At this moment I dont have a running partner and I find it hard to pace myself. I work awkward hours and find it difficult to pace myself correctly. I've tried clock watching but I tend to run fast for 3/4 of a mile then realise Im running too fast then relax then get annoyed when I look at watch.
Does anyone have a tip for me or do I need a partner to keep me in toe?



  • Peter. Try using a heart rate moniter. Its amazing how differently you will run because you are in a disciplined session and watching your heart rate and not your body. Believe me, they are both very different.
  • heart monitors are expensive arnt they?

    or is there a site what sells cheaper ones?
  • Peter,
    The Polar A3 (very nice basic HRM) is about £34 ish.
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    Join a club.

    The club runs will help you with pace and you might meet a partner.
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