Water Carriers

I need to get some sort of bladder type water carrier, ideally to hold around 3 litres.

Any recommendations


  • 3 litres sounds a lot. I bought a camelback last week and used it for the first time yesterday on a 2 1/2 hour run. It holds 2L, I put 1 1/2L in, and a good 1/2L was still left when I got home. OK, it wasn't hot, but...
    Mine fits nicely on my back, and although the liquid swishes around, I can only hear it rather than feel it.
    I would recommend it, although if I were training for nothing more than a 1/2 marathon or 10k I wouldn't have bothered.
  • Thanks Flashspread,

    The reason for 3 litre is because I run in fairly severe heat and humidity. If (as usual) I don't get into London I was planning to do the Dead Sea Marathon so I will need it. At the moment I am struggling and need at least 1/2 litre of water for a 4 mile or 30 minute run.

  • flash: it shouldnt slosh as you shouldnt have any air in the bladder... squeeze it out after you've filled up.

    JF i use a flashflo but thats less than 2l.. but nice bumbag style. if you're doing long distance races you may have to carry stuff anyway. i have a nice karrimor pack that will take a bladder.

  • I've been looking at the camelbak mule which holds 3 litres I was just wondering if anybody had any experience of it or anything similar. My problem is I won't be able to see what I buy, it will either be mail order or someone will buy it for me.
  • I've got the camelbak classic, and I think its the mutts nuts. Have tried on the mule - fits nicely, doesn't jump about too much when running. Only thing that put me off was the price.
  • Main thing is do you notice it when running particularly when 1/2 full or less. You only really need the full 3l for long runs/cycles - which are only once a week. Running or cycling out into the desert can be quite dangerous hence max capacity.
  • Not at all. Mine's usually only about half full (my 3hour run I only drink about 3/4 litre). As long as you get the air out it doesn't slosh much at all.
  • Only use a 2lt Camelbak, but couldn't do without it. I hardly ever fill it up completely - depends on the distance. No probs - even if not half full - it's just lighter!
  • yeah camelbak mule, one of the best things I ever bought for running.

    Does sound like you need a lot of water - are you hydrating enough before you run?
  • I think so, I drink a two or three litres of water in the 2 hours before I run. It may be that I tend to breathe a lot harder in the heat which makes you dehydrate more quickly. If a try a faster run I need about a 1/2 litre of water every 2 miles. When I ran in the UK I used to carry 2 330ml pouches of lucozade sport for a 22mile run with no problems so I guess it must be the heat.

  • .....or on reflection maybe I'm just trying to run too fast as I'm coming back from injury (and pretty stupid).

    My Left Knee/Stevie W - how easy is it to drink from the camelbak mule, particularly when your already out of breath
  • JF

    I use it on long runs only so I'm running
    around marathon pace - I find it a lot easier than using a bottle,
    it feels a bit strange at first, but you soon get used to it. If you keep your mouth slightly open as you suck on the tube you will find it much easier to get a rapid flow of water.

    The major advantages I find over a bottle belt, are comfort and the ease of having a drink without pulling a bottle out the belt.
  • aldi are doing a 'hydration system rucksack' with a 2litre bladder with a bite valve for £7-99
  • Thanks to all contributed, I thought I would finish the story.

    My wife bought a new balance 1 1/2 litre water carrier when she was back in the uk but I haven't given up on the camelback just yet.

    I ran 4 miles without water, mainly cos its Ramadan and I can't drink outside. But at least its an improvement
  • I have used both camelbak's backpack and small water carrier.
    The bladder capacity doesn't actually mean much, since the pocket that holds the bladders can be easily switched with bigger or smaller type of a bladder. The hydration system on the backpack works just fine! I like what Camelbak do.
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