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  • Morning all, glad the forum is working again, I was getting paranoid last night that the IT thought police had locked me out to try to get some work out of me.

    Well, despite planning to cycle in this morning I ended up getting the train, due to being completely p@@*&d off by a few things going on at work, and not feeling up to it. Lame excuse....

    Cath, Dolly, Redhead, sending hugs and hope your way, we're happy to listen if you want a good rant or a moan.

    V-Rap, surely you know pitta exists for kebabs? The 'large donner', that nutrition item of choice for the would be athlete who's had about three drinks too many (I swear they put something in the beer that gives you cravings).

    Glenn - you too? Sure seem to be a lot of accountants or other finance type bods on the forum, d'you think it's some unconscious desire to run away from our jobs?

    Have a good day all!
  • I'm just a tedious old fart pixie. In the past I did work in a bakery, until I had a (not uncommon) skin reaction to wet dough - doesn't matter on the domestic scale though.

    I also used to be a food chemist, so the stuff I do at home has just as many healthy additives as what you buy in the supermarket! (joke)

    My CV usually takes some explaining away on job interviews - mostly they just get edited high (low?) lights.
  • Slowboy, it's just the desperate need to talk with people less tedious than our colleagues.
  • Ah, Slowboy, but why do kebabs exist? Those tree-trunks on turntables - what a waste of tasty diplodocus legs.
  • morning all, sorry to hear your news dolly, virtual hugs to you and also to Cath.

    Redhead, you must be a very patient person, i lose it when my dad stays for a week,

    glenn, i too used to be a food chemist.. but now work in finance. Although I havent gone as far as to become an accountant...

  • Well it's not all food chemists becoming accountants, I used to be a systems engineer designing military jets.

    Glenn - you're spot on about the colleagues though, or certainly at least some of them.
  • has anyone heard from benz this morning, she was trying to get into the forums last night, and looking at the technical problems forum, having a bad time....

    ps. know exactly what you mean about colleagues, but then again, Im not too exciting myself
  • scarlett1

    You are here - your into running and food = exciting
  • gee thanks WW, Im blushing...
  • I'd gladly swap Lay-Zee-Boy for a boring colleague, especially one who arrived on time, did their share of the work and didn't try to stuff his paticular brand of food fascism down the students' necks whenever my back was turned.

    Boring AND capricious and unreliable. Now there's the sort of workmate you really want.

    Sorry - practice manager collared me yesterday to tell me why my impression that Lay-Zee-Boy has pulled his little synthetic socks up is mistaken. All in total confidence, of course - ha! Well, if slotting the occasional fictitious patient into his afternoon appointments is all it has taken to stop him from glunching and glowering like a November morning, it's fine by me.
  • Fictitious patients??!!

    Scarlett I'm with WW, your very presence here defines you as exciting.

    Exactly what colour does a small red devil go when it blushes anyway??
  • Morning all...

    Sorry to hear so many of you are having a bad time ... I phoned my dad last night .. 1 1/2 hours later he's still yapping about all his little problem's.. which he of course has none of when you offer help !! men huh..
    still not wieghed myself .. or been to the gym ... but I did manage a 9 mile run and 3 mile recovery during the week. tonight I'm hoping to manage 5 miles before I give into the beer.
    YES .. only 3 wee bottles of beer all week..I am so chuffed with myself !!
    Have a good day ;-)
  • purple....
  • Tra la la la la, not feeling as sorry for myself now, never an attractive trait, apologies for boring you all with it :-)))

    Scarlett, one week! Mum's been with us for 9 YEARS, 3 of which I've had to care for her!!!!!!

    V-rap, yes most nights are like that with subtle variations to keep me on my toes - night before she called me twice to tell me that someone had crashed into the car and was driving it away. I would have been most impressed if they had because we have an 8 foot high wall for them to climb over and then they'd have to smash through the 6 ft high gates to even get to the car! There's always something new and exciting - usually Mike and I laugh it off but sometimes, like today, it gets to me. Mike says I should write a book about it, which might be cathartic, but I think it would put anyone off caring for an elderly relative if they realised the restrictions it imposes. You can get babysitters for children but it's not that easy for old people. Hey ho, no more moaning.

    Have the problems with the forums been sorted now? I don't seem to be having trouble accessing them now (touch wood!).

    V-rap, you can't get rid of Lay-zee-boy 'cos he always makes me laugh ;-)
  • oH Redhead, you really must have the patience of a saint. Do you get any time off ?

  • Scarlett, I haven't and we never get time off!

