Health Club - Friday 22nd November 2002



  • hello deer!
  • Im just getting by
    Not trying to diet
  • my your a fine figure of a handsome stag - sir
  • Oh hi , charmers.
  • You're both gorgeous, come on , be positive.
  • benz youve got soooo much on your plate right now - meant to say earlier in week thats probably why your 10k time was down - stress is exhausting - youd had a helluva few of weeks before - its really amazing that you had the energy to run letalone do a 10k!
  • sir oo you callin Judith Chalmers - im not as orange and wrinkled!
  • Ta Bune, but thats my life and my job
    Think age is catching up wuth me, had 5 hours sleep last night and feel dreadful
  • why arent you out rubbing your antlers on something - its rutting season isnt it?
  • Benz, had 6 hurs last night and feel similarly cr*p. Don't know how you do it.

    Bune, what is it, have a go at Barkles night... bad enough some git has copied my name and posted Sunderland stuff without you joining in.. I've always liked you...
  • Benz - i cant begin to see where you get enuff sleep - youre out running at the crack of dawn having been up half the night - no wonder youre knackered!
  • aw Barkles I wasnt getting at you - its just that it looks like reindeer!
  • you have a very nice set of antlers
  • well i do have lie ins when im not working weekends
    but noooo time
    eell , im not organised enuff and wastertoo much time on here
    Funy, if ive onl had an hour or too i get REALLY paranoid and depressed
    interesting, cos sleep deprivation used to be a trestment for depression
  • Bune, thats better, the male ego is a fraglie thing.

    Benz cheer up!
  • The antlers take a lot of looking after..
  • not getting enuff sleep makes me feel very odd physically - shaky and disorientated - but too much sleep does seem to go with being depressed - ill have to kick my lazy a88e out of bed rather than pull the duvet over and wallow!
  • Bune, how do you add to the picture like that?
  • mm they are afine looking set - dont suppose you wear hats much though deer?
  • I played with 'ms paint' - just difficult with the size!
  • Hats? drafty after about five minutes...

    er.. nice bra!
  • don't mug yourself

    there was something on that Big Brother thing tonight (yes, I know, but I'm trying to stay in more) where some bodylanguage expert explained how putting your hand on the back of your head was in some way getting back to your mother holding your head in the same way when you were a baby
    my usual reaction would be negative but it seem to strike a chord

    ....Anyway top tips to curb the hunger:
    1) drink some water as soon as you wake up and then regularly throughout the day
    2) eat something within 1 hr of waking
    3) eat 5-7 times per day rather than 3
    4) at every meal try to eat a small ammount of lean protein - like a chicken breast the size of your palm (but no larger) and fill the rest of your plate with fresh fruit and veggies
    5) eat lots of good monounsatturated fats - avocados, macademia nuts, flax seeds , fish-oils etc
    6) keep on running!
  • must try it
    the hippo needs a change
  • Benz, it's perfect.....
  • thought RW had vetoed it!

    Bz did you do your piccie or did BK find it for you?

    Bks was yours done by a professional wildlife snapper
  • Yup, aka BK.
  • ah, interesting juxtapositon of answers
    i was replying to bune, but would apply also to spacemonkeys advice
    i need to look after myself
    im lucky if i manage a liter a day(and im NOT on dialysis)
    I eat bites between jobs, dont have a lunch break
    Then i go home, and might run if i havent in the morning
    Then bloody ravenous, and stressed, and have a load of gin too while snacking, and then eat late meal
    Course i ont eat brekkie
    it doesnt take a genius to see whats wrong
    trouble is, im doing well in all other aspects except food/ drink, so keep on this appalling slippery slpe
    Body getting too old now , and rebelling
    Quelle surprise
  • ok, off to bed.

    nite nite all.
  • Bk did mine
    Dunno how to do it
  • hand on back of head, reiki position
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