Toe problem

A few months ago I had to stop abruptly while running, I know I should take it easy when going around corners but....
Anyway, I am now faced with losing by big toe nail, and since I am still wearing sandals, has anyone got any good suggestions for disguising my lost toe nail.


  • If the nail is off, then you can just paint the top of the toe with nail varnish, as if there was a nail there. Might be an idea to go over the nail bed with a file/pumice first, just to smooth it over.

    If you still have the nail, then cut as much off as you can, file it, and paint on a normal shaped nail.

    I am of course assuming that you are a female Lyn!
  • Yes, Lyn is a female :)
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey Lyn,

    You can buy an acrylic nail builder which you could try (they use them in Nail Bars and I've seen them for sale in Boots) or stick on nails - although you probably wouldn't want to buy a full packet.

  • Thanks for the suggestions, I will let you know what I do. I dont want to do anything that will halt the growth or spoil the nail bed.
    The nail is still hanging on at the moment, but I think it wont be long before it is off.
  • Just to add to this thread!!! I finally got fed up with one of my toenails that went black after the Southend Half in June last night, and it had to come off, so now I am down to 8.5 toe nails. Less weight to carry around I guess :)

  • Lost both big toenails in the great south last september.....its taken until now for them to grow back..
  • I am building up my running for the first time in 14 years, have reached 75 mins but when I run 60+ mins my middle toes get very sore and the toe nails get bruised, and I can't then run for a couple of days. Any advice?
  • Dear david the same thing happened to me but I have gradually built up over the last year and can now do around 18 miles (3 hrs) without really hurting my middle toes, I seem to get a blister under the nail which leads to it eventually falling off, I find it very painful, and changing shoes has not helped, does anyone have any ideas i have tried two pairs of socks and vaseline and using plasters to try to cushion. no luck
  • Did anyone ever discover whether there was such a thing as a false/acrylic toe nail?? My big one is about to fall off after London Marathon and I can't face the summer looking at my scabby nail bed!
  • I lost my nails from running and a fungal infection - nice!! Couldn't face the summer with stumps so my local nail salon put on acrylic extensions - just like the finger nail ones - they looked great all summer - now my infection has gone after 6 months of lamasil - be warned keep taking it til the very last bit of black has gone, or else it will come back. Doctors don't like to keep prescribing it cos it's expensive - but put your foot down for repeat prescriptions.
    Now due to new trainers, mine are all black again -thank goodness sandal days have gone!!
  • Hi bottle of Bolly(love that name, shame its taken now - it rather suits me!)Great to hear that you can get artificial toe nails - a little too late for me now as I have spent the whole summer looking at my scabby nail bed, filed down and painted. my big toenail has almost grown back - I reckon it will be a full 7 months until it is back to normal.
  • Ooh, toenails - one of my favourites.

    Have yoiu tried getting shoes 1/2 a size bigger than normal? As you run your foot swells resulting in your toes bumping the front of the shoe hence the bruising and falling off of the nail.

