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  • still very wet here. did a 7 mile run off road so was fairly slow but enjoyed it. thats another pair of shoes needing to be dried out.

    JJ pleased to hear the training is going well.
  • Tinks

    I'm in Raynes Park or West Wimbledon as the post office calls it :-)
  • Well I've done nowt so far this week as my cold rumbles on. Feeling sneezy today, and I hope to get out for a 3 mile plod to test the waters tomorrow.
  • Ahh, I'm not too far from you..I'm right in the centre of Wandsworth.
  • fraggle, hope your cold is gone soon.

    Just over 4 miles this morning, alot warmer and dry today.

    Been looking over marathon schedules and its very annoying there are virtually none for sub 5 hour marathoners who are NOT beginners.
  • I did a short (3mile) run last night but did it at a very quick pace. I'm really enjoying my running at the moment. A combination of orthotics and loosing 19.5lbs so far is really helping my running - Think I'll do 6 miles steady tonight.
  • I'm starting to feel very lethargic..not a single run since the 1/2 in Amsterdam on Sun! Wont have a chance really till saturday, but i guess 5 days off isnt going to hurt.

    Trying to train at this time of year is hellish for me, i work in film and all the screenings for BAFTA/Oscar consideration start, so its a movie a night (or even 2 movies, like tonight!)till Xmas. Grrr.
  • I run during the day time Tinks so if you find your self at a loose end drop me a line .

    I'm having a rest day today, scheduled and enforced as my little darlings are off school with 'I can't be bothered, it's the end of term and they're shattered'itis.

    Off to Cornwall on saturday so Hills, hills, hills for me :-)
  • Would love to Josie, sadly i'm stuck in an office all day...grrrr.
  • Hi You all sounds so experienced ive taken the running challenge up in the the last 3 months woke up 1 gloomy morning thinking i will be 40 in 2005 why not be fit and forty and run the marathon so hopefully will be there to
  • JJ - where abouts in Cornwall are you going (and for how long?)
    I'm goign down on tuesday, to the north coast
    Jane M - Write your own training programme, at least it will be tailor made.

    I always write my own as I know my limitions time wise etc, have still not managed to get my winter plan on paper, it's those 100mpw that's scaring me!
  • Shades, I was thinking of writing my own but thought I would look at a few schedules to see what they offer and get ideas. I want to get the right balance of miles per week, some rest days and some structure to my training weeks. I feel as if I am not really planning anything yet, just getting over a marathon and a half marathon and really feeling ready now to get a bit more purpose to my training.

    Good luck with the 100mpw, I hope to get to 50 mile weeks by end of January. Will probably stick to 35-40 mile weeks in December. If I do a few marathons next year I will need to get use to long runs closer together. I am just rabbitting on but I will work out a program for the next few weeks anyway.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - sounds good - I am also aiming to do 35-40 mpw and then up it in january some time (when I am finished my very slow bt months and on to a few slightly quicker runs!). You're right though - all the schedules are either for beginners who they assume are slow, or experienced runners who are somehow all meant to be fast!
  • 1965 Vintage year!!!
    When's yours JaneE2? mine's September.

    I'm off on Saturday for a week. We'll be in Polzeath, as usual. I'm a bit gutted that St Agnes run is on the 31st. I'll be home by then :-(
  • I'm following a schedule to get my basic fitness and speed up then I'll pretty well invent my own schedule.
  • 1965 is indeed vintage
  • Feb 13th nearly made the valentine baby but not quite seems fit and forty sounds good to quite a few
  • What a fantastic year 1965 was.

  • Maybe I'll organise a Forum Forties Frolic next year :-)
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I remember 1965 well. I was 6!
  • 1967 wasnt bad either :-))

    Still on the injury bench with a couple of non too successful 2 milers under my belt ... referral to Docs on 11 Nov so hopefully it will be a very slow but sure climb to the marathon??
    Jane I am the same difficult to find a sub5 plan for a slow pepe .. or do they class 5 hours as a beginner???
  • Maybe we should challenge the bods at RW to do something useful with our subs and come up with one :-)

    Shall I type some rude words to get their notice ?
  • There seem to be (as this thread shows) a lot of people at a similar standard who want to aim for sub5 - very few of us I would say are beginners ... there is a gap in the market !!
  • 1967 was indeed a very good year Imelda!
  • Any excuse for a party Fraggle!!
  • You are all babies compared to ancient old me.

    I won't tell you how old I was in 1967.

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - maybe we should ask for age-adjusted times!
  • Good idea debbo.
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