Epsom Oddballs Perch 6.25



  • Thanks to all organisers and marshalls etc for great race. One moan - NOT ENOUGH MUD!!!! BTW what was the age limit in terms of how young could you be? I saw some young lads who were running, so could youngsters enter in future years? I don't have a problem with it as am sure some yongsters would enjoy it.

    Great value for money, see you next year!
  • My thanks to the Oddballs for this well-organised race.

    Although at the time...

    I was "running" along thinking 'where's the five mile marker? where's the five mile marker?!' And when I found it, it was at the foot of Mt Everest. It was only the sign saying 'lift pass required' and the fact that no-one else was walking that kept me going.

    I was probably ready to quit running forever half-way up that hill!

    In the (freezing) cold light of day though, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'll definitely be running this next year! Very pleased with my time too (50:43) considering the number of ******* hills en route!

    Thanks again.
  • Tequila

    One of the young ones was Tigers son. He is 14 and an Oddball. He had to keep with his Mum tho.

    The valentine 26.2 takes 15 yr olds.
  • Yes, thanks Josie i found him on the results! I was expecting him to come flying past me at the end, but think he stayed with his mum - what a sweetie!
  • Just like to add thanks to the Organisers and the marshalls. Well done all!

    Was a great race and registered a PB at 41.55 - although the hill at 5 miles just about broke my heart and spirit. Really struggled to the end from there.

    Was quite happy to see the sign saying highest point on course, foolishly thinking it would be downhillish from there on in. Imagine my horror at seeing the 'lowest point' sign when my legs were giving up.

    Will be back next year!
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