    We hired a live in nurse for a week back in June because we had to go to New York for an awards ceremony (and Mike would never have forgiven me if I didn't go with him) and it wasn't a great success - seemingly, not everyone is as tolerant and caring as they should be. It was the first break we've had together since mum came to live wth us and we were like honeymooners but it was slightly tainted because I could tell something was wrong when I phoned her, so I worried. I always make sure I get away for 2 hours each day (gym, riding etc) so I keep a modicum of sanity. Mike works at home so I'm lucky in that respect. Sadly, lots of carers aren't.
  • Hi all,

    Thanks a million for your virtual hugs and messages of support. Phoned the hospital and was told that Dad was having a dye test done to see how his blood was flowing through the naughty leg, and to check if there was a clot etc.

    Haven't heard the results as yet but my sister rang later on in the morning and she'd managed to speak to Dad after he'd had this test done. He said he was feeling OK but a little sore coz they'd had trouble finding a little vein in his foot to inject dye into!

    Doctor will hopefully be seeing Dad this pm with the results etc so will keep you posted.

    What did we do before Runners World Forums?

    It really helps to be able to get things off your chest to such good folk!
  • Dolly --- I've lost count of the number of patients I've looked after over the years who have had DVT's - I worked in cardiac surgery so it was a higher risk area for this type of thing and I have never come across a patient who didn't recover well with no problems afterwards! If your Dad was oreviously fit and well, as V-rap says, he should be okay. He might be kept an eye on for a while and personally, with parents I think that's a good thing. I know for certain my Mum would be rubbish at telling me she's unwell ... especially now :o) Our parents think they shouldn't worry us although they'd go ballistic if we didn't tell them eh :o)

    Slowboy -- oh don't offer for me to rant - once I start it's verra verra difficult to stop. Oh yes [nods]

    V-rap & Glenn -- managed to drop off finally at 4am but then had to be up at 7 to drive over to Clatterbridge Hospital for 9am (which was well worth it - details in my thread). I was going to have a sleep but well, it's nearly Quincy timeagain and also I haven't eaten anything yet today but just reading Will's recipe I'm tempted to dig in the fridge and make an effort.

    Everyone who wished hugs and what not -- thankies guys. You guys are the best you know :o) Am a bit tired but feel okay and not at all sickly today but I'm cautious because I always feel okay the first day and lousy the following 3-4 days. Still got this back/hip pain which is causing a bit if jip but other than that am lounging around and being generally ok!!
  • Redhead, what can I say, great respect to you.

    Where I live there is a carers drop in centre to allow people some time off. I was thinking of volunteering and definitely will now.

  • V-rap -- what Susie said about Lay Zee Boy - I agree!!! you can't get rid of him because he provides many hours of fun here and also he can be your figure of 'how not to do it' for your studes :o)
  • Well, that rose much better than usual...

    Back at work now.
  • Glen ..
    we are talking bread here ??
  • I sincerely hope so!
  • Since Lay-Zee-Boy and I are business partners, it would be more difficult to get rid of him than to get rid of my husband. He's had a ripping-apart from the practice nurse today for describing one of my students as "arrogant" when anyone who doesn't get blinded by the poor boy's massive height and received pronunciation can see that he is terrified.

    Still on track. I had fruit and half of a (gigantic) turkey baguette sandwich for lunch. May still have the other half since it shouts at me every time I pass the kitchen. Resisted the Quality Street (not difficult) and the crisps. I've promised the students an early finish today in return for a promise of lots of homework. So no excuse for not doing something exercise-ish later.
  • Can't blame him for being terrified, he's working with a carnivorous dinosaur!
  • I did give the same student rather a mauling last week when I asked him to do a task with reference to a handful of documents based on current research and two hours later he regurgitated back the contents of a small and very out-of-date drug-company-produced pamphlet he'd found. But he survived to produce an excellent piece of homework today.
  • Having a bit of a dodgy day

    Had a large muffin (chocolate and banana) with my lunch and I’m not going to have time to get todays swim in.

    (because it had banana in by muffin – does that class it as a fruit?)
  • Hi everyone,

    Good day testerday including 45minute run around Gunnersbury Park a couple of times. It cost £3.40 just to change and shower in local leisure centre but I suppose that was a lot cheaper than than usual Thursday session - on the LP in "The Old Packhorse"

    Quiet day at work so am now at home - yippee!

    Contemplating run but it is lashing it down.

    Done some gardening earlier - sweeping leaves and found that pretty physical along with dragging a couple of large bags to the local tip.

    Had some crisps - Couldn't help it - AAArgghh!

    Best wishes to everyone

  • Boing
    (shakes belly energetically to exotic music)

    is this the moonwalk outfit you were thinking of then - turkish delight anybody?

    ooer wrong thread!

    (puts exotic snake back in basket and scuttles off to events)
  • Nice new piccie - BUNE !!!!!
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