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  • Didn't see the Millwall game but even as a fully paid up scouse hating man united fan if the Millwall fans were chanting about Hillsboro', Ken Bigley and even poor Jamie Bulger then I am with the scousers on this one.

  • The Millwall fans are obviously the lowest of the low for this sort of thing.

    But then why did the Liverpool fans start ripping up seats and chucking them?

    Theres no excuse for either.

  • I agree this week has been a giant leap backwards to the 70's when we were escorted to and from away grounds by mounted police and soccer violence was a part of the ritual.

    The 'sorting out' should be done on the pitch........................and the dressing room of course.

  • I believe it's a statement of fact that it was Arsenal kitman who got the broken nose but it was obviously a misthrown Arsenal punch as I've heard that the behavious of all Man U players and staff was beyond reproach in the tunnel.

    Oh, and it was Campbell's soup.
  • with the imminent takeover leeds to be back in the prem for about 06/07. Just have to buy the best players in this league (those two wigan strikers look quite appealing for a start, just have to buy them before sunday!)

    the mad russian to get bored of his toy if the blues win nowt this season, leave the club with massive debts and chelsea do a leeds.

    arsenal have a bit of a wobble, maybe lose a game at home or something soon, but still retain title.

    also, i never understood what happened to wimbledon, could someone explain it?

  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    They got crap and got relegated.

    As for the handbags last week (yawn, get over it), can we have video reffing on that one?
  • hoping the pompey win at the weekend, just because of who they are playing!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Hope Villa don't. As above.
  • running on,
    Wimbledon tried to do the unthinkeable and move too far away from their home fans, who had already put up wth a ground share with Crystal Palace at Sainsbury's. They could hardly call themselves Wimbledon when their home is in MK, hence the name change to MK Dons.

    I dont know the exact figures but it seems the local support has now turned to AFC Wimbledon, who are now going through the lower leagues like a rocket. They also did the double last season, and won their league without defeat.

    So the game of the century looks like the season when AFC Wimbledon and MK Dons meet.

    Anyway just leaving for the real deal today Arsenal vs Southampton........with a partsisan support for Pompey and West Brom.

  • now clued up on afc wimbledon.

    In case anyone was wondering...

    currently unbeaten at the top of ryman league division 1, 4 points clear of nearest club with 3 games in hand. Highest crowd bout 3 000, only 5 promotions until league 1 (old div 2, or older div 3) and aforementioned match of the century with MK dons.
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Any Blackpool fans on here? You've got the mighty Tamworth in the First Round of the FA CUP.

    The Lambs are coming!

    (But we're an awfully nice bunch!!)

  • Another great weekend for the Chelski results wise, even mamaged to get rid of the junkie!
  • I note that poor ole red face is still wetting his knickers even a week on about bloodthirsty scything tackles/lashing out/various beheadings etc etc by Henry, Bergkamp/Lungberg (you name it!) etc on his poor 'ickle innocents.

    No-one is remotely interested any longer (not least the FA) in the continuous prattlings and rantings of this poor misbegotten shambling old man.

    Word of advice Fergie - get out of the game now whilst people still remember the good bits of your career - no-one likes a has been who can't let go (remember Maggie Thatcher).
  • hate to admit it but snoop is right.even a lot of die hard utd fans like myself would admit that it has become ridiculous.in the past we would have got on with it and carried on.we had quite a few "tunnel disagreements" in the past but when we had cantona,hughes,bruce,pallister,keane and ince etc we never whinged and simply moved on.even vinny jones at wimbledon said that there wasn't any point winding up that utd side,it just never had any effect.but now AF's reaction just proves how far the side has fallen.
  • what goes round comes round tho --

    Ferdinand might have been a bit unlucky with that penalty decision but hey it was time his luck turned

    and maybe Thierry missing his pen was a little justice

  • Round the M****h B******S up and kill 'um all!
  • Bad results all round this weekend :(
  • oh absolutely buney.
    proves that the arsenal result was in a way the worst result for us.just temporarily covered up the cracks..at least for a week!to most of the fans after that game we had to admit that arsenal played the better football and that it would win more matches than lose playing that style whereas we played like it was a cup final.
    4/5th place come next april will be very good at this rate.
  • cisse's injury looked awful.shame, always rated the guy when he was at auxerre.he should have moved earlier.
  • Yes Cisse's injury was staright of the Buust hall of fame, eeeek.

    Saturday was another one of those games for Arsenal. Domination but still trying to walk it in, although we defo played a bit tired. A missed penalty, Freddie missing a sitter, and the opposition having 2 on target and getting 2 goals. Van Persie looks a very exciting player.

    One thing I was embarrassed about was the amount of Arsenal fans that walked out of the ground when Southampton scored their 2nd goal, some were even jeering. Fkg disgraceful. I mean, thats part of football isnt it, the ups and downs, thats what makes it enjoyable.
  • Afternoon guys, some very unexpected results this weekend, none more so than the Arsenal one. I was willing Southampton to hold out for a win but the equaliser was a bit special.

    Portsmouth, as Pool have often found out to their cost,is not an easy place to go to but I still expected ManU to win. Well they had enough chances to anyway.

    Liverpool started well against Blackburn and when Riise scored I felt we had scored to early?? Well it just seemed to be so easy and low and behold we took the pedal of the gas. Some sloppy defending especially by Josembi and were 2-1 down. In the end it could have gone either way but it was a fair result.A win would have put us in a really good position though.

    Real shame about Ciise. I've suffered a similar injury myself and had to have a metal plate in my leg for two years.I did play again, but my bottle went and so gave up playing. We now have a problem up front and need Morienttes PDQ.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I wouldn't wish injuries like that to anyone (even an LFC player) but thought that they were short up front with only 2 proper forwards at the start of the season.

    You can have Kevin Campbell for 20p if you ask nicely.
  • gary, welcome to the world of the glory hunting part-timer.it'll get worse when you move to the new stadium.then you'll have the tourists who have no idea of the history of the club and even worse the so called fans who leave when the side is not playing well or losing but soon shout about how they are a fan and have been for years.ask them to name their favourite players,games and they won't have a clue.to them alex james was a member of blur!
  • Another 3 points for the Rs. Thank you Burnley.

    Now for Millwall tomorrow and West Ham on Saturday.

    PS Just heard that Dave Jones has been sacked by Wolves, for anyone interested in Championship matters.
  • There is nothing I love more than a team scoring in the last minute after hoards of 'fans' have left the ground.
    Serves em right, part-time wakners. If you don't want to get held up in traffic then don't go to football matches.

    Last minute goals are one of the most exciting aspects of football yet so many so called fans leave before the end to beat the rush!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm ashamed to say my brother left the Neau Camp in 1999 with 5 minutes to go. He missed the best day of my life. TOSSER!
  • plod.i've heard the nou camp story so many times....can't understand it.that team gave us some of the best football seen from a utd team.why leave?if we'd lost,we would ahve been beaten by a better team on the day.... so what!but to leave....
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Spurs supporter here

    get me coat..........
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Agree about leaving before the end. Perhaps if we were 5-0 down I just might think about it, but not otherwise. ManU fans who left the Euro final early, and Man City fans who left the play-off final early will regret it forever. Hope it taught them a lesson.

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