neck pain

Hi been running for about 5 months now and am up to 5miles at about 9 min.mile Have found that recently have aching shoulders and neck day afer a run which leads to headache.Any tips or ideas as to why this can be.


  • Hi - elspeth it sounds as if the running is going well, even with the aches - well done

    Are you doing stretches after your run for your arms, shoulders, kneck, and back? Also are you doing any general fitness and strength work?

    As beggining runners we all tend to concentrate on our legs but if we don't build up the rest of our bodies then the inbalance will cause injuries to follow.

    Thus spake the man with a damaged shoulder from weight training!

    If you are doing these things then I suggest a check up as it may be biomechanical.

    Good luck and keep us updated
  • Could be that you are holding your head and neck in an odd position when you run. Do you tend to store tension there? Try to consciously relax into your running, let your arms swing naturally and your shoulders drop.

    A lot of people hold their shoulders in an elevated position (not just running) which leads to trapezius fatigue and consequent shoulder and neck pain. Lots of headaches have origins from tension in the neck.
  • Can't say it's gone as far as headaches for me, but I've had the neck/shoulder thing, and I know several other runners who get it too. I make a point of regularly circling my shoulders/arms etc, which seems to help :o)
  • Have you thought if this might be a sports bra problem? I find that a bra with a racing back is great for support but gives me a pain at the base of my neck / very top of my back between my shoulder blades - especially if the shoulder straps are pulled too tight. Worth a thought?
  • Thanks guys,did as suggested and tried to loosen up when running and do some stretching after.Did a short run today with some hill reps and seems to be a bit better but will keep at it .As for the sports bra thing i was wondering about that and have 2 .one is much more of a bustenhalter than the other and seems to help! You're right Mij i wasn't thinking about upper body but concentrating on my little legs!!
  • I read somewhere that when your running and come to a flat or downhill clench & open hands wide 10+ times and this releases tension in shoulder and neck area, avoiding sore aches ect.
    Kathy K
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