Health Club - Friday 22nd November 2002



  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    A McDonalds story for you...

  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Should I put the lights out before I leave?
  • Not much going on is there?
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    No, the usual darkside stuff. Perhaps everyone's gone home.
  • After moaning at half eight about the time till lunch I've only just got to it

    [crunches crisps, ahead of Bounty & cake from someone in the office]

    I'm the poor man's version of food scientist becomes accountant: catering student becomes finance systems manager.
  • Hiya pixie, more than I've done today!

    Should be a good training weekend, however, new Terry Pratchett book plus new Thea Gilmore CD to buy probably equals weekend spent on sofa.....
  • Pixie

    Theres nothing wrong with them figures - damn good

    The rowing is probably a lot further than I'll manage (have not used a rower in 2 yrs)
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Well done Pixie, very impressive.
  • Well done that Pixie. That's really good for a first time. Are you doing this in addition to your ordinary treadmill running?
  • pixie - nice one, far more than I've done & I'm supposed to be doing the Wolverton 5 tomorrow afternoon
  • Well done that Pixie!

    My students decided they didn't want a half-day at all, so bang went my chances of avoiding the rush-hour traffic, going to the gym before everyone else did, and getting in my 3x10mins before trying out the Pilates class.

    But I've had 20 mins of brisk walking (to and from Asda to buy stamps), and tonight I am going to RUN. Only 5K, but I'm going to blow a big raspberry at the lazy little devil sitting on my shoulder. And I shall not post again until that run is done. Might even venture to put it on Training if I manage not to walk any of it.

    Gym tomorrow. Probably won't do the triathlon thing then because I have my set routine on Saturdays and it doesn't include cycling and rowing. Maybe next week.
  • Glad to see you all back!
    Many of you seem to have had a shitty couple of days...hope the weekend pics you up!
    Cath is it possible to give you a virtual massage...? you sounded like you needed one at 1.00 am.

    Last night was weird...virtual isolation I could wander around doing what I wanted while just about everyone else seemed stuck in some weird world, I got a bit paranoid on the dark side. Thank god v-rap finally poped up for a pre bed time chat.

    Musn't grumble that I have yet again missed my 'running slot' as I have just got out of a five hour meeting, everyone else seems to have more to worry about.
  • Must go home and relieve the Mrs who is probablly already in a state of pre-slumber! I am surely going to be all alone again on a friday night (pregnant wife in bed syndrome)so I will pop back later when there is someone around for a chat!
  • Managed to motivate myself and run. It was great - I love running in the wet.....and the mud!!!

    Did the hardest session of the week by running for 40minutes and throwing in long "maximum effort" intervals of at least 45 secs. Some were downhill, some uphill and some along the flat. Feel envigorated now.

    No booze today and run has taken away slight guilt feeling from the crisps noted earlier.

    Cheers again!
  • been eating crisps ALL wekk
    God, must give up again
  • Hi all

    I have guests so haven't had time to read thread and not much time to post.

    Shopped all day today so am almost ready for christmas. am keeping eating under control so far.

    I won't be around for a couple of days as I have MORE guests tomorrow then having my eyes done on Sunday. I'll have to see when I will be able to stand looking at the screen. I might be here typing in sunglasses.

    I hope all are well and have a fab if damp weekend.

    Talk to all soon.

  • at last, yep
    i have a sore shin
    and I cant stop eating crisps
  • already doing it
  • sluuuuuurp
  • Lots and lots of sympathy, Benz. Just try to visualise your leg muscles (MUSCLES, not the wobbly dimply stuff if you have any of that) soaking up the crisps and turning them into fuel for your next run.

    EP, the speed will come. Honestly. Could you have done the equivalent of a 12ish-minute mile at conversation pace a few months ago? And that's after time out due to sore shins.

    Well, I'm posting, therefore I ran. Oh, yes. Only three(ish) miles, but I had this daft notion that I'd be right back to never-run-before unfitness and have to walk most of it. Even thought about going out in denims and coat so that I could pretend to be going somewhere rather than running. Shows the power of the psyche, that I was convinced I'd gone from being able to complete a stiff 10K multi-terrain to being a spud within 5 days! Anyway, it took me about 26 minutes (stopwatch didn't fire properly but I'd noted the start time just in case), and I ran it all, even the undulations. Ankle still wittering about not being on top form, but will have to live with that.

    JJ, have fun with your visitors. Hope they're nice. And I look forward to your report on the eye op.
  • NO! Not soaking up the GIN, Benz!
  • Cellulite
    its gorgeous
    Wow and ive got LOADS
    26 MINUTES
    In my dreams
    Since brighton ive stopped walk breaks, I KNEW it was psychological
    Presentation well received
    they e=were all very impressed with what ive done with the "MASH" unit in the ward(akak dialysis dunping ground), but arent prepared to make any changes, as of course it wont last for ever
    Maybe i should stop trying
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