"Deo" wipes

Seeing as the nearby showers have just been closed off here at work for the next few months, I'm looking for alternatives to be able to get mid-day runs in during the week.

So far it's a case of either having to negotiate 2 hour lunch break and use the showers in another office about 15 mins up the road (albeit with no lockers), join a local gym to use theirs or... towel off the sweat in the gents and use these deo-wipe things.

Wotcha reckon and what do y'all do in these circumstances? I don't really want to join a small poxy gym just for their showers.


  • If I cycle to work (slightly less sweat, I know), I shower at home and then use baby wipes to, ahem, 'tidy up' when I get to work.

    I tried deo wipes - but I find them a bit too perfumed and a bit small (and pricey).

    unfragranced baby wipes and a tin of ordinary deodorant, it's the way forward.
  • Just go for a standard strip wash
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Take a large facecloth or half an old handtowel in with you. You can wet it in the sink in the gents and have a "sponge bath" type of wash, then towel down and deodorise as normal.
  • Strip wash? is that what nessie is talking about?
  • baby wipes is the way to go. Best things every invented. Always have a pack in the glove box, one in the sport bag and one in the house. Add just a can of ordinary antiper. and you're ready to go.
  • Yes Chaos. I think strip wash is the way to go. Agree with Tallbird that deo wipes, etc are too small and perfumed.
  • ta all, i'll give it a shot...

    I expect doing post-run stretches outside in the winter does a good job of cooling you down enough to head back inside anyway!
  • Shot in the dark, but check the disabled toilets. If you work in a relatively new building you might find there is an additional shower in there. There is where I work. You might have to negotiate a key off someone though.
  • Or try and negotiate a reasonable price to use the local gym just for the showers.

    I'd ask the manager, and promise to hand a few flyers out around the office to advertise the gym!! If you dont ask you dont get.
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