The U.S. Election

I've got my absentee ballot ready. Here's how you can make your voice heard:

Operation Clark County


  • I'm going to pen my letter tonight. What a good idea.
  • woo hoo! thank you, thank you.
  • As if British elections weren't boring enough we also have the US one foisted upon us. No offence lu but why the BBC insist on replacing hours of Keeping up appearances and Only fools and horses repeats with coverage of who will be the next supreme commander in chief I have not a clue. Bush really is one the most inarticulate public figures I've ever seen. Has anyone explained just how he came to be the Republican number 1 draft choice?
  • They may be boring, Dodge, but they are important and affect all of us. Especially now.

    And as for how Bush got in there, money talks. Even if Bush can't.
  • the Republicans thort Gore was a shoe-in at the last election too. Gave Dubbyah the nod to keep George Senior quiet and hoped he'd go away once he'd lost the battle. But OH NO they had to go and mess things up and get him elected...
  • excellent idea - can't believe that moron is the most powerful man in the world.
  • He's not; we have the power to vote him out!
  • We don't have the power to vote him out, the US electorate have that and, despite my persistant requests for American citizenship, I'm not a part of the US electorate.

  • Do they replace WWF Smackdown with coverage of Tony Blair and Michael Howard?
  • wish the BBC/ITV would replace Blair/Howard with WWE Smackdown!
  • I wish Smackdown'd swap The Rock and some other 'roid pumped up, bottle blonde, nano-dick with Blair and Howard.
  • there was some wrestler (Jessie Ventura?) who became governor of Minneapolis(?) so ther eis a precedence for wrestling into politics...
  • Yep, that's him. A wrestler in Minneapolis, a body-builder in California, and a deadweight in Washington.

    But c'mon guys, try to keep it serious. If everyone sends a letter it can have a big impact.
  • Well I'm sending them J, I hardly ever use it.
  • use what?
  • I've just had a look at that link, would Americans bother reading an unsolicited email from someone in a foreign country discussing their upcoming election and why not to vote for George Dubya? I'd automatically delete it along with those emails regarding moneys to be removed from Nigeria. How do you know who'll get your email address if you did follow their link?
  • Its actually the home address they give you dodge!! Imagine getting a letter from some weirdo in kentucky saying vote for the libdems!
  • Wouldn't it be great if millions of people did this but all had the same address to send their letters to.
  • I don't think I'd want to exchange letters with someone too stupid to know not to vote for Bush and I wouldn't feel comfortable endorsing someone like Kerry either. Isn't there a Raving Lonny Party in the US*?

    *apart from the Republicans
  • Oh go on Dodge, I bet you could write a very persuasive--if colorful--letter. Did you see, they'll publish the 3 best ones in the Guardian? "DODGE" in bright neon letters, like "Elvis". I can see it now...
  • Oh..its a Guardian thing...that explains why its such a dumb idea!!
    Sorry, Lucrece, but we can't really have a big impact can we....I wouldn't listen if I got something from say Australia telling me who to vote for!
  • Well look at it this way: they're registered to vote which means that they are more likely to, especially in this election.

    They have one of two choices. They are stuck on whom to pick. They are LOOKING for reasons to ditch one. You never know. Bottom line is it certainly can't hurt and can possibly help.
  • How do you know they're looking for reasons to ditch one? Most people just vote they way they've always voted...just cos a region is marginal doesn't mean that everyone there is swapping who they vote for, it just means there's equal numbers of people who've always voted that way.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Can I lobby the NRA to shoot all Bush supporters? I'm sure it's their constitutional right.
  • You are right TD, but this election in particular is making many people vote against their party, myself included.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    There's enough spam email in the world without us adding to it. It's their election, they can decide for themselves how to vote. I don't need a Yank to tell me how to vote in our elections.

    Sorry lucrece, but this is one crap idea!
  • I do like the idea of flooding unsuspecting Americans mail boxes but by the time the letters get over there the election will be over. Writing random rubbish to random Americans has it's appeal though, far better than mob flashin..............or flash mobbing.................or whatever the **** it's called.
  • Why do you think you are better placed to judge who to vote for than Americans themselves?

    If I was American, I'd probably be offended in being lectured to about democracy by someone whose head of state is a hereditary monarch.

  • lu is an American, assuming your post was aimed at her.
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