Sub 5 hours



  • Jane the mileage you are doing now, is this part of a long training plan or base miles for a future plan??

  • Imelda I am building up the base mileage and then hopefully will start some more worklike sessions with faster and slower bits. I will of course continue to do races so will need to taper sometimes for those. I am not good at planning too far in advance, next target race is a 10 miler in December which is my 10 mile PB course.
  • I have the Grim8 in December and then Reading next year - I darent plan any more as I think even December will be doubtful unless I get the leg working again .... and I really want to have a good slow build up to london or A N Other next year rather than a 10 week plan ..
  • Imelda, good luck with the Grim8, not a race I would consider as I believe it involves crawling in mud and water.
  • So I realise - I am doing it for 'fun' ...

    and the promise of a pub afterwards!!
  • We have a similar type race near where I live which involves crossing rivers, climbing over hay, and pulling yourself up a very very steep hill by a rope amongst other things. May do it one year but I would need to work on the arm exercises first.
  • Sounds like fun !!

    Off to bed - up at 5 for w*rk :-(

  • good night.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Jane - I certainly didn't mean to imply that hearing about your mileage was boring - it's good to hear that you are doing all those base miles. I'm doing bt too, but tend to do the same distance every day so don't bother posting it! Once I start varying my schedule I will probably post my miles too! What is your weekly mileage at the moment roughly?
  • debbo I know you didn't imply anything just feeling a bit bored myself last night. This week is a higher mileage week than normal of 35+ for this stage of training as I am doing a fairly long run on Saturday to prepare for some up coming races and because these longer runs won't be happening because of those races.
  • Jane, i find your postings quite motivational especially the cr4p weather ones, so keep them coming. Debbo it doesn't matter that you are doing the same distance everyday I like to read that folk are getting out there quite often puts me to shame!
    At the moment I am planning a 10mile race in december, depending on how the next 8 wks go will determine whether or not i enter the lochaber marathon. As this would be my first marathon the goal is to finish in one piece. My current mileage so far this week (just started back again this week) is 4 miles.. good ay :-). Hopefully by the end of this week i will have at least doubled that distance.
  • pobel
    my mileage this week so far is zero
  • so far this week
    b££er all!
  • Pix
    the struggle i had in dublin and cardiff just makes me realise how hard sub 5 is
  • pixie
    its BLOODY hard

    it means 11 min miling with no walk breaks
  • i have now managed 16 miles at that pace

    getting there slowly
  • Just dont underestimate it pix
    its not like we are beginners
  • well, i suppose i have been training consistently
    but still
  • I think what i mean is that before i started runing i had this idea that Id just trot out 10 min miles and improve dramatically like lots of people on here

    now i know better
    i know my body better
  • It is that easy for some people

    but to you and me 10 min miles is virtualy sprinting
  • but pixie

    thats just it

    stop daydreaming about weight loss and longer legs

    be realistic
    thats what ive decided to do, and it is slowly working
    yes you will be faster if you lose weight, but see that as a bonus

    you need to trian with the body you have for now
    Understand the limitations and work with them
    bugger how everyone else is doing--measure your own improvements againnst yourself
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