Health Club - Friday 22nd November 2002



  • Did it in 23min and a bit once, not so many weeks ago. That one was powered by a row with Kevin over an urgent demand for chives and an episode of The Simpsons.

    I've got cellulite too. Wish I knew how to shift the contents of my saddlebags into the zone between nipples and pectorals.

    Glad the presentation went well. Don't stop trying. You can make a difference.
  • not in this unit
    Theyll miss me, the nursing staff are already planning contingencies
    At least Dudly want me there

    Those frontal appendages do get in the way
  • I'm fond of mine!
  • i was till i started running, and having to wear shirts at work
  • see you later xx
  • Socialise ... with mister... oh hell .. I knew I was doing something wrong ;-)
    Benz .. give up is just not in my language .. pissed off .. pissed ... and a whole load others ..maybe ...
    but give up ... yer too good girl .. and dont forget it !!!
  • hiya all
    watching fatclub

    just back from gym - been feeling possed iff all week because of setback with thigh so forced my lardy belly to go to gym- bike 10 mins then distracted by sunbed break! bavck to tready and did 20 mins walking + slowjog to test thigh before tomorrows match - seemed ok - quite pleased by tready - walking at 10 min miles was easy and jog at 12mins mile was too slow - 0 incline to reduce injury risk - could have done a lot more but not worth risking thigh

    then floor streches, upper body weights and finished with 25 min swim then jacuzzi and sauna -
    i love the gym - why dont i just GO THERE MORE OFTEN!

    ps hope everyone is ok
  • hey well done bune
    Done nowt tonight
    Run tomorrow pre on call, dint have to be in till 9 so might try for -------40 minutes!!
  • if i could just get my large lardy a**e into gear i wouldnt have a problem - i have realised -

    just need to find someway to motivate myself and sustain it and id get fit pretty quickly and the flab should melt away!!!
  • well i DO exercise lots, but love food too much
    And drink
  • especially drink
  • i think i use food to beat myself up for being a lazybug!
  • i dont do that anymore, well hardly
    i actually enjoy food for the sensual pleasure it is
    Alcohol is the anaesthetic
  • when im excercising -i dont want to eat lots of crap and can eat quite well - but when i dont i hit the sugar!

    hadnt realised till this weeks biccy amnesty how mush i use them for stress relief - like ciggies or booze i suppose- been really agitated without them - my mum must have given me rusks when i was stressed as a kid!
  • i just get really hungry, so need carbs and fat
    protein doesnt fill me up
  • only had 2 digestives tho all week and been shopping and not bought any - eating more fruit and yoghurt --

    bought a big bag of mints to use when i need something to medicate the stress!
  • i eat very little protein - only whats in grains and dairy really - but i notice that when i do eat it stops the need to eat more (sweet carby stuff)
  • yeah you dont drink, so i guess we all have a crutch
    typing that reminded me of how hungry i was as a child
    Used to eat anything off a school playground
    Got fed and all that , but used to be achingly hungry, dunno why
    Dont like that feeling
  • mmm - maybe you have a very healthy appetite and perhaps its just that your boozelogged!
  • boozelogged
    like that one
    true im sure
    Gin is Sooo nice though
  • i actually weighed myself on the gym scales for the first time - 84 and a bit kilos - which is about 13 4-5 ish - so the home scales are correct! 13-3 first thing+no clothes

    so back down to where i was pre blip!
  • isnt Gin THE depressant of all alcholol ?
  • thats great!!!
    Im 11 stone 13, on the heavy end of my 10 year blobbiness
    Put it on this year, usually 11st 3 -5
    Not surprising in a way
  • think if i drank id drink myself into oblivion or drive recklessly!
  • Benz.. I've been looking for you.

    Hi Bune
  • why do you think i dont drive?
  • Helloooooooooo!?
  • i would like to get back to 10 1/2 to 11 - but in stages 12- 12 is next target then 11-12 which is were i was before i went pear shaped in 2000!
  • oh...right.....

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