Runners are mad and I have the proof!

10 little runners
There are ten devoted runners pounding the road
They never feel tired and can run till they explode
Mile after mile they always stick together
Rain, sleet or gale, they never mind the weather

First there were ten - now they are only nine
One got hit by a lorry and badly broke his spine
Though the others simply keep on going
Nobody in the group seems to even be slowing

They come upon a bridge with a rickety look
There is no other way to cross this pretty brook
Everyone sprints over but the bridge can’t take the weight
Unfortunately now the group only consists of eight

Eight crazy runners continuing on a runner’s high
They are so focused they don’t even hear the cry
When one of them stumbles right upon a bear
Who is really rather hungry and likes his dinner rare

Seven dedicated runners continue undisturbed on their route
Not hearing the man who wants their money or else he’ll shoot
So one of them falls to the ground when the guns is used
The robber only finds energy gels and isn’t at all amused

Six out of the original group running on a busy road
All but one is familiar with the important Highway Code
The road workers have even put up warning signs
But one of the runners gets painted into lines

Undeterred, the remaining five carries on ahead
They want to get back and carbo load with bread
So they lengthen their strides and go a little faster
A pothole in the road causes one to end up in plaster

The road is dry and the four runners want to get in the mud
So they chose a hidden path and no one hears the thud
When one of their comrades injures his knee
After making too close contact with a sturdy tree

After jelly beans the three pick up speed again
They cross the tracks but one fails to spot the train
This runner is now feeling a little bit flat
But manages to hold on to his expensive high viz hat!

But the other two have already gone another mile
They are feeling good and both of them crack a happy smile
When suddenly it happens, without a warning call
One of them runs straight into the famous wall

There is only a single runner pulling up at the very end
Where the others disappeared to, he can’t quite comprehend
But he shrugs his shoulders and limps into the shower
Even with protesting muscles he feels full of nuclear power

If you are a runner, deeply bitten by that special bug
Then you are aware that it’s like taking an illegal drug
And would you believe it, all ten runners were back the very next day
Bears, trains or lorries – nothing can lead compulsive runners astray!


  • any bears about? Someone at home just got killed by one... Maybe the trees are the worst hazard...
  • One chubby runner, plodding on his 'mill
    He saw it had an incline tab, so thought he'd do a hill.
    He set the thing up much too steep to keep the pace at 'fast'
    And when he couldn't keep the pace it chucked him on his a*se.

    Be lucky!
  • Sorry but I read the title of this thread as "Runners are mad and I have the poof!" which suggested a whole different content.

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    dodge, ya crack me up

    im not mad

    IM NOT!!!!!!!!!
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