Sub 3:15

Hi, having just done 3:14:47 at Cardiff and feeling elated to get a female championhip place, I've now decided to take that place and do London.

So once again I'll be looking to break 3:15, so thought might as well start a sub 3:15 thread for like minded runners to share training and support.

Not about to start training just yet as obviously still in recovery mode-well sort of with a 10 mile race next weekend!

The plan is to use my fitness between now and Dec to race a few key races and hopefully pick up the odd pb, then start specific marathon training early in Jan.

Who else is aiming for this time?


  • Wellllllll, I've got to say Hi, haven't I?

    It was a bit quiet on this thread last year, so I've been bouncing between the 3:30 thread (offering encouragement) and the sub 3:00 thread (being frightened).

    Are you going to do a mini-taper for your 10 miler? You can then give it a real "what for".

  • Hi hilly/blisters. I reckon I might be in with a chance of this. Won't know whether I'm in FLM until December, but doing Rome anyway.

    A marathon prediction story from the past.
  • Hi folk,

    Reckon this might be my target for FLM too. Starting from zero fitness at the moment though, so will have to wait and see how things go. I should be in on GFA from my one previous marathon I hope. Training starts next Monday :-)
  • Does this mean that we can't post on the sub 3:30 thread.
    In any case count me in for a sub 3:15 target. Hopefully I'll have a better appreciation of the chances of sucess after next monday (dublin).
  • Count me in! I'll be bouncing between this and sub 3:30. Having achieved 3 PB's in consecutive weekends of 42:54 (10k), 1:34:58 (half marathon) and 1:10:58 (10 miles), with an increase in mileage from the 15-20 I've been doing throughout the summer, I'm feeling really confident that this is achievable.

  • Hi Hilly, I've been following your thread in the training forum avidly and was so pleased for you when you achieved your goal.
    I ran my first marathon on sunday and much to my surprise really enjoyed it, and was even more surprised to run under 3.15.
    Am forty two, so quite decrepit but because of my age i want to enjoy my running as much as i can whilst still relativly competitive.
    I think it's great that you have decided to run London and i wish you the best of luck.
  • Hi guys, not trying to steal you away from the 3:30 thread, honest!:o)

    I just fancied a sub 3:15 thread:o)

    blisters-I'm not ready to give it "what for" so will be happy just to run strong. Hope to do the "what for" for my half marathon in 4 weeks. The week after yours I believe?

    emer-didn't you move abroad last year, or am I thinking of someone else?

    Foo Bar-that was a long story! So do you plan on doing both Rome and London if you get in?

    Toucan-good luck in Dublin-is it your first?

    SusieBee-well done on your new pb's and off such low mileage-very impressed!

    sapper-thanks and well done on your own marathon performance! Which one did you do? Please don't tell me your decrepit at 42 as I've only got 2 years to hit that mark!:o)

  • Sapper. That's just not fair. It's taken me 3 years and 4 marathons to crack 3:15. It's probably taken Hilly longer.
  • 6 marathons for me to get there!
  • Hi Hilly. Interesting prediction stuff eh? Instead of just taking your best race time and performing a multiple, with the info that was presented you can do a lot of "what if" stuff, like suppose I did x miles per week or did one more long run, what difference could it make?

    If I get through the FLM ballot, I do plan on doing both Rome and London 5 weeks apart. Should make an interesting debut :) I'm awaiting delivery of "Advanced marathoning" which discusses strategies for running marathons close together. Anyway, we'll see what happens.
  • Hi everyone

    I thought I'd join this thread from its birth although no idea whether I'll get a marathon place. If not I may run Taunton which is apprx the same time as London so at least I can share your enthusiasm and training pains!

