"Ethical" training shoes

I have recently purchased New Balance shoes because they are made in the UK as opposed to China. This way I can be sure I am not contibuting to poor working conditions. Are there any views on this?


  • Sorry put this on the wrong page!
  • highly commendable
  • My company does source things from China, but we do inspect to make sure things are OK over there and conditions are OK. No children in the factory etc. Not sure if all manufacturers check this, but I would hope they do.

    I wear NB too - not only ethically OK, but British and they fit me - what more could you ask for. Oh, a PB every time I race in them would be nice.
  • Sorry Cougie, we can't guarantee that! Who d'you work for then (or can't you say?)

    Eddy, there are a couple of threads on this subject in the 'Gear' forum, might be worth looking back to them to save everyone repeating their views....

    Or I can happily repeat myself, this is one of my 'pet' topics, you might never get me off the soapbox!

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