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  • EP - been looking at the shedule you emailed (thankyou) .... what is the best way to judge pace when it says 6x400 @10.25 ... its either that or I convert it to percentage for HRM ??

    Hi Hipps xx
  • There is an old disused track near me that is grassed over, I will prob use that as I kknow the perimeter of now field will be about right!!
    Spose should be easier to work out once I have done a few ..
  • dont forget people
    the long endurance runs are the most important
  • Will be one hell of a celebration if I do .... !!
  • Im having a celebration anyway
  • Now why doesnt that surprise me !!! do you think we ought to start a gin stockpile now??
  • I think this would be advisable

    i shall be staying over on sunday night he he
  • Book a double and a single room then - we can use the single as a minibar!!

    I shall be on the train wether I plod or support ?
  • pity imelda

    back on sunday night then?
  • Hi folks, back from a very cold and damp Amsterdam Half Marathon. First ever race abroad. Anyway I am getting slightly faster as the halfs pile up but not yet back to pre-injury pace. Managed 2.28 which is 5 mins faster than previous half.

    Definetly up for celebrating for just finishing the marathon but the bubbly is one me if I break the 5 hour mark.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Well done Jane! I'm sure you'll break the 5 soon!! I'll help you with the bubbly if I'm there!
  • Jane thats ace

    get the champers in

    im gona do it
  • Well done Jane - what was the race like? I assume it was flat???? How was the atmosphere etc?
  • MM it was a flat course with one or two or three small rises as you went on bridges over canals. It was a good atmosphere with thousands of runners, there were at least 3 bands playing on route so crowds massed there and there was alot of encouraging shouts if I spoke dutch I would tell you want they said. There were 4 water and energy drinks stops. At the end the marshalls stood around the track and really supported you in the final run around the Olympic stadium, I like running into stadiums. Everyone was friendly and helpful but didn't think much of the toilet provision. It was a cold and damp day and I wish I had taken warmer leggings and running top. Overall Amsterdam is a nice city but a bit touristy.
    Well done Jane, that's a big chunk off your PB and will motivate you towards that sub 5 next year.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I have motivation for a sub 5 too.

    Mr Nessie says if I break 5 hours in London or Lochaber, we will go to IOM.

  • actaully, i might not do it at FLM
    you see, ill want to stop at mile 18 to socialise
  • Not too tired this morning so it was a very slow 2 miler with a beginner and then 2 sub 11 min miles which felt okay and not too tiring.
    Nessie - you just HAVE to do it then. I will do anything within my capabilities to help you, so if you need anything just ask.
  • Right, this is it!!!

    I'd like to join the gang :-)

    Firstly, thank you Shades for the direction to the Macmillan site. Based on my present times his calculator says I can go sub 5 so who am I to argue :-) I'm going have some fun developing my own training schedule :-)

    Jane, you have a very low training HR what's your max?

    I am on week 2 of the novice schedule from Heart rate training for complete idiots by John L Parker I previously completed his 4 wk 'from scratch' schedule as I am coming back from a summer of total indolence.
    My plan is to follow the schedule to week 9 (ie before race prep ) which takes me nearly to Christmas. After Christmas I will probably taylor my own schedule from various sources and just slowly ramp up the long runs.
    My 'easy runs' of 70% WHR are at around the 12 min mile pace at the minute but are improving all the time.
    I haven't done a marathon yet, I was going to do London this year but managed to contract labyrinthitis 8 weeks before and had to pull out. If I don't get in I'm going to an alternative european marathon.

    Hiya Pixel and Benz :-)
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Nessie - that's a great motivator to get your training in for a sub 5! Maybe I'll ask Bryan the Snail if I can go to the IOM if you do sub 5 too. He might fall for that.

    Is mile 18 at FLM a big forum social stop then? I think if I stop I wouldn't start again, so will just have to wave or have a walk break.

    Josie Jump - I've just seen you on the Lochaber thread! I'm sure lots of us will be doing that and/or London.
  • Hi Josie Jump, my max HR is about 155-160 so it is fairly low. I find it a struggle to keep the HR above 150 without tiring too much so I think this is my LT level. As I am base training the formula is LT minus 30 for most of my runs. So I run at around 120 with a leeway of 5 beats either way (I do live in a hilly area) it works for me and I can run along time at this HR. I read the Parker book and he talks alot of sense.
  • My max used to be 200 but I just can't manage to push it up past 187 recently. I was training at 70% WHR based on the old max but was finding it hard work. I have now dropped it down 8 beats to 147 bpm, I've got slower but am finding it easier to get the miles in.
    The Parker schedule seemed to fit what I am, an out of condition runner rather than a complete beginner.
  • Call me JJ :-) it's shorter :-)
  • JJ
    didnt you carry over your London place?
  • Didn't have a place Benz, just a reasonable golden bond.
    I'm getting a bit fed up with having to raise large amounts of money just to run in my closest marathon so if I don't get in I'm not bothering with golden bond.
  • fair play JJ

    i bet lochaber will be fab

    so ive entered it as well
    hey, why not
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