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  • That article is in a British newspaper and is specifically aimed at non-Americans.

    It is based on the assertion that Americans only vote for Bush because they are stupid or ill-educated.

    I think that's a bit rich coming from a country with a House of Lords, a Queen, poor participation rates in local elections, low rates of participation in college education, and high secondary education failure rates.

  • They published some reaction to this campaign in the Guardian today under the headline "Dear Limey Assholes". It seems some Americans were extremely offended by the idea of us telling them how to vote and many referred to the fact that everyone in Britain has yellow teeth!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Although the one who thinks that we need to wait 18 months to get a tooth capped could do with a few slaps.

    I'd rather have yellow teeth than obesity, if we're generalising here.
  • I thought some of the replies in the Guardian were rather entertaining. Where does this yellow teeth thing come from anyhow?

    One of my claims to fame is having had a letter published in the Guardian. An anti-war, anti-Bush one at that. I have it proudly framed in my office.

    BTW - has there ever been a US election where the candidate with the most money *didn't* win?
  • For all our faults we didn't elect someone like Bush as our Premier. The man can not string together a coherent sentence together and has to be one of the worst ever public speakers in history*.

    *not that that is necessarily a great recommendation, Hitler was a fantastic, rabble-rousing orator
  • ...where'd that other "together" come from?
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    I realise I may be in a minority of one here, but I don't think that George W Bush is stoopid. He's no Einstein, granted, and I'm no admirer of him, but you don't get to be president of the US of A by being thick.

    Call it the Boris Johnson factor. He's no buffoon either - you don't get to be editor of a national mag and given the safest parliamentary seat in the country by being an idiot.

    George W has got all of you fooled.
  • I didn't say he was thick, just a carp public speaker. As the voters would judge him on his presentations you have to wonder what they were thinking of by voting for someone who comes across the way he does.
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    He's not stupid but thick for someone with that level of education. But then not everyone can use Daddy as head of the CIA to get them an Ivy League education.

    I see him as a puppet leader allowing his dad's friends & Texas business peeps unlimited influence. Rove is the real power behind the presidency. Now if Bush would have paired up with Quayle - that would have been worth seeing in action.
  • ooo more fave.
    We may have low rates of participation in college education but at least we don't let people get a degree just cos they're good at baseball or American football.
  • ...true, we let them get them because they went to certain public schools and their families are awfully awfully nice don't you know.
  • what's that on your shoulder Dodge?

  • A humerous spin. Not a reply to TD.

    Please TD, explain the difference between my post above and yours? Surely both are merely pointing out that often undeserving people benefit from "education"? Poor, working class, minority, athletically gifted Americans and priviliged, in the minority, ostensibily but not exclusively white Britains.
  • Just got back from Italy and interesting to read the action on here. I also saw the follow-up bit in the Guardian. This is going to be such a close election--I'm getting nervous!
  • How was Italy, are their papers still full of stuff about Simona Pari and Simona Torretta?
  • To be honest I was too busy re-acquainting myself with food and nudes, Florentine style.
  • there was a thread on this in one of the other forums I frquent ( its predominately U.S.

    They have point... LOL - Ill edit the naughty words for the more sensative among you.

    the thread subject was "Dear Limey A**holes"

    Last week G2 (The Guardian) launched Operation Clark County to help readers have a say in the American election by writing to undecided voters in the crucial state of Ohio. In the first three days, more than 11,000 people requested addresses. Here is some of the reaction to the project that we received from the US:

    Have you not noticed that Americans don't give two shits what Europeans think of us? Each email someone gets from some arrogant Brit telling us why to NOT vote for George Bush is going to backfire, you stupid, yellow-toothed pansies ... I don't give a rat's ass if our election is going to have an effect on your worthless little life. I really don't. If you want to have a meaningful election in your crappy little island full of shitty food and yellow teeth, then maybe you should try not to sell your sovereignty out to Brussels and Berlin, dipshit. Oh, yeah - and brush your goddamned teeth, you filthy animals.
    Wading River, NY

  • God how I tried to avoid wading in on this discussion. As an American I can honestly say that I have no desire to see Bush re-elected nor do I think that Kerry is that much better. The problem is that people end up having to vote for the lesser evil...much like the choices between Labour, The conservatives and the LibDems...when will it get bad enough for people to start voting for Charles Kennedy (oops, I think it already has in some places!).

    I do, however have a problem with people generalising all the time. Take for example the comments above about Americans being obese, stupid and having no sense of anything outside their borders. I see that as the same as saying all British people have yellow teeth. Both are incorrect and not valid comments in any discussion.

    The bottom-line is that for a long time people in Europe have been saying that America should not pry into other countries business..I think that what the Guardian is doing is a bit hypocrytical...

  • Yes, food and nudes are often my first port of call when traveling. Doesn't have to be to Florence though.
  • "..I think that what the Guardian is doing is a bit hypocrytical..."

    definately, Not to mention how arrogant it is.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I hope those responses are not from "typical" Americans. Because if they are, we should be worried.
  • Muttley,
    No, I don't particularly think they are from 'typical' Americans. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they were created by people who want to get people over here to think along those lines.

    I, however, do think that part of the problem is what Europeans define as 'typical' Americans. A lot of the time this is based on what people see on the TV or notice when they visit Orlando, if they even get that far! Obviously, this isn't a true representation of what a 'typical' American is. Unfortunately, the same applies to what the British think is a typcial of a person from France or Germany, and vice versa.

    A perfect example of the above is 'two dogs' comments on college and sports in the US. I, as many other Americans, are aware of the problems with so-called student athletes of the past, where undeserving students were given scholarships based on athletic abilities. Unfortunately, despite legislation to stop such occurances, they are probably still happening. However, that doesn't do justice to the other 98% of students in American Universities that aren't on sport scholarships or, in fact, those students at universities who actually are good at both sports and academics, who work hard to graduate.

    The Dodger...
  • I'd say that the sense of humour demonstrated in those replys is definitely British.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    There's a fuller selection of the responses here.

    Entertaining reading!
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    And having read the three letters sent by "prominent" Britons, I'm not surprised our US friends were a mited pissed off. Bleedin' cheek!
  • There are some great replies in there :

    "Real Americans aren't interested in your pansy-ass, tea-sipping opinions. If you want to save the world, begin with your own worthless corner of it.
    Texas, USA "


    Its a bit embarrassing that there are brits arrogant enough to send them the letters in the first place

  • I wonder if anybody sent a serious letter, I do hope not.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Just to lighten the tone a little.............

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