Cornish Marathon 17 Nov

Thanks to all who organised this event at Rilla Mill, and the East Cornwall Harriers. For those not in the Ker-know [cornish irony] 14 miles outbound and uphill to the Jamaica Inn and apart from a return hill, a killer downhill section for about ? 4 miles at the end

Beautiful weather, and idyllic scenery, and cornish pasty to sie for - and if you hung around you got two :-)

I do reckon that on balance it and Snowdonia are variations on the concept of hilly! Must be a disease though cos by the 10 mile mark I found I preferred running up the hills to power walking.....

Nurse, quick.....

So, said someone , see you at Leicester this week then....


  • Congrats Charles. I am in awe of anyone running that course. Being local and knowing the route, I know that just walking it would be hard.

    I have to say marshalling it was great fun and helped by the weather. I would have seen you at mile 1 and then mile 25.5, just as you reached the road on that last drop into Rilla Mill.

    I couldn't believe there was still a pasty there when I got in after 6 and a half hours!

    Great run Charles.
  • Wow - I feel like I know you!! That short 400m upslope luxury prior to the final drop into the village...

    I was happy with 4 35ish. You guys were worth your weight in gold; the Brownies were bgrill - I hope they get a badge for that, ate least we were moving, they must have been a tad chilled.
  • Yes, you'll remember me...I looked like an official lemon opal fruit :-) You weren't the gorilla, UKshorts man, tattoo man, man from Redcar, or man who threatened to eat my pasty were you?

    The Brownies and Guides, I understand, do this job annually and have got it off to a fine art. I like the idea that as its a small race a runner can have their own drinks labelled at the water stops. I had hoped to be stationed with the jaffa cakes but my reputation went before me!

    You'll have to come to Kernow to run the Camel Canter. A mere 30k and so flat you might even fly!

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