Health Club - Friday 22nd November 2002



  • just got the rest of my tea..

    cant do reiki on myself need the relaxxy bit

    what picci do you want - ill have ago while im practicing with paint!
  • this thread (as it's in injury forum) is more appropriate than ever.

    i ache all over :)
  • I cant do reiki on me either, its annoying
    well i havent tried for age
    Hippo could do with image change
    Could it wear runiing clothes
  • youd LOVE a reiki now Psi
    havent been trained to send it though
    So get in a bath, id recommend Rosemary and blackpepper oils
    Or radox
  • Benz, I've had the Radox treatment - this is the only time I ever like baths :)

    now I feel all warm and cosy, etc :)
  • dunno about running clothes - need a new piccy

    hi psi - you been away on manoevres?
  • I could murder a pizza...
  • got you PJs on??
  • Bune do you mean I need a new image
    Theres loads of peeps out ther who identify me with the hippo
  • LOL nice piccy bune!! :)

    I've been visiting the Royal School of Artillery on Salisbury Plain. Lots of physical work (runs, gym, circuits, assault courses, etc) and lots of hands on stuff - I got to fire a big artillery field gun, watching the shell fly off into the distance, so I can tick one more thing off my "childhood dreams" list :)

    But now I ache all over - the session in the gym this morning did me in I think :)
  • but its nice knackered, not like my lard arse one
  • noooo - just might be difficult to turn pjs into running kit -

    im sure you DONT look like the hippo!
  • im cuddly
    And i drink gin
    its slimmer than me, so I like it
  • excercise knackered is sooooo much nicer than stress knackered - swimming feels like a massage and jacauzzi - ihad pool and spa pool to myself1

    psi respect - you army guys really work hard - ive watched a lot of the docu series
  • am actually surprisingly attached to this picture
  • Benz you cannot be the size of areal hippo - starved hippo maybe!
  • yeah, when I have time to do swim/steam after a sesh in the gym, its gorgeous
    may try and stay over after reading, for post race wallow, bliss
  • well dont change it - if its your sense of you then its fine

    built for comfort not speed!
  • not a real one, but the one in my piccie IS slimmer than me
    Im 5 ft 2 and a bit
  • Actually it would be good if the hipo could be pink, OR PURPLE
  • and im not posting my weight AGAIN
  • its got purple pjs - im not sure how to change colours - the paint prog just paints over

    did BK take the piccy - is it his hippo imean!
  • its not that much - you can run for quite a long time
  • it IS his hippo
    i really like it
    Wots not that much
  • ive got the piccie somewhere though
  • you dont weigh that much - im a coupla stone heavier and would be overjoyed to be your weight - i may be tall but underneath the fesh im naturally scrawny - built for endurance not speed or comfort!
  • well i suppose this body keeps goin through all the abuse, its pretty resilient
    its reliable
  • did you get over your crisis last night btw- you looked frantic from the posts - pre presentation stress?
  • once i was 7.5 to 8 stone
    For 7 years, Id settle for 9.5 but have other proirites than dieting
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