    Besides, I promised Hilly not to 'lurk' and to get involved......happy now????
  • Hilly it was Abingdon, and it was very flat!.
  • I'll stick to McMillan calculator, it's easy!:o)

    Yeh, YL is no longer a 'lurker'!:o) Now all I need to do is convince you to want that time!
  • what time did you do sapper and are you male or female? Reason I ask is if you're female then you could be on the same start as me at London!
  • Ill follow my 2 buddies on another thread.

    Brief history.

    Flm 04- 3:28 and my nose still hurts.

    But im not expecting to get in again.

  • So if you don't get in LLL are you going to do another marathon? Didn't you mention Taunton a while back?
  • Yes i did think about Taunton but after meeting up with Trin the other night she said it can get quite lonely like you said before.

    So im still searching for another one.Do you know any.
  • Sapper's female.
  • Hilly Sorry for slow reply, am trying to get a very over tired, stroppy three year old to stay in BED.
    Am female and ran 3.10.26 and have spent today shuffling around very slowly much to my childrens amusement.
  • Sapper-How many miles a week do you do and how long have you been running?

    You sound like a natural.
  • That's a great time-I'm in awe, especially considering it was your first marathon!
  • LLL-when I was looking for alternative marathons to London. The only ones I came up with was Taunton, Shakespeare, Fort William, Rotterdam and Paris. Obviously Rotterdam and Paris would be the best bet for having other runners for company. I still like the sound of Taunton though even though it's lonely the second half.
  • Yup, dublin will be my first. I deferred from the FLM last year with injury so I'm definitely in.

    LLL- wondered how long it would take for you to turn up here.
  • Toucan-lol.Well you know what its like.Didnt want to be unsocial.

    Hilly-I might just wait till Cardiff.I cant see me being ready for sub 3 by then anyway.Looking at the Cardiff marathon results and theres a couple of local guys who are much faster than me and they recorded times of 2:54 and 3:04 so i think ill wait untill next october.
  • LLL
    I started running when i hit forty, i quite enjoyed running at school but never got involved, really though lack of confidence.
    I usually run about 40/50 miles a week, but manage one week of 70 before Abingdon.
    I think really looking back i trained badly for Abingdon as i got very tired in the weeks before and ran poorly in all my races before it, which really knocked my confidence. All the extra miles brought me no new P.b's.
  • Sapper
    Please don't take this the wrong way, but it sounds like you have just replicated Hilly's training schedule, and summarised 1600 web-postings in a single off-hand comment! Well done you! That's some serious commitment. When Mike Gratton gets hold of you who knows what you could do? (Your real name's not Liz McColgan is it? No she's done a marathon before)

    I would guess that all you need to do is 2 weeks of rest, 2 weeks of speedwork, and then go murder those pbs.
  • Count me in :o)
  • No offence taken blisters, it's just that i got odsessed with miles like am sure many runners do,they worked for Hilly and for me, but they really did make me feel depressed and knackered, so i need to find a new way.
  • Sent the entry off so long ago I'd almost forgotten about it.

    Stated a target time of 3:20 but I'd love to have a go at sub 3:15, I guess I'll be another lurker on the 3:30 thread but as this is new and aspirational I'll declare my hand on here!

    Only 1 previous marathon, done for a bet on a late entry on a charity bond and I have to admit to being seriously undertrained, aimed for sub 4, blew up and staggered home in 4:28. Now I'm older, a little wiser, a running club member and much fitter so let's see what can be achieved with a 'proper' training schedule.
  • hello - I looked a while back for a 3:15 thread on here and didn't find one.

    Knew that had to be a target for some people here! :)

    I also stated 3:20 on my target time on the form but, if I should get in, I'd like to have a good crack at 3:15. If I cant get under it I'd like to get as close as I can to it!

    No previous marathon experience for me, only one half marathon, run with a strained calf so I ran that very conservatively. So this is completely new territory for me - but I feel, and I hope I dont sound too bigheaded, that sub3:15 is on if I train for it properly.

    Then again chances are I wont even get in - which case I shall just lurk, take notes and offer encouragement! :)
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