Protein Supplements - help!

Can anyone help me navigate my way through the extensive sea of nutritional supplements out there? Specifically, I'm planning on experimenting with a protein supplement and am looking for help with good ones to try, which don't taste too disgusting and blend easily, etc. Any preferences or ones to avoid? Are you supposed to take them at a particular time of day or after training? All help most gratefully received! Thanks.


  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi wannagofaster-don't we all!

    Sorry, what I was going to say is I don't actually take a protein supplement on it's own. I do however take a carbohydrate/protein milk drink after long or hard training runs. I find this helps my muscles to recover faster, allowing me to train again the next day. I don't stick to one particular brand. In fact I often use Slimfast because it's low fat or Complan. Great flavours too!
  • I may be wrong but I don't think protein supplements are that important in endurance events. From memory I think Hilly's idea of taking a protein plus carb drink for recovery is potentially useful if you are really racking up the miles. Of course if you are heavily into weight training then they may be more important.

    Can I hijack this thread and ask for advice on supplements that help the immune system - it may just be the time of year but I seem to be getting lots of 48 hour viruses in the last few months.
  • post-run intake of protein is pretty essential to rebuild the muscles, especially after a hard effort.

    like Hilly, I prefer to use a milk drink as this helps with rehydration as well, and it's a pleasant and effective way to get what you need into your system. my favourite is High-5 chocolate flavour protein recovery drink - it works for me so I haven't tried any of the others.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    popsider-I take a course of echinacea when I feel a virus coming on. It works for me and I know others who swear by it.
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