Paula Radcliffe runs ING New York City Marathon !!!!!



  • Good for her!
  • Good news, now all we need is Nell McAndrew to sign up.

  • go on paula!!!!!!!!!!
  • I am sure Alan Steinfeld forked out a lot of money.

    Quality field ...

    Paula (WB holder)
    Deena Kastor (Bronze medal)
    Benita Johnson (World XC champ)
    Margarete Okayo (Course record holder)
    Ludmila Petrova (00 champ)
    Lornah Kiplagat (5k world best, many sub 31 10ks)
    Denisova and Chepkemei.

    Funny, the "F1" bib is taken, would mean Paula has F32.
  • Any idea if this will be televised? Can't find it listed on Eurosport or Sky.

    I suppose BBC will have it now??
  • I guess, must be televised (but please without Brendan Foster)! When she ran Chicago it was on telly.
  • It should be shown on British Eurosport (was advertised in the magazines earlier this year to be shown)
  • Will be interesting to see whether her experience in Athens curbs her aggressive running tactics. With that field the pace will be quick enough without her trying to break away early on
  • good for her
  • yes here here - Good luck Paula
  • Good on her! Hope it's on TV!
  • (Nearly) two marathon races in one year - dangerous!
  • Paula likes NYC, think she ran well the NYC mini marathon, a high profile 10k, the course suits her and the conditions are not extreme, though last year it was hot. I almost sure she will hang in there about Queensboro Bridge and then get going in a solo effort. None of the others would do anything silly over the first half. Possibly much easier for her to run in the US, as the media there only bothers about their own runners. Could be a good comeback.
  • But too soon after Athens?

    'My advice is therefore not to race marathons competitively more than once every 4 to 6 months. In fact, for elite runners, it is best to race only one marathon every year.' Tim Noakes, Lore of Running.
  • Who pays the bills in the meanwhile?

    Constantina Dita Tomescu, won the Chicago Marathon, after having a hard time in Athens, a week before she won in New Delhi the half marathon champs and following week Chicago (with a cold).

    Zahkarova came third in same race, it was her 5th marathon within 12 month.

    Yingje Sun won Bejing marathon a week ago.

    Some can cope with the training stress better than others.

    Kastor, Okayo and a few others did Athens too.
  • it's very short notice for the bbc to sort coverage out i reckon. after all it didn't sort out coverage for the tour of britain. but then again cycling doesn't ahve the same armchair following that paula has. plus the ryder cup was on at the same time.
  • Shouldn't be a problem for a British broadcaster to get coverage, unlike tour of Britain they wouldn't have to be host broadcaster. They would simply send over Crammy and Bren or Eurosport equivalent (Hutchings and ?), and take the host broadcaster race feed.
  • ah yes of course, so as long as they do't mind shelving whatever they've got planned for that afternoon on tv then it'll be on. ifngers crossed.
  • I am mystified by some aspects of the cult of Paula. "Good for her," "brilliant, go Paula," "Go on Paula" in this thread, for instance.

    I mean, we are talking about a marathon runner who has entered a race. Wow! I wish Paula all the best for New York and I love her to bits but what, exactly, has she done that is so exceptional here? My missus is vaguely chuffed when I finish a marathon, but hardly impressed when I enter one via Runner's World online. I mean we're not talking about a big achievement.

    At the risk of getting panned (I can see the flames coming from far, far away) it seems to me that some comments on this thread very clearly delineate how out of hand the whole cult of Paula is and, moreover, how the only person who really suffers as a result is Paula herself.

    What next? Maybe the BBC should televise the actual completing of the entry form, along with commentary from Brendan Foster added for good measure.
  • I'm no great marathon runner myself and no way in the same league as the afore mentioned but i did Boston (2:43) and New York (2:53) in the same year. I think some of the men and women TOP GUNS have done that also. Rodgers Rop done double in 2002 i think.

    Paula Radcliffe is training in Falstaff at present and by all accounts its going well . Its one think training well and then racing, Athens been an example. Wonder if there's any PRESSURE from her sponsors Nike

    The cold climate will be to her advantage but the course is not easy. Womens record is 2:22.31. Let's hope she can DO THE BUSINESS and BRING IT HOME FIRST !!!!!
  • Do you think there is a chance they might film her filling in the entry form? - If they do I hope it is live.

    I am with the majority on this one - Good Luck Girl - give it welly
  • I wish her luck and only hope she manages to beat the DNF demons this time round...

    Go girl, restore my faith :-)
  • Yes, Rop awesome runner, destroyed the field and last year's finish against Lel was spectacular (Rop and Lel together with 500m to go and Rop gets a stich and Lel wins).

    It's always exciting to see Paula in competition. Even the drama in Athens was exciting. It's great to see a runner from GB competing at the highest level, she is human too, victory and defeat so close together, that's why I like her.

  • URR, I'm not disputing that elite marathon runners can do well in several races a year, but won't it mean their elite racing is shorter?

    'The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. And you have burned so very very brightly, Roy.' Tyrell in Bladerunner.

    But it would be great to see her do well.
  • I just hope it doesn't end in tears! (Again.)
  • Let's hope she bothers to finish it this time!
  • just glad shes got back on track so to speak and feels fit enough physically and psychologically to go and battle with the marathon again

    doesnt matter whether she wins, breaks the course record, world record or comes 4th, 44th or 444th to me - just pleased to see that she feels back to racing form again

    hope she does well but if she doesnt its not the end of the world
  • I think another reason for Paula running NYC is possibly to get the World Champs and Commonwealth Games qualification time early in . By doing that, she will get around to run FLM, which would obviously enormous pressure.
  • One Step Down -

    I for one am dead chuffed that we have a world class long distance runner from the UK. I think we should get behind our athletes, specially when they have the guts to make such high profile comebacks. If you're not a fan then fair enough, but I think she's great. I love watching her running, the way she pushes herself so hard is sight to behold.
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