  • I've done the extra half size and in general it has worked and my toenails tend to stay on my toes. I think this years problem in the London Marathon was that as it was raining torrentially for the whole 4 hours that I was running plus the 2 ish hours spent hanging around beforehand my feet were sodden and slipping around in my trainers more than they would do normally. Not to worry, 2 of them are totally back and I'm just waiting for my big toe nail to recover completely!
  • Toe nails are interesting. What I found helped initially was doing my running shoes up differently by keeping the lacing a little looser around the toes but keeping the same tension further up, this might be worth trying before spending money on a new pair of shoes half a size larger. But what really helped was getting an inflamed bursar on my left hip that prevented running for months (even walking was painful) which has meant biking everywhere and biking at the gym too. Re fungal infections: yes, it is a very slow process and, yes, you must apply the ointment until the doctor says it is clear but a sensible doctor should send clippings away for analysis first in order to prescribe correctly. Enjoy the September sunshine!
  • I got new trainers from a proper running shop in the hope they are the correct fit - I think they are - I'll try lacing them up as you suggested. I've just done 9.5 miles this morning and not a twinge or a blister in the foot region, so perhaps its just a case of getting used to a new pair of trainers and bedding them in. Wish I could say the same for my knees though!!!
    Re fungal infections - the paint on stuff doesn't clear it - don't spend money on it - lamasil tablets are the only cure - they do have side effects - headaches - is one of the main and once you start taking them all the infected area turns black (nice) but they do work - just be patient cos it takes months to clear totally.
    What a subject!!
  • bottleofbolly. Just to explain when I said make the laces looser at the toe end what I did. I then stretched the parts of the shoe out at the toe end so that my toes had a bit more room for manouvre but at the same time kept the lacing width the same for the rest of my foot and it just seemed to give my toes that bit more space without going into a longer shoe, which I did not need. The other thought is that with my wide feet I wear New Balance because the shoes come in 3 width fittings. Here is not the place for your knees and my hip, but maybe they could get together!!
  • Hi what a lot of nail probs out there! I ripped my big toe nail out moving furniture ouch. At A+E they injected the toe 3 times, re-bedded the nai and taped it down. I was told it would take about 6 weeks to heal and that i should trim the damaged nail as it grows. I havent been able to run since and only just today have been able to walk in trainers. Could anyone out there tell me when i should be able to start running again without damaging or dislodging the nail??

    My 1st time on the forum and ive decided runners are indeed crazy people!

    Cheers everyone
  • Finally found the subject I was 2nd toes (next to big ones) both got blisters under the nails after a 10k run and after I'd only been running for a few months - one went black ish but has stayed on and the other one definately was due to come fact I have cut it back and painted the nail bed !!
    My shoes were fitted properly and are 1/2 size bigger than more normal ones - but i do now run with plasters and a gel toe cap (from Boots) to give them added protection. Anyone know how long the toe nail will take to grow it's only little !! ??
  • I also find that if you put you're socks on tight then you can also cuase toenail blackening - next time leave 1/2 inch excess at toes to give wiggle room
  • you're = your
  • little toe nails only take a couple of months to grow back (in my limited experience), they do initially grow back a bit ridged and misshapen but providing you don't damage them again they end up ok but that might take another couple months! The two small toe nails I lost after the London Marathon(April)have been perfect since July.
  • Thanks slow but happy...I shall look forward to lovely new nails by xmas then, just in time for the part season !!
  • No one has mentioned the art/science/techniques of toe nail cutting and what is the best length for toe nails. This could prevent problems. Not too long and no sharp edges that can cut into adjacant toes. But what else?
  • I ran my first 10k last Sunday and my left big toe nail has moved!! It has been pushed downwards and I can spy a black patch of, what I presume, is blood!! Now a lump has come up next to the nail. I think I have an infection!!!! Due to run the Leeds Castle 10k this Sunday and hope toe will be up to the challenge. I now realise that my mistake was to have had toenails that were far to long and that it pushed against my trainer and pushed itself back. Oh the hidden joys of running. Should I pop the lump?? Feet are cold from wearing flip flops!!
  • yeuch! good luck with the Leeds Castle 10K I would tape your toe up to prevent things from getting worse - not sure about popping the lump maybe you ought to go and see a doctor.
  • Toe has made a great recovery, ran a slow but good run at Leeds Castle yesturday, lots of hills, slopes, mud and animal pooh!! Lump has gone and I think I will lose the nail but no more pain. Just have to be aware now of all these little quirks of running.
  • At least your toe has got plenty of time to recover for next years sandals, mine is stil not totally back after being damaged in April!
  • Aren't we an atttractive bunch. If this is the shape of things to come I will be tapping all my toenails up prior to running. Soon my feet will be so big I won't be able to fit in my trainers!!!
  • Just did my first Marathon in Amsterdam on 19th Oct.  All Ok except ended up with really sore big toe nail due to a blister under the nail.  Didn't know you could get such a thing until it went all weepy and grotty.  Feel ready to run again but not sure if it's a good idea.  Any ideas how long it's likely to take to be on the mend - fed up of my sock sticking to my toe - very pleasant!! image

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