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hi there, has anybody got any advice about keeping a running or traing log. I understand you can get computerised ones. Any advice would be welcome.


  • Hi Marvin,

    I'm after the same. I have tried to make one with Microsoft Excel, its okay for now but I would like a custom made one. I shall keep an eye out to see if anyone follows up. Or I will post any I find.

  • HI, I found a very good training log on, it seems to have lots of whistles and bells and looks very good. Ive not started using it yet, but will do soon.

  • I've used the running log on Runners I found it really helpful it has a shoe milage manager, heartrate and speed graphs and you can also plan training runs for a whole marathon. It only takes a few mins to setup.Goodluck
  • Hi,
    I have a running log that I wrote in Visual Basic. It logs the date, time, distance, pace (automatically calculated), average heart rate, calories and % of calories as fat. It then stores these details and displays monthly distance, total distance and shoe distance (so I can see how many miles my latest shoes have done!). There is also a graph that displays monthly distance and average monthly pace. There is also a page for making notes. You can print the log as well and it groups it into years and months (this doesn't page too well at the moment but I have yet to fix it).
    I really based it around what my Polar M51 stored and it is a bit rough and ready but it works and I have been using it for 3 years now.
    If this is of interest to anybody or if you want different things logged then just let me know and I will write a more general version. Distributing it could be a problem as it is Visual Basic and tends to be a 'bloatyware' but we see.
    Anyway enogh waffle: just let me know!
  • I have just noticed several spelling mistakes in my previous posting. Sorry, must get a new keyboard!
  • Hi Dark, Does this VB file convert to MS Access? If so I may be interested.
  • The Adidas website has quite a nice one too:

    and then Sports and Running, and then select Organiser.

  • David, No, it is a stand-alone VB application I'm afraid.
  • Just a Word document with

    date, distance, time, comments/route.

    Works for me because it's easy to update - so I do
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    You can set up your own personal profile including your own log on
  • I use excel for the basic info when what and how I felt. I am interested in the RW one mentioned above - does anyone know where it is on the site I can't find it
  • oops went to so ignore that - ta
  • Fiona MFiona M ✭✭✭

    Thanks for that adidas link - have downloaded it and started to fill it in. It helps me practice my maths though because have to enter all the distances in metres as far as I can see. Shall try the RunnersWorld one also and compare.

  • Have found a good trial log from It gives you 30 entries does all the caculations for you and lets you add different training methods also. Its called Run Log and comes in two versions. Its based around a calendar.

    To upgrade to the delux version it costs around £29. I have entered my last 10 sessions into it and it seems to be very good although pricey. But then again I am a Jock... Short arms and long pockets lol Dave
  • I feel very out of touch now. I'm still using the old pen and paper. Had a go once on the adidas one a few years back but it wasn't the same.

    I have used the same system since 1998 which is to use those small filofax year planners. There are two squares to the left of the line for each day and I put daily mileage in one column and weekly mileage in the other and put the monthly mileage at the bottom of each month. There is the space to write a brief description of the run for each day and that's it. I used to do a more detailed thing but it took too long and the year planner is such a good way to analyse what works and what doesn't at a single glance.

    Having said that, I'm going to have a look at this one of
  • thnx for all the advice. I looked at runlog but agree with David its a bit costly. Minkins coolrunning looks ok but I thing not web based might be quicker. I have found out that the Polar s610 has a log supplied that you download from the watch. I know its not cheap but I think i need to update the HRM anyway. Anybody got any ideas?
  • Hi again Marvin. If you go to Polars website you can download the instruction (in english) for any of their HRM's. My friend has the S610 but bought it from a French PX Shop in Kosovo. They gave him the details. I think he said its in Adobe format? He thinks its great but does still like the look of Run Log.

  • Re the adidas one - I enter the distance in miles and it seems to work, I just ignore any units it sticks on for me.

    The thing I like about it (may well be present in the others, must try them sometime) is that it tracks the mileage for different pairs of shoes.

  • I currently use a version of the free training log (excel based) from here:

    It is quite nice, and I have been able to tweak it to suit me.

  • Being from a software engineering background I am currently writing a PC based log that I intend to make available, freely, from my web site.

    If there is anything you would like to see included – let me know – and I’ll do my best.

    I’ll let you all know as soon as it is available – hopefully the first release will be in about 2 weeks time

  • Will,

    If you could let me know would be much appreciated.. Main drawback I have is not many logs allow for reps and interval sessions.. Being a track turned distance runner I do a lot of these...
    Other that that HR columns, Weight, pulse etc.

    I am not a big fan though of the website logs - better now have broadband, but were too slow and impractical on a standard dial-up....

    I currently also use the noe on the serpentine site, though it bears little resemblance now, as have done some 'playing' and added graphs and charts all over the place...

  • Well guy's mark this down in history a Jock spending money!! I was so satisfied with the trial version of Run log that I have just upgraded to the full version.... I know, I know £29 is a bit excessive but then again it is exactly what I wanted. It provides shoe history, other sports activities and run in a calendar format. It even takes readings for weight and hrm's. Still I do wish it was cheaper.

    Dave H
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