Sub 5 hours



  • Jane - is that you doing faster BT runs already? I'm impressed. I'm still on the slow plod trying to keep my HR down!
  • Have a good time in Amsterdam, no whaccy baccy Jane, won't help the running.
  • I dunno Shade, a well placed space cake and you could take off like a rocket. Mind you, knowing my luck i'd run off the wrong way or something.

    My other half was laughing at what the drug tests for runners must be like in Amsterdam.
  • Don't think we're ever likely to be drug tested!
  • debbo my BT training range is between 115 and 125, I usually do under 120 most of my runs but I thought once a week I would do about 15 mins at the higher end. My problems re-HR is getting it higher not keeping it down!!

    I will be careful and not eat any cakes of any kind in Amsterdam.
  • hi never done a marathon bofre.i put 5 hrs on my predicted time on my flm entry form but i think i'll b sumwhere tween 4hrs30mins and 5hrs
  • Hi guys and gals room for a small one??

    in a similar boat I think applied for a ballot position and (hopefully) at the end of injury time.

    EP do you mind if I email you for that 4.45 plan?

    My cunning plan at the moment is to build up a base in the next 2 months or so similar to Janes description on first page as I hope this will help with a non occurence of injury??

  • You have mail :-)
  • Cheers luvvie!
  • shades
    thigh niggle present since Winsdor half, i ran cardiff mara and Kenilwrth half on it
    2 enforced rest days this week due to work

    I woonder if i can run 18 miles without stopping in Dun=blin
  • hm
    15 miles to 18 miles is a big jump
  • humph
    Like ive got any of that spare!
  • Course you can Hippo. 3 miles is nothing to an ultra runner.
  • She already knows I'm such a dreadful nag.
  • no comment Shades

    Lomg story Pix re FFFFFFF

    (and chianti)
  • benz wont get it till she gets home
  • Hi folks!
    In theory I should be able to get near 5 hours, so if I hang around with you lot some extra speed might rub off on me.
    FLM times:
    2001 5:30 ish
    2003 5:26:36
    2004 5:24:57
    At present rate of improvement I'll hit sub 5 when I'm 71 so need to do something about it!
  • First 2 miles post injury today

    fingers crossed xx
  • My times 2002 - 5.15, 2003 - 5.25,
    2004 - 4.59.
    I reckon preparation was probably best in 2003. Not really worked it out.
  • this is fab
    a whole thread of peeop who run close to my speed
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