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  • I was just about to agree with Debbo's comment about being 6 in '65 then realised that old age has b*******d up my maths. OMG - I was dancing the night away at the disco. :-(
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    K2 - they do have discos for very young folk though!
  • Hi there folks, I am doing an all day training course on endurance running on Sunday. There will be practical sessions and talks on different aspects of running. I have to do some homework for it and have to fill out a typical weeks worth of training. Not sure if I have a typical week but wonder if I should put down a weeks training before a marathon or just do this weeks log.

    Today I did an easy cross-training session at the gym and tried to really work my hamstring which I am glad to feel is getting alot stronger as the weeks go by.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - that sounds good - who is organising that?
  • Jane - sounds intersting ... make sure you remember all the good bits to let us know!!

    Can you not do both weeks ??
  • Its organised through the SAL, held in Aberdeen so easy for me to attend. I also had to do some homework on interval sessions and how to fast and slow runners would get equal benefit out of certain sessions. I will spend a couple of hours on it tomorrow. If I learn anything I will certainly pass it on.

    I think I will make up an average week of training and combine both weeks.
  • Lovely day today, cool and sunny. Out for a 10 miler off-road which took me over 2 hours.

    I used a very scientific method of choosing a typical training week, I randomly picked a page from my training log.
  • 6 miles today, with 3 miles at intended MP.

    Yesterday did one very short interval session (first one for ages)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    No r*nning for me at the weekend, as I felt I had a cold coming on. Coddled myself, got loads of rest and sleep, and I'm feeling much better today. May try a couple of miles after badminton tonight.
  • Oh dear .Havn't done any training since the Cabbage Patch 8 days ago. Does digging the dahlias up count as cross training? (It was raining)
  • waffle was it raining when you were digging up the dahlias? I don't mind running in the rain in fact it can be very refreshing and no-one else daft enough to be out.
  • Out tonight and managed 5.5 miles and felt good. Getting very cold outside, only 2 degrees this morning.

  • wel, after dublin, i am respecting sub 5 a lot more
    managed 16 miles non stop
    then fell apart

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Hippo - What happened at Dublin? Did you really fall apart, or did you have to walk after 16 miles sometimes? I'm sure by FLM and Lochaber you'll be on sub-5 form - I think you need some of those really long base pace runs (that aren't marathons!) in training.
  • EP I am planning to do most of my long runs at 12.30 pace but I will be confident about doing sub 5 hours as long as I get the correct training done.

    PH well done at Dublin, didn't you get your second fastest time for a marathon there. I think BT is definetly paying off for you by increasing your endurance.
  • debbo
    yes i really did fall apart big time
    i squeezed the toothpaste tube too hard and i thought i was going to have to walk the last 10 miles

    might be that id done a mara 3 weeks before?

    Ill let you know after stevenage
  • debbo, you are 100% right
    i always skimp on the long runs
    My target this week is to do sub 5 at Snowdonia. My previous best on this course is 5.20ish and I ran easy as I had another race the following day. But the weather is a big factor on this course, we shall see.

    Jane - I've started preparing my training programme, scribbled it on the plane home from Dublin, my first 100mpw is between Xmas & New Year as I figure I can sleep in between runs as I'm on holiday!
  • Shades are you planning to go out twice a day, and do two long runs back to back?

    I did 6 slow off-road miles this morning. Felt hard, must have been the faster mile I did last night as the end of my run.
    For the 100mpw, I think I've put an 18 miler, then a 10 miler, then a 20 miler on consecutive days, but I'm only able to do that because I'm not working that week.
    Other weeks building up to that mileage I've got 2 doubles every week(which I do already) peaking at 3 doubles just to get the extra miles in.

    I'm not actually planning to do 2 long runs back to back, as Saturday I have chosen as a rest day, this is the most difficult day for me to find time to run, but if I need to play catch-up I could probably get out to do 5 or 6 miles. Despite the BT I think on this sort of mileage I will need a rest day.

    this week is going to be about 70ish miles, just because I have 2 marathons in 7 days.
  • looks like you will do about half of your 100 miles in those three days. Will you be carbo loading as you would for a marathon? It usually takes me about a week to fully recover from a 18/20 miler although I do some running the pace isn't there.

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Shades - I suppose I should be aiming for lots of miles between christmas and new year too because I won't be working either! I am hoping to be up to 50 miles by then, but I can't really think beyond that!

    Hippo - after Stevenage when's your next marathon? Have you got time for some longer runs at base pace - without the adrenalin of a race that will put your HR up anyway?
    I wouldn't call it carbo loading, but I expect on that sort of mileage I'll just be eating everything not bolted down!

    It doesn't matter about the pace for a recovery run Jane, just run within comfort level.

    debbo - 50mpw is quite an increase for you so that'll be fine. Remember I'm going to do this training for my first 24 hour race next year, I've also got an ultra in Jan,Feb & March.
  • Took a bit of effort to get out the door this morning as it was lashing with rain and a bit windy. Anyway managed a 4 mile run and it wasn't so bad once I got going.

    Shades I think marathons are hard enough at the moment, when is your 24 hour race?
  • hi
    debbo, my last marathon of the year is luton, in December

    and i appear to have ultras in Jan and feb too
    Funny how these races just 'appear'!!

    Jane -24 hr race not until July.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Hippo - when will you get your long run base pace training in then??

    Shades - yes, 50 miles for me is loads. The most I've ever done in a week is somewhere between 30 and 35. I don't know if I'll manage to do it, but I'll try.

    Jane - you seem to be clocking up the miles??
  • god knows Debbo
    i guess my races will have to be it
  • debbo one of my reasons for starting this thread was as a reminder that the only way to get that sub 5 hour marathon time was through consistant training, so I am trying to be consistant and get out running as per my schedule as written in advance, so I hope I am not boring folks by posting my training mileage here.

    Hippo if you enjoy doing ultras then why not?
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