sore knee

Help me out ppl, my right knee hurts for two days post run at the base of the knee where it joins the shin, Nothing seems to help, tried having two weeks off, but, when I come back it still hurts the day after the run. any advice?


  • Are you warming up before your run?
    Do your shoes need changing?, if you've already thought about this, I would recommend a trip to a physio..... just to be oin the safe side.
    Somne aches and pains are ususal, especially if you are upping mileage, but if it's sore, get it looked at.
    Let us know how it goes.
  • Thanks Barkles, I was toying with the physio option, Like most people I do neglect the warm up, however, I wore a warm support last run and the run went fine (pain free), however, the next day the knee was sore to press just below the front of the knee. I have been running for 3 years and this injury is really starting to get me down.
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