Leggings vs Overtrousers

I figured the keen cyclists would be lurking over here on Tri so a quick qu for you...

Basically I've found my Ron Hill DXBs are fairly hopeless for a sustained wet ride and my old Berghaus overtrousers seem to have worn out now, so I'm looking at a replacement for both mountain biking and for the cycle into work.

What do y'all use in these conditions? Are Gore Windstopper or Roubaix good at shedding water as well?

cheers, Mark


  • it has to be lederhosen
  • Candy - you can keep your thoughts of my arse clad in leather to yourself. I don't want to know, OK!!!
  • Chaos..
    for vigorous mtb-ing ya' can't beat groundeffect leggings either the windfiol reinforced knee ones or the plain variety..

    but you get wet, but if yer still cycling you stay (well I do) warm even if wet.. I personally get way too hot in overtrousers even lightweight specific cycling ones from the likes of altura.. but for an 'easy' commute into wuk.. maybe they'd not get too sweaty and soggy...

    hope that helps a bit...
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Eurgh! RonHill DXBs - and you have to iron them as well!

    I've got some Assos Airblock bibtights (not sure what model mine are but the 851 is the current model) - windproof, showerproof, hardwearing, god they are gorgeous. Still, they should be for £130.

    I've also got some Newline waterproof thermal running tights - it's like putting on a wetsuit, but they are so waterproof and so warm, haven't tried wearing them for cycling but I guess you could with a pair of shorts underneath. They weren't cheap either - about £50.
  • Or...
    theres the endura weatherpant.. kinda like lightweight overtrousers, seem to have a good write-up on wiggle... and I think TwoDogs has a pair too...

    canvas him and see whathe thinks of 'em..?
  • Well they do need to keep me warm while I wait for the lardy boys to catch up ;-)

    I just spotted some Pearl Izumi amfib ones on Wiggle which look rather nice.
  • hum,
    thats still a toughie.. as its the wind chill factor on wet gear that causes me the most cold.. so yeah, maybe somehting with windproofness is best... Like I said the groundeffect windfoil knee and shin ones are pretty good, and not too warm whilst cycling either.. also don't go all baggy like the dbx's do when wet!
  • Cheers Mark, are they in any shops in the UK or did you get them direct from the NZ website?
  • direct from the nz... not 'cheap' but very decent kit... and ya' can 'miss' excise duty too if the customs people don't see it coming thru'.. but thats a bit hit and miss, sometimes yer pay sometimes not...
  • ta.

    LizzyB - i think performance expectations might be unrealistic if i was seen wearing Assos!
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Noooo Chaos - looking good *makes you go faster* :-) honestly, get a pair of Assos and you'll soon be speeding along at 25mph (OK, maybe not on an MTB). This principle works in reverse as well - I put on a pair of Ronhills the other day for the first time in years and instantly slowed down ...
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