How long progression?

I've been running 5 months now and am making progress at around the same rate as a few months ago. How long can I expect this to continue?

Everyone has their limit but how is this determined? Is it genetic and can it be predicted?


  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    Hi Jenny, I don't think it can be predicted as to what you can or can not do. It all depends on the individual, how much they want to improve and how much they are prepared to put in to achieve that. Depends on what you mean by improvement / progress anyway.If you able to do what you are doing today in three years time is that remaining stationary or is that improvement?

  • When I started to run 23 years ago at the age of 28 I continued to improve my times for about 10 years.
    Maybe if I'd worked harder I would not have taken so long to improve?
    I'm getting slower now due to getting older but still do pretty well in the over 50 age group!
  • Hi again Stylish

    I read somewhere that we all have predetermined limits, that once we get to a certain level, it would be very difficult to improve despite our best efforts. We all have different levels and I know no matter what, I'll never run like Paula Radcliffe for instance. Question is, at this moment, is there any way I can predict what my capabilities are?

    If in 3 years' time I can only do what I do now, I won't see that as progress - to me that would be remaining stationary. I suppose that also depends on your age.
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