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  • Hello all..just back from Amsterdam too. Was aiming for 2.25, and got 2.23.33, but was shattered at the end!

    Nice thing is now, if i put that time into a race time predictor thingy...for the first time its predicts a marathon at sub 5: 4.59.32.

    Mind you, was so exhausted at the end of the half i cant comprehend running another 13 miles on top of it for a full marathon distance..even though i've done it before!
  • There's a lot of time between now and London Tinks and a hell of a lot of miles :-) Just think, lots of people don't even start training til December!!!!

  • Very true JJ, and as i've done it once i know i can do it again, but its funny how your mind prepares for the distance you are running and that only... every time i've done a half i've felt just unable to put one foot in front of the other at speed when i've finished!
  • When I did my marathon training last year I found my self thinking 'oh it's an 8 miler today, goody a short one' Mad :-)
  • Hi Tinks well done on your PB. how are the legs today? As JJ says you have a good few months to get the training in and increase your endurance.

    I had an easy session at the gym this morning and will be running with a few others this evening.
  • Hi Guys. Just thought I'd log in - I did a nice comfortable 8 mile run on Sunday. It felt good. Last night I did spinfit - excellent for the agression I had built up during the day (work is very stressful at the moment) as I pretended that with each downstroke I was sticking stiletos into my boss's groin! Tonight is running club - I actually hope we are doing a hill training session - I really enjoy those.

    Jane I still haven't entered Dundee yet - I do still hope to do it. How about you?
  • MM, I have entered and got my number so I will be there.
    Hope your work becomes less stressful soon.
  • I have filled out the form - I just need to remember to bring my chequebook!
  • Thanks Jane. Legs are ok, though a good day on my feet sighseeing around Amsterdam has helped to make me pretty darn tired from the weekend! Enjoyed the race (apart from the, running into the stadium with the Gladiator theme blaring was cool.

    I have a crazy few weeks coming up including 10 days in the US working, so running will be a bit patchy, so now using the enforced 'rest' time for a bit of a diet to shift a few pounds. Then back to it.. next half in my sights in Feb i'll go for 2.20 there. :)
    Well done Tinks, you must be pleased with that time.

    debbo - oh yes, do come to the IOM.
  • Thanks Shades.

    I'm still slow, but its nice to be able to see improvement over the last few races i have done. I must be doing something, however small, right!
  • Tinks
    you run about my speed by the sounds of it
    My pb is 2.23 for a half as well
  • Hippo...i love your posts as yes, they souind just like me. I'm not as much of a gin lover as you though :)
  • probably why you arent my size then Tinks;)
    Hippo - Is gin fattening? You must try that Cork Gin this weekend, I tried to buy a bottle for you at Cork airport in July but they made me put it back (not eligible for duty free shopping).
  • lol hippo, trust me, i have quite a set of curves on me! Have put on a stone since about April, so need to remove it pronto.

    So will cut down the carbs dramatically (sorry anti Atkins peeps, but its the only thing that works for me..) do light running, then start slowly added them back in and cranking up the distances for the next 1/2..!
  • whaddya mean no duty free?

    shades, i think it must be fattening
    Im actually eating LESS than a year ago
  • It can't be the gin - it is made from really healthy berries and stuff. And everyone knows that slimline tinic and a slice of lime cancels out any calories it might have....???
    Couldn't buy it from the duty free shop because I was flying to the UK. I should have bought it before I got to the airport.
  • aha
    will remember that
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Shades - IOM sounds good - I would love to stay for the week, but might not have the time for that! I'll look at my holiday diary when I hear when the dates are. It would fit into my 'a marathon every 2 months before I try one every month plan'.
  • Well done to anyone who went out running in the pouring rain tonight, it was fair chucking it down, plus side no-one else was out there and downside was very, very wet when we finished our somewhat shorter run tonight of only 5k. Still better than nowt.

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    It was hardly raining at all in Edinburgh Jane!! I did an hour and came back just about dry.
  • debbo you are welcome to some of the rain we have got :)))
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    No thanks :)
  • The rain was so heavy. My running shoes are soaked through. Some mammoth puddles to run through too. I really enjoyed my run last night and really pushed it too.
  • Morning all.

    Wet down here in Bristol, too. Well, it was when I was out on my run. It has, of course, stopped now. My usual sense of timing there..
  • Woohooo!
    My uploaded picture worked!
  • Perfect running weather here in SW London, cool and overcast :-)
    5M done at 70% WHR ave 11 min mile pace and there were hills!!!
    Mr John L Parker I kneel and kiss your feet :-)
  • Josie, where are you based?
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