Winter running trousers for long legs

Can anyone recommend any running tights/trousers for my other half who is 6'5 - the Ron Hills we have just ordered are too short - please help as he hasn't had to go out with me much while its cold!


  • Worth trying a company called Newline. Although I'm not tall, I've found the UK rep (Jenny, I think) very helpful if you call her and describe your size and shape. Also, the tights I have are long in the leg.

    The website is and you can find the UK details from there.

    Make sure you ask if there are any of the discounted items left over!
  • Longer socks?
  • Wobblebutt - your partner is not alone. I too am a 6 foot 5 man inside leg 36 inches and I too would like to know if anyone makes extra long (really extra long) running leggings in some sort of technical material. In fact I logged on today specifically to ask that very question. Newline is one suggestion which I will follow up (or would be interested in your experience) but perhaps there are others. Someone must!

    M&S of all people sell or sold really long jogging pants but these are heavy & cotton so not ideal for running. Ron Hill Tracksters would be perfect, bit I find all his stuff ends about 6 inches above my ankle.

    Long socks not really an ideal solution either, alas.
  • Berkeley, we tried to get on the newline website with no joy - we'll have another look now. Other half found that Ron Hills reach the ankle as long as he has builders bum! Do you know what the Reebok trousers are like?
  • I'm 6' 5" and slim (34/35" waist) with about a 36" inside leg. Have just come back from a shopping expedition this lunchtime to Runner's Need in Camden. Bough a pair of Concurve Potential Long Tights in XL and they are an absolutely perfect fir for me. Plenty long enough in the leg.

    Alternatively, go for a capri tight (3/4 length) but obviously with these your lower leg is exposed.
  • Very many thanks Harrier. I'll try out the Concurves. Capri pants are an idea but I'm afraid that they don't sound very manly. And the Ron Hills are more or less 3/4 length already.
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