 27th Feb.

    See you all!

  • Found a Garmin! Have ordered it! Hopefully it will save some time measuring routes and looking through the A-Z beforehand!
  • debbs, with any luck it might arrive before Christmas, it also has a navigation function which I haven't used yet but maybe useful.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Debbs - where did you find the garmin - I'm thinking of getting myself one too (christmas and early birthday present)
  • Debbo - found it on

    I searched on jeeves and came up with a few sites. The prices ranged from 152.99 on one site. I think this was 119.99 plus a tenner postage.

    The delivery should be between 2 and 10 days but I don't hold out much hope for it being here before Xmas!! Would be nice for Sunday though if it was.

    If anyone tells me I could have got it cheaper than this I will go mad!!!!!!
  • I have just realised that almost everyone has pictures loaded against their name. Going to find one I can upload!
  • Well, I am obviously having a bit of a thick moment! I have a picture that I can use but can't work out how to get it on. I clicked on the upload button and get to where I can load it and it just tells me to click on the browse button etc etc. I'd do it if I could find the browse button! Going to give up today and try again tomorrow!

    Night all!
  • it wont load till RW have apporved it
  • Debbs, make sure you have the correct pixel size and everything, I was lucky in that my photo was sent to me by Debbo's Bryan the Snail, and was the correct size just to download.

    Managed another steady 5 miler this morning from our new house to check out the neighbourhood and look for good running routes, not use to running in traffic and town. With any luck may be able to move in around May 2005.

    Wanted to pop into Tesco on the way home and went round the carpark twice and gave up and came home, eek its Christmas.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - you'll probably be moved before us! We STILL haven't sold our flat, but it's off the market for christmas now anyway, so at least I don't have to tidy the house and stay in every sunday.

  • Still can't do it! Will have to get my son to have a look for me. Blast! He always reckons I'm useless - this just gives him another chance to gloat!!

    Jane - my sister had a similar experience last week in a multi-storey car park!

    Have any of you had emails yet re the next Loch Ness Marathon? I got one yesterday and hopefully will do it next year. Thought I'd get London out of the way first though!

    Well, I am off to the track (or gym if its raining) in the morning. Then my mum is coming to lunch at the pub and in the afternoon I am off to the hospice that I'm raising money for, to take in loadsadosh for them. Will just have time for a quick cuppa before I start on the bar at 6. Can't wait for Xmas day now - just to be able to put my feet up without feeling guilty!
  • Hi, sunny but windy here today. Did a short 3 miler this morning.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Nice and mild down here in the West Country.

    Back training today, have been ill for a few days. Fit and well ready for the Xmas hols.
  • sorry to hear you have been ill Shades.
  • Hi all

    Hope you are back to full fitnes soon Shades

    Debbs, drop me an email, I'll email you back then you can mail me your picture and I will resize it for you and send it back to you for up loading.

    Well no running for me this week but as I managed 20 miles last week I'm not too worried. I have been so spectacularly busy I have hardly sat down!!!

    Jumpet Jnrs birthday went really well and he loved the fact Santa came :-)

    I am shattered and my knee is twinging so I'm counting this week as rest and healing :-)
  • JJ - have emailed you - thanks for the offer!

    Shades - hope you are ok for Xmas!

    Jane - do you go running every day? It seems as though you do. Where do you get the energy?

    Well, it looks as though this is the last time I will get a chance to go online until after Xmas. Here's hoping that you all have a lovely time! Think of me working!!

  • Debbs, I go running nearly everyday and if I am feeling tired I take a rest day. Nearly all of my runs are done at a comfortable pace so don't need too much energy. Hope you get time to put your feet up over the Xmas period.

  • xxxxxxxxxxx
    Im still plodding
    busy and strssed now
    Have a good one you all lovley peeps
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Happy christmas to you too hippo, and everyone else too!

    I am sad and cross because I lost my purse last night - it fell out of my bag when I was getting into the car and by the time I realised and drove back it was gone. :((((

    It was a beautiful purse.

    I am going to run 10 miles today though, so I'll feel better.
  • One can get really attached to purses
    had mine 20 years
  • Happy Christmas to everyone.

    debbo bad luck about the purse, with any luck someone may have handed it in. Hubby once lost his wallet, cancelled all his cards and then got a call to say someone had handed it in with all its money and cards, so there are loads of honest folks about.

    Planning to do 10 miles myself today as the weather forecast doesn't look good for running tomorrow and Boxing Day, but high chance of a White Christmas. Once I have run, I think a few drinks to bring in Christmas day is the plan.

    Hippo, are you working over Christmas? I have worked a few myself in the long distance past when I had no other responsibilities and more or less had a lovely time as well.

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