Pre-London Marathon Hillingdon AC's, ' The Finchley 20 miler'

I'm looking for loooong races as part of my FLM build up. I've not done this one. Does anyone have any hints / tips, etc?



  • Andyp
    The Finchley 20, which of course takes place in Ruislip, is four laps of a pretty flat five mile course alongside B roads and a few residential streets. Not particularly scenic but a good workout ahead of London. However, psychologically I personally find four laps pretty tough going.
    I think the Oakley 20 near Bedford is scheduled for the same day next year. This is a bit hillier but is run through countryside.
  • Thanks Pigbag.
    I'll see how the training is going at that time to see if I can cope with hills and distance :-)
  • I've done this race before. My club used this as it's club 20 mile championship two years ago, and I quite liked this race, so I'm thinking of coming back in 2005. My club's doing it's 20 mile championship in Worthing next year, but this one easily gets my vote. I bit irritating with its four laps, but I still like the race anyway, and you usually get quite a few from my running club (Serpentine) attending this.

    See you there!
  • Where's that fella with the enamelled medals when you need him??
  • Azee Swaleheen?
  • Precisely!
    Well remembered, Pizza Man!!
  • Look at the event feedback!

    I've complained to RW, but they've done nothing.
  • AV, agree with you that this event gets the vote over the Worthing 20. I ran this last year but it clashed with the Kingston Breakfast 16 miles this year and I see that the two events will be on the same date again in 2005, albeit they're not run at the same time (not that too many people would run 16 miles am and 20 pm!). I intend to give Kingston a miss and run this one again. It would be good to get a Sunday lie-in anyway....:-)
  • Does anyone know if this race is still going ahead? It doesn't seem to be generating many posts on here and the Hillingdon AC doesn't appear to mention it.
  • I've been informed by a Serpie that it's most definitely going ahead. It will be its usual four laps.
  • Thanks, I'll book it up. I'm surprised there hasn't been more mention of it.
  • Good to see that this one's now taking online entries.

    Not sure where I got my earlier info from but I'm delighted that this race is on the 13th and not the following week, as I previously thought, so it won't clash with the Kingston 16.
  • I've just entered this one. I didn't see any mention of a cut-off time so hopefully I won't get kicked off the course!
  • Not sure i like the start time...Hope I don't end up finishing in the dark! Did anyone who has done this find 2pm a difficult time to start a race?

    However marathon training calls and at least this is really near my house so the ambulance wont have to go far.
  • I'm looking forward to a nice lay in bed on that day.
  • Jackie, when I ran this 2 years ago it started at 1 pm, so I'm not sure why there's been a change. Personally, it'll be good not to have to get up at the crack of dawn to get to a race for once! As regards finishing in the dark, the clocks should have gone forward by then, so I'm sure you'll be OK! ;-)
  • Yes but will it still be light when I finish five hours later?
  • Ah! Probably not but it won't be light when I finish in around 3 hours either.
  • Never done 20 miles before - my max is 13. Does it really hurt? How much out of 10?
  • I'd only done 13 when I did my 1st 20 last year. Yeap, it hurts but you will feel amazing afterwards!

    What time do you do 13 in Jackie?
  • Hi Flipper
    I've never written to a dolphin before!
    I can do a 13.1 miles in under two hours 1.57 but havent done a half marathon race since GNR 2003. Have speeded up since doing interval training. Recently did Bishops Stortford 10 miles in just under 80 mins and a 10K recently in 48.06. So what you reck for Finchley 20? You doing the marathon? It's my first! The training is positively terrifying though.
  • Jackie, you underestimate yourself! If you can run a 10-mile race in sub-8 minute miling, you will have no problem in completing 20 miles before nightfall, regardless of whether you’ve run the distance before! I was running at about your pace 2 years ago and finished in 2 hrs 55 mins.
  • I second what SusieBee is saying there Jakie, you are going to complete that 20 miler long before night time! I'm hoping to complete it in 3h 30m so you most certainly won't be last home.

    The training is gruelling but it will be worth it when you cross that finish line :o)
  • Jackie, I concur with the above, I reckon you'll do it in about 3 hours. I did the Dartford 10 in 81 mins last week and I'm hoping for sub 3 hours.
  • 3 hours of hell huh!! cant wait...

    So anyone on 18 mile training runs yet? I'm doing 14 miles tomorrow morning...oh joy!! Anyone here going to the runners world training camp?
  • Well Done Jackie - you're really putting the effort in to get you through it.

    I'm on a beginner schedule and so my long run is only 10M at the moment...ONLY!!!!!!
  • I know what you mean Flipper. Did you ever think there would be a time in your life where you would be saying that "only 10 miles". It's mad isn't it.

    i am a former couch potato - used to be proud of it too. Then one of my friends introduced me to running 3 years ago and that was it. Then do you know what she did? Said we should both enter the marathon this year because we would NEVER get in and if we did we could train together....I got in and she didnt! She is now boozing and eating chocolate and having weekend lie ins...I'm not... B..tch!

    I've got shin splints apparently due to new shoes or upping my mileage. WONDERFUL
  • I'm only up to 10 miles but I'm running home from work tonight so that will be round about 12 miles.
  • Oh No! What a nightmare - and it was her idea as well!!!! Just think of how gorgeous you're gonna look from all this fresh air and fitness and how spotty and cellulitey your friend will be :o) Plus, if you hadn't got in you wouldn't be on the forum now meeting all these wonderful people!!!!

    Nice one Andy - Hope the 12M went okay.
  • Yeah but she has run the marathon three times before so I don't think she will ever be spotty and cellutey (is that a word?).
    So how many miles did you guys polish off at the wekend? I did 14 Sunday and a 6 mile cross country race through Bracknell Forest yesterday...can't even run for the bus at the moment!
    Anyone know how to get rid of shin splints?
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