Hip pain whilst running

I hope someone can help me. I've not been running that long, and all my running is done on the treadmill, not sure if that amkes any difference. Anyway, I've been getting hip pain whilst I run. It's only in my right hip, is not sharp but more of a dull ache, and lasts for one to two days after I run. I try to run 3 or 4 times a week, but do intersperse this with other forms of exercise which don't make my hip hurt.
What could be causing this pain? It seems to be getting worse each time I run and my doctor has done x-rays and blood tests and nothing is showing up. Any ideas?
Thanks very much


  • Any of these questions may help you to pinpoint the hip pain (my hip joint hurts every now and then, also).

    Have you tried changing your shoes?

    Are they new or old ones, suitable for the gym only? (some running shops analyse your running style and can advise correct and incorrect shoes to run in)

    Do you do speed sessions on the treadmill? (these can exacerbate hip problems)

    Have you tried running on real surfaces, eg off-road, as these can help the stability issues.

    How is your core fitness? (back and abdominal muscle strengthening exercises can improve gait and therefore encourage you to run more efficiently)

    Do you run 3 or 4 days on the trot, or have a suitable rest in between?

    My hip joint pain comes and goes, but mainly makes its presence felt when I do speed sessions on road, especially downhill sections, as well as slipping on wet, flat paving slabs when wearing fell shoes (just done this today!)

    Hope these questions help in some way. Tried joining a club?
  • Thanks so much for replying so quickly! to answer your questions.....

    I will try with different shoes this week actually, i'm currently wearing some New balance ones but have some nike air max as well so i'll give those a go - i seem to remember that when I ran with those before, it wasn't so bad. They're pretty new though, the NB ones. I dont know if i over or underpronate, been trying to work it out - it's the outside of the soles of my shoes which tends to get worn down...

    Speed sessions? well, I wouldn't exactly call it that! i run usually only about 2 miles, and try to run all of it at 7 miles an hour. I aim to increase this quite substantially though (the distance not the speed) but it's my hip which is preventing this at the moment.

    I have run a little outdoors recently but the weather hasnt been good enough for me to do that regularly.. maybe in the summer!

    Core fitness - admittedly, probably not that good!! Where can I find information on back and abdominal muscle strengthening exercises? at my university's gym they do core conditioning classes so I might try going along to that and see what it's like.

    I take rest days inbetween my runs, yup.

    I have actually thought about joining a club but dont think I am good enough at the moment!! Def something I'll think about in the future though.

    Thank you so much for your help,I appreciate it.

  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Core classes should help you Jane. I have had big leg probs over the last few years, and recently hip soreness: consider some regular strecthing routines to help you, if your doc says that's ok.

    I do some pretty intense stretches for my hips and they help a lot.Helps me reduce the recovery time by a factor of 10!
  • What sort of stretches do you do? He did recommend that I did some but didnt recommend any in particular..... what do you do?
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Will try and find a link for you, as they can be tricky to explain!
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Aha! Have found one version of it.

    People will argue for and against strecthing till they are blue in the face though.Ask your doc if he thinks these would be suitable first.

    Ina nutshell though, they definitely help me!

    In fact, time for that last one now!

    Gooc luck!
  • Thanks so much! I'll definitel give them a go, hope they'll help me too.
  • I also suffer from hip soreness but only in my right hip! I did a 10k about a month back, it was pretty challenging and my hip was extremely sore after that. Am going to physio for the first time tomorrow so hopefully they will be able to recommend some stretches that will ease it a little. However I did have a month off and this afternoon have just done a 2.5mile pain free run and it felt so good! Will let you know of any stretches they recommend and I will have a look at the websites recommended - thanks for those.
  • Hiya, I recently did the Bristol Half marathon and my hips (my hip flexor muscles right at the front?) not at the joint I don't think...more muscle soreness were killing me after it. My dad got me into running when I was younger and still runs now, and he asked me "does it hurt more in the right than the left?" Yes I answered. I'm approaching 30, and he told me that it must be a family genetic thing, but from reading this it looks like quite a common runner injury...and why the right hip? I do know that there is something to do with the Q angle of the pelvis, and women have a wider Q angle, which means it's harder physiologically for women to run long distances. Well that's the sciencey bit I know. Maybe someone should reserch into it, but I definitely would say stretches would help out, if you have shortened certain muscles, due to running.
    My hips were fine after a few days when i put ice on them both (especially the right one), and rested. I was able to run 2 miles 3 days after the half marathon...by the way how long should you rest after an event like that?
  • It does seem to be rather a common injury and it is strange that its the right hip. I'm sure someone must know the reason somewhere in the world! Not sure how long you should rest after a half, however I tend to rest for as long as I feel I need and ease myself back into it with a few easy runs before commenencing training - not sure if this is what we are supposed to do but it works for me.
  • Ahhh, dan dan, I bet you wish you could do web links in your messages?!

    Watch those Nike Air Max, Jane, they are heavy and clumpy (in my opinion) and more geared towards the fashion end of the market. As for not being good enough for a club, try a few (if you have a choice), you may be pleasantly surprised!

    Whereabouts do you hail from? If you put information for a club wanted on here, there's always someone that will answer a call for club information! Our club (considered to be elite by some other clubs), has runners ranging from 2:38 for a marathon to around 6hours, so look around for what suits you.
  • BB

    Do you run 'Heavier' on one side than the other?
    Looking at the soles of my shoes, it appears from the wear pattern that I strike & push harder (That sounds bad!) on my left side and my ankle/foot niggles are all left sided.
    I'm also left handed/footed - might be irrelevant.
    Do you already stretch your hip flexors (I assume you do). Google search reveals some nice ones!
    Not much help really - sorry
    Love the name BTW
  • when I had a hip problem it turned out to originate in my lower back. It was so odd, when the physio mobilised my back, the pain in my hip halved. She gave me stretches to do for the lower back and bum and this has helped. havent had much hip pain for ages - now my feet are playing up!
  • Hiya McCormack,,glad your hip is o.k. If it's not one thing it's another ...just have to accept these things being a runner i s'pose.
  • Had the same problem in my right hip.Also, after using treadmills a lot...

    Went to physio eventually, as the dull ache became intense pain.

    The Physion man teold me I was running out of kilter.Heel srike with my left and foot strike with my right!!!

    Re-learned my running technique - harder than it sounds - and bought some better shoes.

    As a result, I broke the World Record Marathon time (Mens) by 10 minutes.
    Then I woke up....
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